Forgive & Forget is the 16th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 170th in total. it aired on July 14th, 2018.


Kate and Lucian, after all these years, finally make up. While Aria struggles with the pressure of the custody battle. Jacquie stops Richelle from injuring her leg further.


Piper looks over to Kate, who is holding a phone in her hand and then Piper urges an almost in-tears-Kate to make the phone call. Kate nods and then hesitantly dials the phone number. When it answers, Lucian says hello and then Kate, in tears, cries out about how sorry she is. Lucian nods and then accepts the apology and then Kate says that she wants to have a custody battle and have already been in talks with the government. The court date is the following day and then she hangs up. Piper says that she knew Kate had it in her and then hugs Kate. Kate thanks Piper for allowing her to have the strength, she pushed Kate into calling Lucian and then Lucian walks in and asks if everything is ok in their life. Kate nods and then Lucian admits that Kate made him a better man and then kisses her. Kate smiles and then Piper walks off.

Aria is in studio 1, and then is trying her hardest to get het front ariel. Piper walks in and asks what’s going on and then Aria immediately admits how scared she feels. Piper asks about what and then Aria looks down. She admits it is about the custody battle. Piper hugs her and says that everything is going to be ok and she tries to reassure Aria. Aria thanks her and then Piper says no problem. Piper says that she admits she feels lost a lot of times. Aria says that when she is scared, she does even scarier stuff to distract her from what initially scarred her in the first place. Piper then squints her eyes and asks if dancing scares her. Aria then admits to having a fear of doing a flip. Piper admits that she felt like that at first but once she got used to it, she got better and then asks if she should pull out the mats so they could practice. Aria agrees and nods her head happily and in talking heads, says that she is super happy to have Piper as a good friend.

In studio A, Noah is pacing around the room nervously and then Jacquie walks in and asks what he wants to talk about and then Noah says that they might not be in a good place right now, but he has hope and is ready to wait for Jacquie no matter what. He will wait for years until Jacquie says she’s ready. He’s ready to make the commitment, fight and be patient for her. While he says this he is slowly walking over to Jacquie and by the end, is holding her hands. Jacquie blushes and then Inside Out plays and they do a duet, and at the end they kiss. Noah says in talking heads that right now, things couldn’t be going any better and then Jacquie smiles, and pulls away. Saying that she is ready, there’s no more needing of waiting as she wants to make it official.

Richelle looks over to Piper and Aria practicing some dance moves and then she walks in and decides to step in and show them how it is done, the last verse of Stand Up is playing and then Jacquie walks in and notices Richelle dance. She then asks if Richelle is ok after she trips and then Richelle yells at her, saying that she’s perfectly fine. Jacquie doesn’t believe it but Richelle keeps dancing and then Jacquie looks over and notices how blue her foot is and then runs over to go tell Emily and Michelle, even if Richelle isn’t on A-Troupe, they’d certainly know how to help. Emily and Michelle are doing work in studio 1’s office and then Jacquie says that Richelle is injured, Michelle calls the ambulance and Emily walks out, right when Richelle trips and falls. Jacquie gasps.


  • Noah and Jacquie are official
  • Aria is afraid of flips
  • Aria does scary things to get her mind off of what initially scares her