Finding a Way is the second episode of Season 7 also known as Coming Together. This marks a new begining bcause Jordan Clark has become the creator of the show.


Amy, Finn and Callum get ready for the A-Troupe Auditions. Stephaine has a shock coming her way


In Studio A's Office, Stephaine is writing the new rules of the auditions It says : If you don't go to the studio you need to audition for B-Troupe. Then audition for A-Troupe. In studio A, Stephaine says "Michelle, You go get sarah, Lola and Kingston, You are doing the auditions." Michelle says (talking Head caption says Dance Captain) "A-Troupe needs a good dancer, a good team player and doesn't cause drama." 

Intro - Piper and Michelle, Lola and Kingston, Charile and Skye, Luke, Sarah and Summer, Winnie and Zach. End Pose is Skye, Charile, Winnie, Piper, Luke, Michelle, Kingston, Lola, Summer, Skye and Zach.

In Studio A, MIchelle, Sarah, Lola and Kingston are sat at the desk they call in Amy first. Amy starts dancing to No Red Lights. Amy says (talking heads caption says Arco Dancer) "I really want to be part of the new A-Troupe to dance with my friends." Kingston says "thank you, We will make the decsion by the end of the day." Then Michelle says (Talking Heads Caption says Dance Captian) "Amy was good but we need a male dancer to fill Williams spot."

In Shakes and Ladders, Heather is serving a costumer then Skylar enters and says "were you on A-Troupe." Heather says "yes, I was but i need a break from dance but i still teach J-Troupe." Skylar says "well, Kate said i could be the new studio head, How would you feel about being by head choreographer." Heather says "I loved Too when do we start." Skylar says "well, I will audition my A-Troupe at the end of day after Stephaine's team has got there 12th Member." Michelle enters and hears everything and she thinks she needs to be on that team so she can take stephaine down, she has changed so much. Michelle says "i'll join and go under cover." Skylar  says "no sorry if we win you can join my team." Michelle says (Talking Heads) "I need to tell stephaine now and to stop the auditions." 

In Studio 1, Michelle is waiting for Callum. Michelle in Talking Heads says "I need to to talk him because he will be the best fit for our team." Callum enters and says "you wanted to see me" Michelle says "Yes, I waited to let you know that you are on A-Troupe." Callum says "Thank You, I won't let you down."  

In Studio A, A-Troupe is waiting for Michelle and the 12th Member of the team. Then Michelle and Callum enter. Michelle annouces that Callum is on the team. Stephanie then enters and says "I am leaving and Skylar will be taking my place." Skylar says "what?!" Stephaine says in talking heads (talking heads caption says Former Studio Owner) "I need a break from this studio and i need space." Stephanie says "yes" Skylar says "thank you and I have got a New head choreographer." Michelle says "Who?" Heather enters and says "Hi guys, I was wondering if i could choregraph your dances." Piper says "for sure." 


  • Stephaine is no longer the studio Owner
  • Callum is the 12th Member
  • Skylar is the new studio Owner
  • Heather is the new head choreographer