Confront is the 11th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 165th episode overall. It aired on December 15th, 2017.


Piper discovers Aria’s secret and confronts Lucian, Michelle and Emily confront Kate. While Piper confronts Josh on his coverup.


At the start of the episode, Piper is rehearsing her routine to The Clock Is Ticking and in talking heads, admits that she is not feeling so sure of her chances at winning because her dance is very technical, whilst Amy’s solo is very fun, flashy and flexible. She wishes that the drama between them currently going on was not present but as of right now, she can’t standby and watch Amy ruin herself by hanging out with bad influences, yet at the same time, she can’t even turn to face Amy. Amy walks in and then the music ends and then Piper looks over. Amy says sorry and then asks if she could use the space. Piper says to not bother, maybe she could learn a thing or two from the studios floors; more specifically, how to have better friends and then walks off. Amy mutters to herself about how cold that was.

In the corner of Piper’s eyes, she notices Aria and Lucian hugging and then walks in to overhear their conversation. Aria says thanks for the solo, dad and then Lucian smiles back happily. Piper is in shock and then in talking heads, yells, questioning about how Aria is Lucian’s daughter?! She is in shock and then Aria walks off and then Piper asks Aria, and then Aria nods, but admits to not having a single clue over as to who her mother is. Piper smiles and then says that she needs to get going. She heads into the office and then yells, about how Aria is his daughter? Lucian says that her theory is correct. Piper needs to know all the details now. Lucian says to not tell Aria this, but, Kate is the mother. Which leads Piper speechless and then she runs out of the studio.

Josh is sitting in Neutral Grounds, and then Piper rushes in anger, into the room and then storms to Josh. She yells saying how they need to have a talk. Josh asks about what. Piper says about him covering up the project with how they are “dating” and then josh asks about what he was supposed to say then. Piper stutters and says that she does not know and then Josh says exactly, and then walks off.

Piper turns around to see Michelle and Emily. She hugs Michelle first and then Emily. The three were supposed to meet up together in Neutral Grounds. Emily asks to make this quick because she does not want to be in the same room as a traitor for longer than needed and Michelle immediately gets offended and says that she is not a traitor and then they begin to fight but Piper tells them to calm down. And then says that she has breaking news, life changing, earth shattering news that will shock them. Emily and Michelle both ask at the same time if it is that Regionals is coming back. Piper shakes her head but reveals how Lucian has a daughter. Emily and Michelle both yell what?! At the same time and in talking heads Michelle says that she had no clue Lucian has a daughter, this changes everything. Emily says that she admittedly is super shocked at this new revelation and wants to know more. Piper says that, that’s not all. Michelle asks for the rest and Piper states that Kate is the mother and the two are in shock.

Michelle and Emily run to Kate in studio A’s office and then ask what the meaning of this is and then show them an audio clip of Piper talking and then Kate starts almost breaking down in tears. Emily asks what’s wrong and Kate begins to explain that it was young love. Emily’s face drops and so does Michelle’s. Kate says that it happened and then, the reason she hates Lucian is because they could not agree on what to do with her. It was not an accident, they were dating for three years. But they had no clue what to do after because it broke them up. They planned it but realized they were not ready for the commitment. Emily’s face drops and then says that Aria is the reason the two hate each other and michelle says that she is shook. Kate tells them to walk off and then they do.

Josh is dancing to I Know You Wanna in studio 1 and then Piper walks in and Josh continues dancing. He finishes and then Piper says that she’s sorry. She shouldn't have gotten mad. Josh says it was his fault for telling the lie. The two laugh but then Piper says that she feels very… happy. But then Josh says that this was not his best most proudest day. Piper hugs Josh and then Richelle walks in and then sees them, flashes her eyes and then walks off. In talking heads, Richelle is in tears. Crying about how Josh will never love her.

Michelle apologies for her behaviour earlier and Emily says no need, Michelle is back on Regionals Wildfire, Michelle thanks her and they hug. They walk out.


  • Michelle is on the Regionals Wildfire team.
  • Kate is Aria’s mother.
  • Kate and Lucian dated.
  • Josh and Piper have forgiven each other.