Kingston and ozzy where rehrsing and ozzy said hey can i borrow you chager bro and he said sure just look in my bag ozzy went ad  saw his grade kingston? What this? Kingston saw and said ozzy. I git it under control. Ozzy said look you are failing. I care about you. I wont let my best friend fail. Kingston said look ozzy please dont tell anyone i promise i wont let the team down. Ozzy said ok i promise. The next day ozzy told michelle and emily the secrt ozzy knew kingston would be mad but he loved him to much to let him fail. Emily and michelle tell kingston to go to the office and kingston is confuse and ozzy gose in the looker room crying his eyes out and noah comes in and ask him whats wrong and ozzy said i betryed my friend cause he was failling skipping school and he put the team at risk ut i dont wanna lose him and noah hugged him and said u did the rigtht thing im prod of you noah and ozzy hugged and noah leafed and kingston came in and yelled at ozzt how could you betry me likw that!! I am the alternate cause of you! I told you i had it under contrl! You just didnt wabt to be the altente and you did this to me! How could you! You were the pne person i trusted in my life ozzy and you did this! You know what this freiendship is over! Ozzy crying no kingston please! I need you! Kingstom said no you dont! You huet me just dont. Ozzyruns in studio 1 and crys his heart out for hours. Helost his bestest friend. Ozzy was shaking and noah cam and sat next to him. Its ok bro kingston is just mad he is the akternate and he will forgive you. Ozzy crying its all my fault. Noah hugs him. Yoy face and warm and you shrt is wet. Ozzy said i been crying fir hours. Noah take ozzy hand. Wanna grab juice. Ozzy shakes his head i just wanna cry. Noah walk to kingston.  yo bro can we talk? Kingston said sure he said look i know ozzy hurt you but he been crying his eyes out and hie feels bad. Kingston said in talking heads im still mad at him like furiouis but i love ozzyi dont want him crying. Il talk to him npah kingston see ozzy crying on the floor and kingston gentily toch his back ozz? Ozzy look up and hugs kingston im so sorry i am ill do anything ti fix this izzy still balling and kingston hug him and rubbed his backits ok ozzy i forgive you. I get you wanted to orotect me. Ozzy cru on kingston sholder i desve to be ti alternte not you and ozzy rubs his back awww irs ok ozzy cry from the heartand kingstinsaid ti brethe Ozzy hugged him tightly and cry what have I done and Kingston said don't be hard on yourself I forgove you