Elliot is a current member of Dance Extreme and a former member of The Next Step Dance Studio.

When Elliot does not have a trio, he is made an alternate for "Ready for Regionals?"

Elliot leaves the studio after he is made an alternate by Piper and Michelle.

Elliot eventually joins Dance Extreme and become Co-Captains with Skylar.


Season 5

Elliot becomes a member of The Next Step, and auditions for A-Troupe. Elliot is happy when he makes the team.

When Elliot wasn't chosen as one of Emily's top seven dancers, he is chosen by Michelle for TNS West.

When Elliot is not in any of the two trios, he is made an alternate for the competition.

Elliot was made an alternate by Piper and Michelle and consequently leaves the studio.

Now a member of Dance Extreme, Elliot returns to The Next Step with Skylar to intimidate them.


Season 5

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