Gemini Dance Studio usually referred to as Gemini, is currently considered the best studio in the world.


Gemini Dance Studio is a dance studio that seemingly materializes out of nowhere, having never been seen at any previous competitions. Nevertheless, they prove to be serious contenders.

Gemini wins the first qualifier with a score of 97 points. Despite this being an easy by to Absolute Dance Regionals, the team decides to also compete in the second qualifier as to poach another team's dancer. While they win this qualifier as well, it is assumed that they do not poach another dancer.

After easily winning every round of the competition, Gemini defeats The Next Step Dance Studio in the finals at Regionals, therefore winning the competition. The team goes on to win Nationals and Internationals, automatically letting them attend Regionals without a qualifier. Gemini loses Regionals to The Next Step Dance Studio. Therefore no longer being the best studio in the region.