Breathing Underwater is the first episode of The Next Step season 7.


After a fourteen-month hiatus, Regional's is gearing up, and it feels like dancers are breathing underwater due to the pressure of the team everyone wants to be on due to the perks of it during Regionals. Two TNS veterans use their power to hurt someone through the audition tape.


In studio A, Noah, Piper, Amy Jacquie, Richelle, Josh, Cierra and Skylar are together, ten months after the big competition. Emily, Kate and a new person named Angela by the sidelines. Noah starts the dance to Breathing Underwater by Mentric, saying that it has been thirteen months, and now, they're ready to go again, regionals is happening, and they have one month until Regionals. Richelle says in talking heads that she thinks that this year will finally be her year to shine, and she hopes she does well. Piper says in talking heads that she feels confident, and is over Josh, and states that she is with Noah now. Amy says in talking heads that has not gotten over Piper yet. Skylar says in talking heads, that she has gotten a spot at Gemini, but is not sure if she wants to take it yet. Cierra reveals that, since The Next Step is the reason that Regionals is back, this year they get to not abide by any rules, excluding how many dancers can be on their team, but it means they can bring in professional broadway dancers to help boost their team, and they also get a 10 point advantage, and states that she is not worried about regionals at all. Josh says that Kate hired Angela and Emily to work together as studio heads now, and she will also help alongside them. Jacquie says that it hurts her to see Noah now, since she thought that the two had something special.

Angela smiles at the dancers, and Emily claps, congratulating them, and says that she knows they'll do well this year. She then announces that auditions for the team will be happening, and that people will have to send videos of themselves dancing in either a trio, a duet or a solo, and they all nod. The group begins to split up, Noah and Piper immediately head towards each other. Piper asks if the two should go to the new juice place, and Noah agrees, and the two head downstairs to the new juice place. Noah asks for her opinion on the two doing a duet for their audition, because they get to choose if they want to do a solo, trio or a duet for their audition, and Piper says that it would be amazing, since they could add everything the two are great at. The two then walk off to go choreograph.

Richelle is in the locker room, preparing herself to dance a solo, since she already had an idea on what solo to do, and Jacquie walks in two to get to her locker, and says in talking heads that her solo is going to be about dissapointment, loving someone who loves someone else when they say love you, but does not know the song to dance to yet and Richelle says that the plot reminds her of a song called My Boy by Billie Eilish. Jacquie says that she has heard that song before, and then in talking heads, admits that she needs to apologize, and looks down, and then apologizes for getting Richelle kicked out, and that she only had the best intentions for her, and Richelle got an idea, and says that she knows how Jacquie can make it up to her, and then suggests the two do a duet together to My Boy, and Jacquie agrees, and the two head into studio A to work on it.

Cierra and Skylar are talking in the new juice place, and Cierra asks Skylar when she'll tell them about the gemini audition, Skylar tells Cierra to keep her voice down, as she does not want anyone to know. Cierra says that she can't go studio hopping, and that she needs to be committed to one team, or else she's going to end up without a team. Skylar asks what she is going to do, since she still wants to be at The Next Step, but is not sure of what to do about it, and Cierra says that she knows what to do, pick and then walks off, and Skylar says in talking heads that she loves both teams, and does not know what to do.

Elliot walks into the studio, and Richelle hugs Elliot, and Jacquie is left there, standing clueless as to what she should do. She continues choreographing. Richelle asks what he's doing here, and Elliot reveals that he's auditioning for the team, because he can. and Elliot says that he's back, and ready to crush any piece of competition there is. Richelle asks if he could help with seeing their duet, to which Elliot then sits down and they show it. Elliot says that it looks great, and then suggests that he could come in to make it a trio, and could kind of represent the guy in the story. Mostly to make the story feel whole and make the music feel as if it is there to only serve as the music to dance to. to make it a story and not a throwaway dance. Richelle immediately speaks on behalf of Jacquie and her, saying that the two of them would love it, and then Richelle walks over to Jacquie to confirm the details, and Jacquie says sure, but it's kind of a fake "sure", and Jacquie says that she still sees Noah everywhere, and has not gotten over him. There's no way she wants to have the fact that she's single rubbed in her face again.

Skylar was in the juice shop, with her laptop, and her video in front of her, about to send it to Kate, Angela and Emily. Cierra walked in, and sat across from her, Cierra then tells Skylar to think about this, since her audition for Gemini is tomorrow. Skylar sighs and says that if she could, she'd be on both teams. Cierra warns her about that idea, and then Skylar says that she has an idea, to keep her options open, she'll try out for both teams, and will make a decision if she has to, on which studio to dance at. Cierra nods, and then says that if she has to pick it is her fault. Skylar says she knows, and then she presses the send button and in talking heads that she's prepared for if she has to pick.

In the next scene, the trio perform their end routine, and have it filmed, and Richelle congratulates them over their successful dance skills, and then Richelle asks if she can get juices from the new juice place to celebrate, Jacquie says sure, and Elliot says that he'd love that, and that he's going to upload the video, and then shoots a look at Jacquie, and Jacquie asks in talking heads about what's going to happen, and then Richelle exits the studio, and Elliot walks over to Jacquie, and Elliot says that Jacquie does not want him in the dance, and Jacquie looks down, asking how he got that, and Elliot says that he could tell. Jacquie says that the idea was her idea, because she's going through that same situation with Noah, and that seeing couples around each other only makes her think that she'll die alone. Elliot then says that he has an idea, he'll go missing, with the camera, which means the two will have to rechoreograph it to film. Either that and Jacquie will feel guilty, or Jacquie can just tell Richelle. Jacquie nods, and then Richelle walks in, handing them their drinks, saying their names before she hands the juices to them. Jacquie says Richelle's name and stands up, telling her that she does not want to do the duet aas a trio. The idea was for a duet, and it was her idea, so she should say if Elliot is in the dance or not. Richelle tries to say that Jacquie agreed, but Jacquie says that if Richelle does not accept her decision, then Richelle can leave. Richelle sighs, and then apologizes, saying sorry. Jacquie apologizes for yelling just then, and the two end in a hug.

In studio 1, Piper and Noah were dancing to American Kids, and Piper, in talking heads, says that she's noticing Noah is not going full out like always, and asks herself if he has another injury. The two do their end position, and Piper asks if Noah is feeling okay, since he seems to not be as active as he usually is, and Noah answers, saying that he's perfectly fine, and Piper asks to be reassured, saying that he is sure he is not injured, and Noah says no, and then Piper says that everything is fine, and Noah says yes, and Noah says that if he ever has a problem, he'll come to her, and Piper nods, and tells him to get back in his starting position, since they're about to film. Josh is holding the camera and both Noah and Piper get into starting positions, and Piper worries in talking heads, saying that he really hopes that Noah is okay.

Featured Music

  • Breathing Underwater - Mentric.
  • My Boy - Billie Eilish.
  • American Kids - Poppy.


  • Elliot has came back to the studio.
  • Michelle has left her position as co-head and has been replaced by Angela.
  • Aria and Katy have left the studio.