Hunter Returns to A Troupe   "Everyone this is Hunter he is  a Compettive Dancer and he once became our male Soloist" said  stephaine, she could see a new future with The Next Step since Hunter had Returned.
Hunter season 2 mbb

"Right Five six seven eight " Counted Stephaine she was much suited to her role as Studio head of The Next Step., everyone was picking up the Chrography  apart from Piper....

Piper was marking the dance for Regionals ,    "Piper full out!!" exclaimed  Stephaine the studio head  of The Next Step Dance Studio.

Emily off season dwd

Emily Returns

"Right everyone  take a break" said Stephaine ,   Stephaine had to think of someone to replace Piper and first   just then Stephaine had a suprised Visitor.

"What are you doing here?" asked Stephaine,  "Well after Regionals Miss Kate wants me to inform  you that  she's put me in charge of this place  as of Next Year I will Be studio head of The Next Step East or TNSEAST As the troupe likes to be called" said Emily it was her she had Returned to the studio.

Emily watched
West hunter james eldon dance

West, James, Eldon Perform a dance

with Michelle how well  Hunter was doing  "Hunter's Dance Style Impresses me" Commented Emily,  "I thought he is your ex-boyfriend now" said Michelle,  "Well as of tomorrow I will be Starting my new troupe Miss Kate has sent a text  Studio 1 will be completed in  one day" said Emily with excitment, Emily watched Hunter she could see he enjoyed performing which is why she had a idea.

"That dance is amazing it is for sure to win Regionals" Applauded Stephaine as she walked out of the office with good news,  "Hunter , West, and Eldon you will be doing the Trio round " said Stephaine she walks back into her office.

Emily pulled Hunter aside and touched his warm hands  "You have always wanted to be a part of this team But you Won't fit in So TNSEAST is looking for a Head Chrographer how about you become My Head Chrographer for My Troupe" said Emily.,  Hunter agreed.

"Okay after Regionals I will be TNSEAST's Head Chrographer " said Hunter.

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