Raining Glitter is the 4th episode of season 7 or Coming Together


Finn, Kenzie, Charile and Ozzy figure out how to fit in to A-Troupe. Lily tries to get onto Gemini Dance Studio but she comes across an old face.


In Studio A, Skye, Michelle and Lola are rehearsing their trio. then Kenzie and Finn enter the studio. Kenzie says in talking heads then her caption appears that says New A-Troupe Dancer, "these dancers are really good and looks like they have been dancing together for a very long time. I need to find a way to make a mark on this team." 

Intro - Michelle and Piper, Luke and Skye, Lola and Kingston, Summer and Winnie, Ozzy and Charile, Finn and Kenzie. Endpose is Summer, Kenzie, Finn, Luke, Kingston, Piper, Michelle, Winnie, Ozzy, Charlie, Skye and Lola.

In Studio 1, Ozzy is dancing to Oxygen and he says in talking heads then his caption appears and says New A-Troupe Dancer, "I am so glad to be back on A-Troupe, I have been working hard in B-Troupe and really need this." Richelle enters. Richelle says in talking heads then her caption says Former A-Troupe Dancer “Ozzy has developed as a dancer and he definitely deserves to be on A-Troupe.” Ozzy Finish his routine. Ozzy then says “what are you doing here?” Richelle says “I wanted to mend my friendship with Lola. Things have changed since I was here.” Ozzy says “yes, I need to get to Studio 1.” Richelle says “okay see you later.”

In Studio A, Michelle is dancing to Be Free Tonight. Michelle says in talking heads then her caption appears and says Dance Captain “things have changed but I need to make A-Troupe the best studio in the world again.”