Exposed is the 24th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 178th in total. It aired on Aguest 10th.


Piper’s ultimatum for Emily is exposed; Skylar tries to bring her sister to the equation of A-Troupe.


Emily and Piper give a big smile to each other and then Emily says that right now they only have 3 dances happening at the competition, minus the other studios so they need to come up with some more dances because the competition is tonight. Michelle then suggests if Katy would like her solo to be used in the competition as a solo, they can have as many dances as they want or need. Katy agrees and in talking heads, says that it feels so great to finally be fitting in on A-Troupe. She looks down to see Jacquie upset and then Jacquie says that she wants a solo as well. Emily nods respectively. Noah in talking heads admits that he wanted a solo. He would have killed it out there. Emily then announces that Piper gave her an ultimatum; to kick Josh off the team or have her quit and says that neither of which are happening. Piper yells at Emily for how she could say that. Emily says that her behaviour was horrible. Piper says that she is unable to take this anymore and then storms off. Amy sighs and then says that she will go try to find her.

Jacquie is sitting in Neutral Ground and Noah then asks if they could talk. Jacquie asks what about and then Noah says that they may not be in a good place right now, but he wanted the solo. Jacquie says that then Noah should go for it. Noah says that he won’t. Because he thinks that Jacquie would be mad. Jacquie asks why she’d be mad, it is not like the two are dating. Oh wait, that’s Noah’s fault. Noah says because he still cares about her. Jacquie says enough, stay on one side, you can’t have her and then break up. She’s done with these silly little games, and tells Noah to make up her mind. Jacquie says in talking heads that she needs someone she can trust, someone she can rely on to not make her happy and then inferior the next moment. She need someone happy. Not Noah. Jacquie then walks off.

Jacquie closes her locker shut and then walks over, Noah walks in and says that he’s sorry. Jacquie says that she does not want to talk to Noah. Noah says that he messed up and then Jacquie cuts him off saying that everything has to be about him, doesn’t it? Noah pauses and then Jacquie says that sometimes, things just are not meant to be and that she knows where she stands with Noah. They are over. And then Jacquie walks over to Henry. Henry asks how everything is and then Jacquie admits that things are not good at all. Henry asks why and then Jacquie says that Noah has been the worst boyfriend ever. Henry glances over to Noah in anger.

Noah walks over to Jacquie and then demands that he challenges her for the solo. Jacquie says that it is on. Emily then says that she will be the judge. Jacquie then heads into studio A and then so does Noah and Emily. Emily says that Noah can start the dance up. Noah turns on Hero and then does a hip hop routine. Emily admits in talking heads that Noah is a great dancer. Jacquie then an Acro solo to Lets Go. Emily says that the soloist, out of the two, is Noah. Jacquie growls and then says that Noah is the lowest form of life at the studio and says that she hopes Noah likes his 5 seconds of fame, the solo, because it won’t last, pretty soon he’ll be hitting rock bottom like the rest of them, and warns Noah that he is going to rue the day and then says in talking heads that now she has nothing. Nothing. Rock bottom like Richelle.

Skylar is in the main studio, studio 1, rehearsing and then Cierra runs in and asks what’s the news. Skylar says that there are so many open spots on A-Troupe. Cierra says that she needs to join and then Skylar rushes Cierra in and asks if Cierra could join as well. Michelle agrees and then hugs her. She says that they’d love to have Cierra back.


  • Cierra is on Regionals Wildfire
  • Noah has the solo, going up against Katy in the solo category of the competition