The Next Step: Game On, sseason 7, was revealed to have been greenlighted on August 3rd, 2019. With auditions being completed the following week, and filming from September 1rst. to September 30th, and will pick up where the last season left off.

Victoria Baldessara revealed that her chartacter will not be coming back, and stated that it was the writers decision, because they did not want to have her character on the show for too long, so they came up with a tiny storyline to conclude her character.

Dylan Rattzlaff announced that her sister, Berekly, would join the cast as well, and said that she did play her characters sister.

The cast was revealed to be:

  • Myles Erlick as Noah.
  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper.
  • Shelby Bain as Amy.
  • Dylan Rattzlaff as Jacquie.
  • Briar Nolet as Richelle.
  • Cierra Healey as Cierra
  • Skylar Healey as Skylar.
  • Berekly Rattzlaff as Davis.
  • Milaina Robinson as Zara.
  • Danielle Ching as Danielle.
  • Dawson Handy as Josh.
  • Julian Elia as Elliot.
  • Tyler Hutching as Tyler.
  • Sage Linder as Summer.
  • Alexandra Beaton as Emily.
  • Unknown as Stacey Carpenter.
  • Katie Ortencio as Lily.
  • Kellt Fanson as Angela.
  • Bree Wasylenko as Kate.

The season has been confirmed to have 20 episodes.


With regionals back again, they now have their chance to prove that they can be another sucessful team. But, will the new A-Troupe rise up from the ashes and achieve victory? Or will their extra advantage not be enough to help them? With everyone vying for spots, and wanting to be the best, you're going to have to stand out. But, not everyone is going to have happy ending...


No. In Series.    Image         Title Airdate
                                                                 Breathing Underwater.

After a fourteen-month hiatus, Regional's is gearing up, and it feels like dancers are breathing underwater due to the pressure of the team everyone wants to be on due to the perks of it during Regionals. Two TNS veterans use their power to hurt someone through the audition tape.

Bad Cop, Bad Cop.
Skylar is tasked to make a hard decision when she gets on the team, and Piper asks for a huge favour from Amy to help her with her dancing abiltiies, even if it'll hurt Amy's heart. Meanwhile, Noah is interogated by Emily.
The Time Is Ours.
Piper auditions for the open spot. Josh gets caught in the middle of Richelle and Zara's fued.
Auditions for the new dance captaincy are held, and Danielle makes some new friends.
Jacquie is determined to destroy Noah when a solo at an upcoming competition is revealed. Josh and Danielle are told to pick up the costumes.
A Stroke Of Vengance.
Jacquie tries to get in between Noah and Piper's friendship as revenge, but ends up disocovering a secret of Noah's, and with two friends lonely, Richelle and Amy set up a double-blind date for each other, where everything is brought into question.
Dancing In The Pain.
The Next Steo competes at the solo competition, where Jacquie tries to get through to Noah, but it won't work, which puts Noah in the hospital.
Your Fault.
With Noah in the hospital, and Jacquie to blame, Jacquie comforts Piper, but ends up doing the oppisite; Noah forgives Jacquie.
Can't Stop Me Now.
Richelle betrays everyone when she uses her friendship with the studio owneers daughter to kick an amazing dancer out of the running of A-Troupe.
My Boy
With Richelle being unlikable by the team, Richelle makes a jump when she asks her crush out, which makes everything fall down for The Next Step.
Your Happy Ending.
Danielle has a tough time when her best friend is kicked out; Richelle tries to work things out with her girlfriend; Richelle makes the switch to Michelle's new team.
One More Time.
Zara and Josh talk things out, Danielle confesses her crush, and Jacquie messes with Piper and Noah's relationship -- but, this time, with worse consequences.
Start Over.
Noah finds a new duet partner in Amy, and Piper tries to start over.
Growing Pains,
Jacquie tries to ruin Noah by conspiring against him with Tyler to replace his duet, and The Next Step, with 11 dancers, The Next Step holds auiditions for A-Troupe's remaining spots.