Ease is the second episode of The Next Step season 6 and aired on November 10th. It is the 156th episode in total.


With auditions stressing everyone out, Amy and Piper take it upon themslves to get their nerves down. Michelle and Emily struggle with how they are no longer in charge of the studio.


The episode starts off with Lucian staring at his dancers where they left off. He says that they need to hold auditions so he can see how they do. What they can do best. Noah asks why the regionals team must be so small, it is not like them to change the size of the team. Lucian then says that they are not going to regionals and everyone starts freaking out. Richelle asks why. Lucian says that Regionals actually is not happening. Amy in talking heads complains, that this means all their hard work was for nothing.

Lucian says that not to fret, because, he is making his own competition and hopes to compete with this new team, and the voting will be rigged. Amy and Piper stare at each other in shock. They are both nervous over how the voting will be rigged. Piper asks herself if she really wants to be on a team, which she knows will win. Amy is in complete shock and then Lola walks off. Saying in talking heads that if a team is rigged, she can’t be on it. She wants to win fairly. Heather also follows along.

Lucian then grins and then allows those who are left, to dance. Stand Up turns on and then everyone freestyles. Everyone claps at the dancing. Lucian smiles and then says right after that, that he knows which dancers to put on his team. Everyone stands in a straight line, awaiting a response from him. Michelle walks in, just to see how everyone is holding up. She hears the dancers being called as, Richelle, Amy, Jacquie, Piper and Josh. Everyone claps but Noah walks off upset that he did not make it. Michelle is in talking heads, complains to herself, asking why she even formed TNS West in the first place, because she could have made the team.

Amy and Piper are talking to each other about how stressful those auditions were in studio 1. Piper agrees. Amy admits that it’ll be weird being on a rigged team but at least it’ll be a believable rigged team. Amy agrees as they are stretching. Piper says in talking heads that she is unsure if she wants to do this but knows that this will help her. She knows that this is for the best and then Amy asks if there is anything she can do to get her mind off of the new team. Piper thinks and then turns on Let The Music Take Control and they dance. Piper says in talking heads that it feels so amazing to dance with Amy and Amy in talking heads, says that she is having so much fun right now, if Piper is on the team, she is staying.

Emily and Michelle are in Neutral Grounds, talking about how weird it is that they don’t run the studio anymore. Michelle agrees, nodding her head and in talking heads admits that she never should have started TNS West because she wants to be a part of this new team Lucian is forming and she thinks it’d be a really great opportunity for her to become a better dancer. Emily and the other are laughing and then talking about stuff. Michelle says that she has to go, but she looks unsure. Emily asks if Michelle is feeling ok. Michele lies, and in talking heads admits to it being a lie. Saying that right now, with her being conflicted, she needs to stay away from the studio. Emily asks in talking heads what Michelle’s deal is, is she really that selfish that she can’t be in a building with the studio which she got kicked out of? Wow. She doesn’t know what’s going on, but she’s gonna find out.


  • Noah is no longer a member of A-Troupe.
  • Michelle wants to come back to A-Troupe and regrets forming TNS West.
  • Jacquie, Richelle, Amy, Piper and Josh are a part of A-troupe.
  • Regional’s is not happening.
  • The competition the team will be going to is going to be rigged.