William “Elliot” is a ballet dancer. And formerly Gemini Dance Studio. He was Dance Captain Of A-Troupe and B-Troupe


Before The Show

Having been put into a studio by his parents, William started dancing at the age of three.

William became a professional dancer on Broadway and was featured in at least six shows, one of which was Don Quixote. Due to bad behaviour, William was kicked off six productions.

Season 5 

Hoping to improve his reputation, William, now going by Elliot, successfully auditions for TNS West.

William is astounded to be dancing on the same team as Piper and Ozzy, whom he deems children, and Kingston, who he deems a basement dancer. Realizing the team has many "problems" he is happy that he is there to sort them out.[2]

Elliot is made Piper's duet partner for a dance off meant to determine which studio the dance battle is to be held in. Deeply unimpressed by West's choreography, Elliot forces Piper to go along with his changes to the dance. Elliot is ultimately forced to come clean about his behaviour while on the team, leading him to be taken off it by Skylar. Although, Elliot eventually joins TNS East and assists them in winning the dance battle.

While believing TNS East to be superior to TNS West, Elliot is only able to see Richelle as potentially equal to him in talent. Elliot eventually purchases jackets for the team and, unbeknownst to him, his past as a Broadway dancer is deduced via his misplaced credit card and he is exposed for his true intentions. Elliot is subsequently taken off the team.

Elliot leaves Richelle a bouquet of flowers and a card in her locker.

Season 6

He returns to the studio and auditions for the Nationals team and makes it. Emily choses Elliot and cuts Ozzy.