The Time Is Ours is the third episode of season 7.


Piper auditions for the open spot. Josh gets caught in the middle of Zara and Richelle's fued.


In studio A, A-Troupe is all together, but the camera is zoomed on Noah, Amy, Jacquie, Richelle, Cierra and Elliot. Emily walks in, and states that Skylar has dropped out of her position on the team, and says that they're looking for replacements. She says that auditions will be the same day in 2 hours, and encourages to find people to audition, but they're only accepting 18 for the qualifier auditions. Everyone nods, and Noah walks away, knowing who he is going to tell, and then when everyone walks off, Richelle stays in the studio to dance to Rome, and in talking heads, explains that she needs to catch up, and needs to always be pushing herself. She might have been injured, but she needs to be at her old level, which means that she needs to become a better dancer. Midway through the dance, Zara runs in because she forgot her dance bag, and Richelle catches Zara's eye, and Zara stays to see her dance, and when Richelle finishes, Zara passive-aggressively asks why Richelle is still dancing at The Next Step, and Richelle says it's because she's the best, and that The Next Step needs her. Zara says that Richelle does not get it, and Richelle asks about getting what, and Zara says, that she was injured because she worked too hard and thought too much of herself. She needs to be less arrogant and cocky. Richelle says that she'll never change and Zara just needs to accept it, and then Zara says that if she becomes the dance captain, she'll make it her mission to kick Richelle off the team.

Piper is sitting inside the new juice place, titled Mix-Ups, and Piper is just there, with a juice in her hand, looking sad. In talking heads she explains that she has not been the same since she left A-Troupe, and now feels awful. Noah walks over to Piper and says that he has good news, and Piper asks what, and she is told by Noah, that there's an open spot on A-Troupe, and she could use some of Amy's skills for her solo. Piper nods, and asks him where to sign up for auditions, and Noah says that auditions are in studio 1, and Piper walks straight up there, and sees Angela coaching a trio for an upcoming competition, that consists of three dancers, dancing to Top Of The World. Piper watches them, and then when they pose, says that they all look amazing, and Danielle walks over to her and smiles, saying her name, and that she's a fifteen year old acro dancer on A-Troupe, Lily says her name and that she's a jazz dancer on A-Troupe, and then Piper goes to the guy, Ty, and assumes he is on A-Troupe, and asks how A-Troupe is to him, and Ty says that his name is Ty, and that he is not on A-Troupe, yet. Angela reveals that Ty plans on auditioning for the spot of Skylars. piper says oh, and says nervously that she looks forward to battling them. Piper asks Angela how the auditions are going to go, and Angela reveals that the audition process is complicated, first, we have the qualifier of the auditions, where we review your audition for A-Troupe and determine if you're one of the best eight, and the best eight, go into a the auditions. It's a battle, with two people battling each other, until we have 1 person left, and that person is going to make it. A tournament. Ty then says that he was the best at his old studio, and Piper says wonderful, before walking off.

Josh and Zara were in Mix-Ups, trying to talk to each other to catch up on what they missed. Zara asked how Josh is, and Josh says that he's doing okay, he thinks. Zara says that she has a question for Josh, and Josh tells her to shoot it out. Zara reveals that her and Richelle are not really on the best footing very well, and worries that she could have just given her a recipe for disaster. She asks Josh if she needs to worry about Richelle, and his thoughts on Richelle, and Josh says that he was crushing on Richelle last dance season, and that she should not worry. Josh reveals that he needs to side with Richelle on everything, because he still has not moved back in with his parents, since they still reside in Springfield, and he needs to stay at The Next Step. But, he worries if it'll be possible with the new rivalry between his best friend and his source of shelter.

B-troupe is working on a new dance routine to Work, and Ty, in talking heads, states that B-Troupe is pretty fun. Piper, in talking heads, states that it turns out only B-Troupers can audition for A-Troupe, so, she's with them right now, about if she made it passed the qualifying test, and she's scared for this.Winnie, in talking heads, states that she's hoping for it. When they pose, Angela congratulates them. and says that she would have auditioned all of them, if she could, but the people who made it to the auditions are Lana, Leah, Laura, Piper, Ty, Arrienne and Parker. Leaving the other four dancers on B-Troupe, Ozzy, Winnie, Jenna and Heathcliff, devastated. Piper states in talking heads that she has made it to the auditions, but it came at the expense of others misery, and she does not know if she can handle it anymore. She says to herself in talking heads that she just needs to remember that this is what dance is about - being the best, but it is not enough and she still adorns the worry and fear on her fave.

Richelle is in the East hallway,  checking her phone, putting her phone down, and then in talking heads, reveals that she just called Josh to talk to her, because she needs to stop this fight between the two, and Josh walks in, nervous. Josh asks what's up, and Richelle says that she wants Zara to know, that she is trying to get better, and Josh says that he should not have came. Richelle begs Josh to stay and hear him out, and Josh sighs, and sits down, before Richelle says that she did not, and does not mean to come off cold and mean, she just has these.. feelings. She's really sad and hates herself at times. She needs to get some help, so she's seeing a councillor, and she's doing better, but she sees her fears, she sees her demons every day. Josh asks if there's anything in the studio that scares her, and Richelle can not muster up a word, so she just nods, and Josh asks what, and Richelle can't say. So, she just says that people scare her. And then Richelle in talking heads says that she needs more confidence, and then tells Josh that he has to stop being friends with Zara, or she'll get her parents to kick him out by framing him for something, and then walks off, and Josh walks off the other way, terrified, and in talking heads, says that his friendship might be over now, since if he moves, it means he'll have to move back home. Which means he can't dance with The Next Step.

Piper is dancing to Can't Stop Me Now, as she's trying her hardest to dance, and act fearless, Michelle walks in Piper explains in talking heads that she called Michelle to help her. Piper asks what's up, and Michelle says that she plans on opening a studio with Thalia, Eldon and Leia soon, and Piper asks if Leia can dance, and Michelle explains that Leia can dance, and it'll be a performing arts studio, Piper says oh, curiously, and Michelle explains that it is for any of the performing arts; there'll be a dance section, a gymnastics section, a singing section, a production section, an instrument section, and a cheerleading section, and they plan on making a dance-rooted routine with all their people and taking it to regional's if they can. Piper says that the idea sounds cool, and then Michelle asks what Piper needed her for, and Piper explains that she needs help becoming a focused and driven, harsh person. Like Michelle. Michelle explains that all she needs to be is ruthless, to not show any emotion, and try to be as dance-orientated as possible. Piper thanks her, and Michelle says that she heard the news of her not making it, and Piper nods, and Michelle says that if she wants, she can come onto her team, and Piper explains that Skylar left, and now she's trying out for The Next Step again, and Michelle says that if she ever changes her mind, she can join them. There'll always be spots open, Piper thanks her, and Michelle says no problem, before walking off, and Piper says in talking heads that this is going to be the biggest challenge of her life, but she's going to try it.

Josh and Zara are in the juice place, and Josh asks how Zara is, trying to avoid the ultimatum he was given, and then Zara says she's good, and then Josh says, nervously that he's good, and Zara, in talking heads, says nice try. Zara asks what's really going on, and Josh reveals that he was given an ultimatum, and it's either he could get kicked out by Richelle's parents by Richelle framing him, or he could stop being friends with Zara. Zara knows it was done by Richelle instantly, and says in talking heads that she knows who did this. Zara tells Josh to hold on, and she storms out. Richelle was in the studio A, and stretching,  trying to get in some extra rehearsal time in the studio as the auditions were happening in the other studio. She was making sure she was better then everyone else. Making sure she was perfect, and she was about to just break down and cry because she felt so lonely. Zara stormed into the studio, and yelled at Richelle and asked Richelle why she was doing that. Richelle turns around and stands up, asking what she did, and Zara tells her to not play coy with her and claims that Richelle tried to split her one friendship that she has in the studio, and using the fact that she is Josh's only source of shelter as a weapon against her. Richelle says that it's just something she has to do, and Zara says that she does not have to. It's Richelle's choice. Richelle says that all she wants is for Zara to go, so she'll take down others with her, before shoving Zara out of the studio, and Zara has her back against the door that leads into studio A, saying that this is it - her friendship with Josh has to be over.

The eight dancers who made it walk in, and then there is a leaderboard, and Emily tells everyone to sit with their opponent for the first round, Piper checks the board and her opponent is Parker. There, in the first round, are 4 groups of people going against each other, and half will be eliminated. Emily says that the first one, of Arienne against Winnie, go up. Arienne dances to My Boy Builds Coffins by Florance + The Machine. Arienne ends up dancing to Stardust. Emily, Angela and Kate then reveal their votes, Angela and Emily voting for Arienne, and Kate voting for Winnie, which means Arienne made it to the next round. Then, Piper and Parker go up. Parker does a technical routine to Lose Control, and then Piper does a dance to Dangerous, and then Kate, and Emily agree on Piper, with Angela wanting Parker. Which means that Piper won her battle of the first round, meaning that she'll be against Arienne. Laura and Lana go up and then Laura dances to Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish, and Lana dances to Fire With Fire. The three all agreed on the same person: Laura. Leah and Ty are the final opponents for the first round. Ty dances to Guillotine by John Bellion. Leah dances to Forget by Marina And The Diamonds. Kate and Angela agree on Ty, Emily loving Leah's dancing, she voted for her. Putting her out of the running.

For the second round, there were 2 battles coming up: Arienne vs Piper, and Laura vs Ty. The winner og those two battles were the two who got to battle for the spot on A-Troupe. Piper went up first, dancing to Bored by Billie Eilish, and then Arienne danced to Unsinkable. Emily wanted to have Arienne on the team, meanwhile Angela and Kate voted for Piper. Piper won that battle, causing Arienne to walk home. Laura danced to Let's Go. Ty danced the same solo he did before, to Guillotine. All three of them voted for Ty.  Which left them with their final two opponents; Piper and Ty. Piper dances to Bored again, and Ty dances to Guillotine again, and then Emily and Kate vote for Piper, and Angela voted for Ty and Piper says that she actually made it? And Kate says yes, which means she defeated Ty, and she's excited for a clean slate.

Featured Music

  • Top Of The World
  • Work
  • Can't Stop Me Now
  • My Boy Builds Coffins - Florance + The Machine
  • Stardust
  • Lose Control
  • Dangerous
  • Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish
  • Fire With Fire
  • Guilotine - Jon Bellion
  • Forget - Marina And The Diamonds
  • Bored - Billie Eilish
  • Unsinkable
  • Let's Go.


  • Piper has replaced Skylar as an A-Troupe member.
  • B-Troupe consists of Lana, Leah, Laura, Ty, Arienne, Parker, Ozzy, Winnie, Jenna Brookelyn and Heathcliff.
  • Zara, Josh and Danielle have been revealeed to be A-Troupe members, leaving the final two spots full, but unknown.