Heather is a Contemporary Dancer Who is Studio Owner Of The Next Step Dance Studio.

She was part of A-Troupe until Miss Angela arrived but when Amy leaves she joins the team. She is a former dancer of Dance Extreme.


before the Show

Heather started dancing at age five. She became part of Dance Extreme when she was 14.

Season 4

She Attended regionals and lost to the Gemini‘s.

Season 5

Heather started working at Neutral Grounds. She said that her family couldn’t afford Dance so she had to quit. She attended the Dance-A-Thorn. Then she joins TNS West.

She didn’t get along with Elliot due to his actions. She dance in the battle against TNS East. She is disappointed when TNS West loses to TNS East. She is one of the dancers to become part of the merged team.

She is excited to dance at regionals. She dances and is so thankful that she still dance at the studio. She is so over joyed when Then team wins regionals.

Season 6

Heather Returns to the studio after it was shut for three weeks. She applied for college and got in and was wondering what to do but when Miss Angela arrives she makes her mind up and leaves, leaving a spot open in A-Troupe.

After Miss Angela is gone she returns and joins b-Troupe. she befriends Winnie and Heath but when Amy leaves she joins A-Troupe. They win Nationals again.

Season 7

She auditions for A-Troupe and makes it. She is devastated when the Next Step loses Internationals.

Season 8

Heather leaves A-Troupe but she becomes Studio Owner Of The Next Step Dance Studio.