Bad Cop, Bad Cop is the second epsiode of season 7.


Skylar is tasked to make a hard decision when she gets on the team, and Piper asks for a huge favour from Amy to help her with her dancing abiltiies, even if it'll hurt Amy's heart. Meanwhile, Noah is interogated by Emily.


Amy and Jacquie were hanging out together, with Richelle as the two were hanging out. Richelle asks if anyone is nervous for the auditions, and Amy says that she really is, and then Jacquie says that she is kind of nervous. Jacquie explains in talking heads that these auditions are more serious than ever, because this team is being allowed to do whatever they want this year, but after regional's, it'll stop. She needs this, and if she does not make it, she's going to be devastated. Richelle says that she wants to be on this team way too much, and Piper and Jacquie agree to that statement. Amy says that since Piper had Noah, and Cassie and Sloane left, she's found new friends; Richelle and Jacquie, and she so far likes them. She admitted that last year, their head was not in the game, but now, everyone cares too much, since Angela is a nice studio head.

Skylar was in the gemini studio, and dancing to Play The Game, wanting to do her best. In the talking heads, she states that if she makes it onto both teams, she is screwed. She's dancing to falling apart, and trying her hardest to dance through it, and she says in talking heads that she's potentially ruining everything by dancing here, but does not care. The music finishes and she stands in the middle, excited, asking how she did. The studio owner says that she did okay, and says that they'll let her know if the dancers make it. Every dancer nods and Skylar grabs her bag and walks off, ready to find out who made A-troupe, saying in talking heads that she's ready for anything.

She walks into the studio to get the list of names, and then she comes in just in time, and gets a text message saying that she made it. Cierra walks over and asks why she's late, Skylar says that she just did her audition, and Cierra says that this is good because Angela and Emily are walking out with the list of people who made it on the team, and the team is revealed. Skylar races to check it, and says that she and Cierra made it, Cierra and Skylar gush over it for a minute, before Cierra tells her that she needs to make a decision, and hopes it goes well. Skylar in talking heads says that she thought that she had an idea, but now it's even worse. Who does she want to dance with? Internationals champion, or those almost guaranteed to win? Skylar asks how she is supposed to pick? And Cierra says that she does not know, but Skylar is going to have to find that out soon.

Amy is hanging out with Jacquie and Richelle again, and everyone is gushing over how they made the team. Richelle says that she is looking forward to dancing with the two of them, Amy asks about if they should do a trio together, Jacquie agrees, saying that since they're all acro dancers, they could work well together. Richelle agrees, saying yes, but they need to tell a story, and then Amy says that she has an idea for a story, and Richelle says to bring it to them and Amy says that it's a story avout a trio of acro dancers, and not only are they acro dancers, but they are doing acro in that very moment. Amy tries to get Richelle to get on board with the idea, but Richelle says wow, and that she expected better from her, whilst Jacquie is just laughing. Piper walks in, and says hey awkwardly, before turning to Amy, and then asks Amy if she could do her a favour. Piper says that she knows her and Amy have not spoken in a lonh time, but, Amy is the best acro dancer, and she needs to become a better acro dancer, and a better dancer in general. Amy turns over to Piper and asks what the favour is, and Piper states that Amy is a great dancer, and since she did not make A-Troupe, she wants Amy's help. Piper says in talking heads that she knows it'll hurt Amy's heart, since she knows Amy loves her still, but, she wants Amy's help, and needs Amy's help if she's going to make A-Troupe.

Noah walks into Emily's office, and asks what's going on, and Emily wants to know if Noah has hurt Jacquie lately, and Noah says no, and that the two have barely spoken since the regionals wildfire competition, and Emily says that she finds it strange, and then Emily shows the clip of the two dancing and it is clear that Elliot is mocking Noah in the dance, directed by Jacquie, and Noah shakes his head, asking if he could leave, and Emily says yes, and so, he goes off to find Jacquie. Jacquie is still talking to Richelle. Noah walks over, and asks if the two could talk. Jacquie says yes, and Noah asks if Jacquie is still hurt over the breakup, and Jacquie says no, and then Noah asks why Elliot was mocking him in the dance routine that was their audition, and then Jacquie looked down, and admits that maybe she's a little jealous. Noah says that he can't believe that Jacquie did this. If this was handled another way, it may have lead to him being framed for stuff he never did. It made him feel horrible.

Meanwhile Elliot walks over, and says that he just saw a group of dancers in studio A, getting extra privates, and Richelle is scared. Richelle asks for an outline of each dancer, Elliot says that her competitor will most likely be Lily, who is an okay dancer, but her mother is Ms. Angela, and clearly favours her, Elliot then says that Summer is probably going to be Jacquie's nemesis for regionals, and says that Jacquie has nothing to worry about, because Summer is a horrible dancer. Amy all of a sudden interrupts the mood, and sighs, saying that she feels as if her heart has been torn in two, and Elliot asks what happened, and Amy says that she is crushing on Piper, and just had to help her out with teaching her acro, which makes everyone else sad, but Richelle tells Amy to not worry, and that everything will get better.

Skylar walks into studio A, and looks at it, and then dances to her audition piece - a dance to Slow It Down by Charlie Puth, and she admits while doing her audition piece in studio A, that she is that person that rushes in too fast, that dives in to deep, and is very fun, outgoing and impulsive, she is the person, not the actual person, but personality-wise, in the song. The one Charlie is talking about, she can relate to. And she finishes it before walking to the studios office, and there Ms. Angela and Emily are talking, and Emily spots Skylar, and Emily asks what Skylar wants, and Skylar says that she would like to withdraw from her position on A-Troupe, since she's found a better place to dance, and Emily asks, where. Skylar says that she has gotten a position at Gemini that she would love to take. Emily says that Skylar needs to think about what she's doing. Skylar says that she has, and that The Next Step is an amazing place, yes, but Gemini came out of no where and just took the internationals trophy, they're The Next Step's enemies. Surely, they get to have perks, but what happens when nationals comes around the corner? They're not going to have any of that. So, she wants to be on a team that is going to win internationals when she has her chance, and then Skylar walks out, and Emily, in talking heads, says that Skylar's actually right, but worries what'll happen next.


  • Play The Game - Heather Fox/
  • My Boy - Billie Eilish.
  • Slow It Down - Charlie Puth.


  • The known people who made the team are Cierra, Skylar, Jacquie, Richelle, Amy, Elliot, Noah, Summer, and Lily.
  • Piper did not make A-Troupe.
  • Skylar chose Gemini over The Next Step, leaving one spot up for grabs.
  • Lily is Ms. Angela's daughter.