Do Your Own Thing is the fifth episode of The Next Step season 6 and is the 159th in total. It aired on November 21rst.


Jacquie makes her mark by befriending the dance captain. Noah can’t forgive Jacquie and Piper talks to Michelle about how horrible Lucian is.


A-troupe is stretching and Piper admits how strange things are with Lucian running the studio, Piper nods her head and then begins to tie her dance shoes up.  Piper is feeling very excited at the day, because she has a meeting with Michelle and Emily to talk about how the team is doing with Lucian and without them. She begins to talk about how she feels sos excited. Amy nods, and then they walk off.

Everyone is talking and Richelle still can’t find a friend. But neither can Jacquie. Jacquie had been pushed out of her group consisting of Josh and.. Well, just Josh. Jacquie frowns but then notices the eager fire which is Richelle at the moment. She goes over and suggests that the two could maybe talk. Richelle nods and then they begin to talk. In talking heads, Jacquie says that it feels so good to be friends with Richelle now. The two talk and then Richelle brings up how there are solo spots at the competition. Jacquie says in talking heads that she would love a solo spot but does not want to be greedy.

Lucian then pops out and begins to talk to them about there being a solo within the group piece, Everyone perks up and then Lucian states that the solo needs to be amazing, Richelle is going to choreograph and chose who it is. Richelle says that she will have her choice by the end of the day and in talking heads, questions, why the soloist can’t be her.

Jacquie walks into studio 1 and asks if her and Richelle could talk. Richelle says that Jacquie just wants the solo. Jacquie shakes her head and disagrees. Richelle asks why jacquie would want to be her friend, as she can see no other reason than for personal gain. Jacquie says that Richelle looks lonely, and then Richelle says that she does not need friends, as friendships all die in the end and cause heartbreak. Jacquie is taken aback by the spat and then says that she just needs a friend, everyone needs a friend. Richelle says that she does not need a friend.

In studio 1, everyone is stretching and then Jacquie is seen sitting alone. Richelle looks over and sighs, Richelle walks over and in talking heads, admits that she needs a friend. She tells Jacquie that she is sorry. Jacquie apologizes and then Richelle walks confidently into Lucian’s office and Lucian asks what’s up. Richelle says that she’s made up her mind on who the soloist will be. Lucian nods and asks who. Richelle turns to see Jacquie through the glass window, and says Jacquie’s name. Lucian smiles and nods as Richelle then skips off.

A-troupe is rehearsing and then Lucian walks in and watches them. The song is Coming Home and then Piper walks over and says that she has to go. Lucian demands that she stays, but Piper says that this is urgent. Lucian asks what it is and then Piper tries to speak but can’t. She says that she is sorry and then runs off. Leaving the rest of the team speechless.

Michelle is in the rehearsal room with Emily, awaiting a response from Piper. Piper comes rushing in, apologizing for being late. Michelle says that it is fine. Piper is questioned by Michelle for information on the new team and Piper starts to try and speak but she can’t. She then blurts out that it is a nightmare, she says Michelle’s name and then says that it is horrible. They have no freedom, they can’t date anyone outside the studio, everyone must be perfect at all times and she can’t take it. Michelle’s jaw drops.


  • Jacquie and Richelle are friends.
  • Jacquie has a solo in the group routine.
  • There will be a solo in the group routine.