Focus! Is the 15th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 169th in total. It aired on July 10th, 2018.


Michelle and Emily begins to focus on the formation of a new strong team, Michelle must decide what is next for her, Piper tries to forgive Amy and a former friend comes to visit The Next Step.


Emily and Michelle paced around studio A. Emily says in talking heads that now they have an official team called Regionals Wildfire, they must get to work. No more silly business. Everyone begins to walk in and Emily says to just take a seat. Everyone takes a seat and then Emily says good, and then says that today, they will focus on figuring everything out. Amy then pops up and asks what their plan of action is, for getting regionals back. Emily ponders and says good question. She says that they'll take a video to the board, asking for if they could consider it, and then they will see where it goes from there. Amy nods, she is feeling very confident and admits that in talking heads. Piper glances over at Amy and states that right now, she does not want to deal with Amy at all.

Michelle is in the office in studio 1 and Emily approaches her stacking files of paper. Emily says that now with the studio going back to its former glory, Michelle needs to make a choice. Michelle glances up and asks what choice, there is no choice for her to make and then Emily says that she knows how much Michelle is dying to dance, and she can't run a studio and dance with the studio at the same time. Michelle's face saddens. She says that Emily is right. Emily says that this means Michelle has a choice to make then and she needs to figure this out by the end of the day. Michelle says that she needs at least to give herself some extra time, with her being co-head in all. Emily says that they don't have all week. They need to start their action and protest fast. Michelle says that they need to take things slow and plan things out. Emily says that Regionals is at steak and they need to fight for it. They have at least 2 weeks, at best, to come up with something and convince the regionals board before it is too late. Michelle says fine. She will give it to her by the end of the day. Emily scoffs before proceeding to walk out. Michelle sighs and sulks in her chair, saying in talking heads that she needs to make a decision, and has no clue what to do.

Amy and Jacquie are discussing how amazing Regionals will be. Amy says that once their plan gets on board and then they convince the regionals board, they'll be unstoppable. Jacquie says that she hopes for a solo but is not going to get her hopes up. Noah walks over and then asks if he and Jacquie could talk. Amy nods and then slides off. Jacquie asks what this is about. Noah asks if Jacquie could just take it in her heart, and forgive her? Jacquie says that right now, she is not sure how she feels and then Noah sighs. He says that he understands he made a big mistake. Jacquie says that he doesn't get it. Noah isn't in her situation. Dance is all she has right now and then Noah sighs, walking off. Noah says in talking heads that right now, all he needs is Jacquie. But things are getting complicated.

Amy and Jacquie go back to talking about regionals and then Piper walks in and is still is complete shock that Amy is talking to them and then walks off and in talking heads, reminds herself that she is no longer friends with Amy... But she cares so much about Amy.... Amy says in talking heads that she is fine. She is perfectly fine. Richelle then walks in and then asks if she could sit with her former friends and then Jacquie says no. She can't. Richelle asks why not and then Jacquie says that she did not agree with them and asks her to remember the whole fight and then Richelle sighs and in talking heads, says that she's lost everything.

Skylar walks into the studio and Noah hugs her. Skylar asks what is up and then Noah admits that not much is happening so far and then Skylar says that it feels so good to be at the studio again. Noah agrees and then goes and does a backflip. Skylar says that Noah is dancing better then ever. Skylar asks what’s happening. Noah asks if Skylar heard about Regionals not being a thing. Skylar nods, agreeing that she heard of such thing. Noah says that right now their goal is to get Regionals back. Skylar admits that it is pretty cool and then begins to walk off and in talking heads she misses A-Troupe and wants to join but is not too sure about if they’d accept her on their team, after all, she was pretty harsh to them when she left. She just needs some more time to think about it.