Emily is the co-studio head of A-Troupe.

She was originally the head of A-Troupe but when she did not let Michelle back in the troupe, Kate offered Michelle to be studio head of a new troupe called TNS West.

Although, when the troupes decided to merge she became co-studio heads with Michelle.


Season 5

When Riley stepped down as Studio Head, she granted Emily the position. The next day, Emily received a call from Riley, with her asking to have her role back. Emily refused to give the role back to Riley.

Emily holds auditions auditions for A-Troupe, and cuts Piper and LaTroy. After Michelle loses the solo audition, she returns to The Next Step and forces Emily to let her, Piper and LaTroy rejoin A-Troupe, but Emily refused to let the three back in again.

When Kate returns to the studio, she extends it and splits A-Troupe into two groups called TNS East and TNS West, naming Emily head of one and Michelle head of the other.

Emily and Michelle hold auditions for their troupes and decide the results together.

Emily hears that there will be a trio competition called "Ready for Regionals?," but they must compete against TNS West to be able to represent the studio. Emily chose Noah, Richelle and Lola to perform the trio.

Emily grows irate when she learns that Riley is a guest choreographer for TNS West, believing that Riley betrayed her by picking Michelle over her own sister. She is even more upset when she finds out that West and James are also guest choreographers for TNS West.

After Riley, James, West and Michelle vote for TNS West, Emily's team lose, angering her.

Emily watches The Next Step compete at "Ready for Regionals?" with Michelle.

Emily learns that the only way the to get the studio to Regionals is to merge TNS East and TNS West together. Emily initially takes part in the plan just to get the studio to Regionals, but then learns that it is for the best.


Season 5

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