Davis is a Contemporary Dancer on A-Troupe formerly at Gemini Dance Studio . She is the older sister of Jacquie. She was the dance captain of A-Troupe


Before the Show

She started Dancing at a very young age. She joined a studio and she left to move on to greater opportunities. She becomes Dance captain. when someone made the team she lost her spot as Dance Captain. She leaves the studio.

The Next Step:New Starts: Season 6

Davis arrives at the next step and auditions for the nationals team and makes it. Richelle decides that Davis should be the dance captain of A-Troupe and not her.

Davis leads the team to nationals. She is excited that they won Nationals but decides to step down as Dance Captain.

Season 7

Davis is no longer dance captain. She becomes a team player and lets someone else lead the team to Internationals. But she ends up at Gemini. She is excited when they win Internationals against the Next Step Dance Studio.

Season 8

Davis doesn’t know where she belongs but stays at Gemini Dance Studio where she befriends Robbie, Amy, Josh And Adam.


Davis dances a load of styles but her favourites are:


Davis is profound in Contemporary and she loves showing people what she can do.


Davis is not very good at Hip-Hop but she loves other people dance the style.


She is an amazing Acro dancer but she doesn’t perform it very much. She loves watching her sister dance the style.