Divide And Conqure is the 7th episode of The Next Step season 6, and is the 161rst episode in total. It aired on December 1rst, 2017.


Noah asks for a huge favor from Jacquie which just might end their relationship, Josh asks his mother for permission to stay with The Next Step, despite not liking the team anymore.


Jacquie walks out of rehearsal afterwards and then the camera pans out to Noah. Noah asks how her day has been and then Jacquie says that the two are not dating, he should remember that. Noah nods, but ask if they could date in secret. Jacquie sighs, saying that she is not gonna risk her life, for Noah. Noah in talking heads, admits that Jacquie is being fairly unreasonable. If Jacquie got cut off of Lucian’s team, her life wouldn’t end. Jacquie in talking heads, says that Noah doesn’t understand and that Noah will never understand. Dancing at the studio, this amazing studio, is her life. It is all she has.

Josh looks around and then admits that he feels nervous, because his family said that he is supposed to move today and he does not want to. Richelle walks over and asks what is going on, Richelle, in talking heads, admits that she does not love Josh. She’s just doing this, solely for the purpose of wanting to know what is up with him because he seemed a little down during rehearsal and couldn’t focus. Josh then explains his situation. Richelle is in shock and in talking heads, says that she needs to discover a way to get his parents to agree to her living with him at her place, because they need him on the team. Richelle asks how long she has to come up with a plan. Josh mumbles four hours. And Richelle parrots it in a yelling manner. Richelle says in talking heads that she needs to start preparing, and fast. Because four hours won’t get her anywhere. She has to work double fast then she usually does.

Jacquie then walks out and then looks around and sees Noah once more. Jacquie slowly moves down the steps of the staircase and in talking heads, states that Noah brought her here because he wanted to apologize. Jacquie then says that Noah wanted to apologize. Noah then says that he is sorry. He realizes how much dance means to her and then Jacquie in talking heads, almost in tears, says that he has no idea. Dance is all she has at this point.

The two then walk and then Jacquie accepts Noah’s apology and then Noah says thanks. Noah then says that he has an idea. Jacquie asks what the idea is first, and then the two kiss. Jacquie chuckles and then asks once more what the idea is, then Noah says that there is a new team being formed by Emily and Michelle to take down Lucian but then Jacquie stops walking, and then turns to face Noah. Asking how ridiculous he’s being right now. Trying to go up against her when Noah clearly knows it’ll be rigged. And how insensitive he would be to even think about running against his girlfriend. What’s even going through him right now? Noah sighs in talking heads, and admits a lot. Noah asks if Jacquie even knows what she’s saying. Jacquie says that she does. But then all goes quiet and then Jacquie apologizes, saying that Lucian’s team means so much to her and then Noah nods, and then says that he understands, then, Jacquie says that she just doesn’t know at this point if she’d be ready to give up Lucian’s team and then runs off.

Richelle is on the phone, and then Josh walks over and asks where she got her phone. Richelle states easy, the studio. Josh rolls his eyes and then sits down. Richelle then tells his parents that they should meet up with them in a few hours. His mom says that they are pretty much ready and then says that they will be there in three minutes. Richelle says good and then hangs out. Josh puffs, readying himself for a no. Asking what’s happened. Richelle then they are going to find out, in a few minutes, after some convincing, that Josh gets to stay. Richelle shuts her eyes in talking heads and says that she is being positive because, honestly, she needs to act okay because or else they will get nowhere. Being sad won’t get her efforts anywhere. It’ll just make her upset and lessen the chance of Josh staying.

Josh’s mother comes in and shakes hands with Richelle as Richelle says that hey, she is Richelle, former dance captain of TNS East and current dance captain of Lucian’s new team. Josh’s mother asks why Josh would want to stay. Richelle says that the studio is amazing and he is loving it. Josh nods, and then sighs. Josh’s mom gives up fairly easily and says that they are leaving. Josh then starts to yell. Saying that sometimes,Josh needs something too. Because throughout his life, Adam has been the one receiving the money. It’s always about hockey and he never gets a chance to do anything, they always move around from place to place, expecting to make it big when they are currently on the verge of debt. He is sorry, but he can’t be with a family which is on the verge of collapse in their finances. Why even bother anymore?

Michelle and Emily are just talking about how great their new studio is going to be and then Emily says that they put the fire in the wildfire of their group. Michelle nods, agreeingly.

The two, Richelle and Josh’s mother are talking and laughing. Richelle ensures Josh’s mother that everything will be fine. He can stay with her family. His family is skeptical but then in the end, says yes. Josh walks in and asks what’s going on. Josh’s mother gets up and says that Josh can live with Richelle. She’s sorry. Josh is smiling for once and the two hug. Josh says in talking heads that this is a miracle. They release from the hug and then Josh says thanks as then Josh’s mother walks off. Richelle says that now, Josh owes her big time. Josh nods, with a smile confidently and then Richelle walks off to go meet up with Lucian. Piper and Amy then approach Josh. Saying that they have a proposition for him.


  • Josh is staying at The Next Step