Henry is a Hip-Hop Dancer .

Henry auditions for A-Troupe but doesn’t make it. When Skylar creates her own studio, TNS West, He joins. After TNS East and West battle Henry leaves the studio.

Season 6, sees Henry Return to A-Troupe. But in season 7, Henry has left again because the actor who plays henry moved away to England.


Season 5

Henry is happy for Noah when he discovers he has found a new crush after his break-up with Amanda, but is devastated when he discovers that his crush is Jacquie. Henry forbids Noah from hanging out with her.[

Henry does not make it onto A-Troupe and, although he is upset, he is happy because he won't have to dance with Jacquie, who does make it onto the troupe. Henry jumps at the opportunity to join TNS West.

Henry soon realizes that Noah has been lying to him about his relationship with Jacquie. Disappointed that Noah would betray his trust, he assures Noah that they are no longer friends.

Henry ends up telling Heather everything about he and Jacquie, and feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders. After being confronted by Noah, Henry realizes that he needs to get over Jacquie. He apologizes to both Jacquie and Noah and resumes friendship with both.

Henry is disappointed when TNS West loses the dance battle to TNS East and leaves the studio.

Season 6

Henry returns to A-Troupe when ben leaves. Henry is excited when they win Nationals.

Season 7

Henry has been said to have left after Nationals.