Emily is a Contemporary Dancer that is Co-Studio Head Of The Next Step Dance Studio.

Emily is eventually offered the position of studio head of The Next Step Dance Studio, but is challenged by Skylar. Emily eventually becomes co-studio head of A-Troupe with Skylar. But in Season 6, Skylar resigns and she becomes co-studio Head with Giselle. In Season 8, She becomes co-studio Head with Michelle


Before The Show

Emily join the next Step when she was 2 and work her way through the troupes. She injused her self during the nationals number meaning she can no longer dance.

Season 5

Emily announces that she is the new studio head and that Daniel is her choreographer. Wishing her team to be a team of purely technical and disciplined dancers, Emily does not pick any hip-hop dancers, breakdancers, J-Troupers, or doubters onto her team.[41] Emily promises Michelle that she will be more utilized on her team than she was previously, but is upset when Skylar questions her choices and eventually quits A-Troupe in favour of forming her own troupe. Emily believes that Kate would never allow such a thing, but surely enough, she has; Skylar will be head of TNS West, while she will be the head of TNS East.

When Skylar frantically approaches her upon the news that only one of their teams can compete at Regionals, Emily proposes that their teams compete against each other for the spot, although she finds it apparent that her team will win. Although, wanting the competition to be fair, Emily gives Skylar a cheque so that she can pay for more dancers. Emily asks Eldon to choreograph a hip-hop section in her routine. She becomes angry to learn that Eldon choreographed for her and Skylar at the same time.

Emily refuses to postpone the dance battle when Skylar asks her after losing a dancer. Although, she is put in a pickle when Noah defects to Skylar’s troupe. Her predicament only worsens when she is forced to pull Zara from the line-up upon discovering that she has a math competition an hour before the battle. Emily convinces Skylar to turn the competition into one where five dancers from either team compete against each other, even bribing her with a spot on the team if she wins. Emily re-imagines her dance to accommodate ten dancers and gets Elliot to join her team. Emily is ecstatic when her team wins the battle. When Elliot is revealed to have been a professional dancer and Emily subsequently kicks him off the team, she refuses to accept defeat and demands that Noah be on her troupe again. Emily is infuriated when Kate's witnessing of the teams' fighting causes her to disallow the studio from competing at Regionals and proposes that her and Michelle's teams no longer contact each other.

Skylar and Emily become co-studio heads when the dancers unify The studio back together

When approached by Daniel with the belief that Richelle is injured only moments before they are to film the qualifier video, Emily refuses to acknowledge it, claiming that Richelle never explicitly admitted to such. Although, this lapse of judgment results in Richelle being hospitalized, much to Emily's guilt. Emily is shocked to hear that Kate does not think she and Skylar are fit to remain studio heads.

Season 6

Emily and Skylar lose their positions as Studio Heads. They know work at Shakes & Ladders. Then Riley re-highers Them to be the studio head of the next step.