Henry is a member of A-Troupe and a former member of TNS East.

Henry meets up with Jacquie in Neutral Grounds, and she agrees to get back together with him.

When Henry hears about a trio competition, he pairs up with Sloane, but when Amy rejects them, they ask Jacquie instead. Unfortunately, their trio lost the first round.


Season 5

Henry returned to audition for A-Troupe this dance season, and made the team.

Emily and Michelle announced that they will be re-auditioning the new A-Troupe. Henry re-auditions and makes it onto TNS East.

Jacquie was speaking to Henry in Neutral Grounds, and confessed that her ex-boyfriend bullied her. Jacquie agreed to get back together with him.

Emily told TNS East about a trio competition called "Ready for Regionals?" Henry paired up with Sloane, but Amy turned them down becuase she didn't want to be with Sloane, due to their personal issues with LaTroy. They replaced Amy with Jacquie. Unfortunately, Henry's trio lose round one.

Jacquie is unhappy when Henry wants to hang out with Noah but understands he has other friends.

Henry partakes in the merge between TNS East and TNS West.


Season 5

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