Trenches is the fourth episode of The Next Step season 7.


Auditions for the dance captaincy are held, and Danielle makes some new friends.


A-troupe is in studio A, and Emily and Michelle walk in, and Noah, Amy, Richelle and Jacquie are talking, and then Amy asks about when they'll find out who made the final spot on A-Troupe. And, Piper walks into the room, and Noah and Cierra race to her, and Amy just walks the other way slowly, with Piper looing awkwardly at her. Josh and Zara were on oppisite sides of the room too. Emily looked around, examining the dancers. Amy asks Angela going to do today, but then gets shut down and told to go stand back where she was. Kate then announces that they're on the hunt for a new dance captain. Both Richelle and Zara walk up immediately, with in talking heads, Zara saying her goal is to take Richelle down, and Richelle saying in talking heads that her goal is to take Zara down. Tyler walks up, and Piper walks up, Noah was going to walk up and raise his hand, but he was not sure about if he wanted to, because of Piper. Angela says that they have to find a duet partner and create a duet with that duet partner.

Richelle looks around, and finds Summer, she smiles and asks her if she wants to do a duet with her. Summer nods, and asks which styles she is good at, Richelle says pointe, acro, and hiphop, and then Summer says that they should go for acro since she does not know how to do the other dance styles, Richelle nods. Zara looks around, trying to find someone, and she sees Lily, the one co-heads daughter, and says in talking heads that dancing with Lily would be amazing, it'll give her the extra push that I need to get it, and then Zara asks Lily if she wants to be her duet partner, Lily nods, and says that she saw her audition, and she was a good dancer. Zara thanks her, and then she thinks about what dance to do. Piper looks around, and immidiately goes to Noah, and they already had an idea for a duet; one to a song called Six Feet Under. Tyler looked around, and walked over to Jacquie, and asks if she'd be willing to dance with him, and Jacquie agrees.

Danielle is in studio 1, and she's dancing to Lovely, and trying to dance, doing her audition unedited. In talking heads, she explains that she's always been quiet, and she's always been timid. She never feels for talking to anyone, and she's trying her hardest to dance, and keep it up, but she does not think she can be around people any longer, and the therapist does not help either. She needs a friend that she can relate to, because nothing seems to be working, and all she wants to do is talk to someone, but she can't. Davis, Josh and Cierra walk into the room to practice another trio that was going to compete against Danielle, Summer and Ty's trio. Danielle says sorry, and that she was about to leave, but Cierra says no, she can stay, and that she's sorry for interrupting, Danielle apologizes again. Danielle says okay, and says that her name is Danielle, Cierra says that she is Cierra, and asks if they could hang out with her, and Danielle admits in talking heads that she's terrified, since she hates to talk to people, but, maybe this could be her big break? She says that it's okay, and says sure, since she has no friends. Cierra says that it's all the more reason for her to be her friend, and then Danielle says that she's always been lonely, and says that it was what her audition was about. Josh asks if he could see the audition, and then Danielle finds the edited version, which has different things happening in different parts of the dance, until the small chorus, where the lens flashes and she stands almost stationary. Davis says it's cool. Danielle says thank you, and says that if this dancing thing does not work out, she wishes to become a professional video editor for movies, and Cierra says that that's so cool. Danielle says thanks, and then Danielle, in talking heads, says that things might be looking up in her world.

Noah and Piper are dancing to Six Feet Under, and trying to dance their hardest, Piper, in talking heads, says that this duet is better then anything else they've done, and she's ready to kill it on the stage, Noah admits that he's still feeling off in talking heads, but he says that he can push through the pain. Piper says in talking heads that he's still really worried about Noah, and that she wants him to be safe. Noah says in talking heads that he'll be fine, and then they continue to dance.  In another room, Lily and Zara are dancing to Falling Behind, and Zara says that she knows this duet is going to be amazing, she has no doubt in that, Lily says that she knows Zara's going to make the captaincy now, and she's happy to see her reign. In another room, Ty and Jacquie are dancing to Lovely, and feeling prepared for anything. Jacquie says that she has high hopes for this duet, and hopes it works well, meanwhile, Richelle and Jacquie are talking to each other. Richelle asks about any ideas? And Summer suggests anything by Troye Sivan or Hayley Kiyoko, and Richelle asks why, and Summer says it's because, if they want to make the audience feel something, they need to draw influences from their life, and if they don't know any famous singers, which is likely the case, take a singer with something in common with, and find one of their songs to dance to. And, Richelle, in talking heads, asks if Summer a lesbian.

the four groups of dancers stood - Lily and Zara, Ty and Jacquie, Richelle and Summer, along with Piper and Nosh. Emily, Angela and Kate stood there. Emily asked who would like to go first, and then Piper tugs Noah along and the two dance to Six Feet Under, and Piper in talking heads states that this is her best performance yet, and can not wait to see the results. This is hard work that she thinks will pay off, and Noah, in talking heads, says that all he wants is for this to end. Summer then goes up with Richelle, and they dance to Blue, and Richelle, in talking heads, Richelle says that she knows that she's prepared, and ready. Summer says that she needs this to go well, since this is her first dance, so this is her first chance to impress the teachers. Zara and Lily go up, and dance to Falling Behind, and Lily says that she knows that Zara's going to win, and Zara says that she feels ready. She feels prepared and ready to take Richelle down. Lastly, Tyler and Jacquie dance to Lovely, and trying their best. Tyler, in talking heads, says that he loves Jacquie from their time in TNS East, but is not sure when to tell her. Jacquie says in talking heads that she feels confident and is very assertive that this will have a happy ending. Emily thanks them all, and then the three of them walk out into the office, and then twenty minutes later, come back, and Angela announces that their new dance captain is Zara, and Zara is ecstatic, and is prepared for the future, and is ready to take Richelle down.

Featured Music

  • Lovely - Billie Eilish + Khalaid.
  • Six Feet Under - Billie Eilish.
  • Blue - Troye Sivan.
  • Falling Behind.


  • Zara is the dance captain.
  • Danielle is good at video editing, and wants to become a video editor.