Cierra is a Jazz Dancer At Lily’s Dance Studio.

Cierra returns to the next step to join TNS West. Cierra joins lily’s New studio, Lily’s Dance Studio. She becomes Dance Captain.


Before the show

Cierra left the next step since she didn’t make A-Troupe.

Season 5

Cierra comes back to the studio. She asked by Skylar to join TNS West. She works with Piper and Heather. She doesn’t like Elliot

When it time to battle she is one of the Featured dancers to dance against TNS East. Cierra is devastated when the studio loses against TNS East. She leaves to take a break. She tries different studios but she does make it

Season 6

Cierra returns to The Next Step to see how things are doing. But finds out that Skylar is no longer Studio Head. Then she rejoins B-Troupe. Kate offers her a spot on a new troupe.