In For The Win is the 23rd episode of season 6 of The Next Step, and is the 177th in total. It aired on Augest 7th, 2018.


Jacquie asks for a rematch on the solo, Piper asks Noah if they could preform at the upcoming competition, but it’s gonna come with a price. Emily gives Piper an ultimatum for if she wants to stay on the team involving her and Amy’s duet.


Katy and Richelle are talking by the lockers and then Katy says that so far, her solo is killing it. Richelle says in talking heads that she wishes she had the solo but now, right now she needs to figure out where she stands with the team because she has nothing now, she isn’t the dance captain, heck, they don’t even have a dance captain anymore, she has nothing special and just is currently unsure on where she stands with the team. Katy asks how Richelle has been and then Richelle admits that she feels… Alone. Katy asks why and then Richelle explains that she has nothing. And then Katy suggests for Richelle to ask if she could become dance captain. Richelle nods and then admits that, that idea is not too bad. Richelle then heads over to Emily and Michelle’s office and then asks if she could come in. Michelle says yeah and then asks what’s up and then Richelle asks if she could become dance captain. Emily says that they are not in need of one, and she is not a good dance captain anyways so it would not benefit the team from having her as dance captain. Richelle’s eyes fill up with rage and says that she’s made a big mistake and then runs off.

Richelle storms back into the locker room to go grab her stuff from her locker. Richelle says in talking heads that she’s lost everything and then she bumps her head against her locker. Jacquie then walks in and yells Katy’s name. Katy turns over to ask what’s going on. And then Jacquie says that she demands a rematch of the solo and in talking heads, Jacquie says that that solo means everything to her, so she won’t give up. This is war until she gets the solo. Katy says that she earnt that solo fair and square, so she is not going to give it up to some selfish girl and then Jacquie gasps and then asks if Katy just called her a selfish girl and then Katy says that she did loud and proud and then Richelle yells enough, and says ghat she will be the judge of the competition; Jacquie against Katy, for the solo. Studio A in 20 minutes. Be there, or no one is getting that solo. Richelle then storms off and then in talking heads, says that she feels happy that she can determine someone’s spot on the team now and hopefully this is her route to becoming dance captain again.

Piper is stretching in studio 1 and then looks over through her phone after seeing a text and says in talking heads how Noah is going to meet her in studio 1 but she’s just waiting and he’s taking forever. Noah rushes in and asks what’s going on. Piper asks if they could do their duet again to Addicted To You. Noah asks why because that solo is a stress reliever for Piper and obviously needs some help. Piper says that she does not want to talk about it and then Noah says that he will not be doing the duet then. Piper then sighs, and then nods, saying that Amy’s been still acting weird and she has a problem with one of her other friends. Noah looks down and then Piper asks if they could maybe perform the duet at the competition, if she asks Emily and Michelle. Noah agrees if she tells him the full story. Piper’s eyes widen and then sighs out of anger and says fine, she has feelings for Josh but Josh has been getting closer to Richelle and she found out josh might be catching on to knowing about the feelings. Noah’s eyes widen and then hugs Piper. Noah then agrees to perform the routine at the competition and then Piper brings in Emily. They perform the duet and then pose. Emily agrees that it can be used for the competition and then asks if she could see Piper in the hallway. Piper nods and then asks what’s going on when she is outside and in the hallway. Emily says that her behaviour the previous day was unacceptable and that she has an ultimatum for her as well. Emily says that Piper will do the duet with Amy, if she wants to keep her spot on the team and then walks off. A tear coming from Piper’s eye as she looks onward. Piper says in talking heads that this’ll be the hardest decision of her life.

Richelle is pacing around studio A and then Katy and Jacquie walk in and then Richelle says good, they are here and then turns on Story Of My Life and then the two both freestyle. Richelle watches them do amazing hip hop/contemporary mashups. Katy failing at the hip hop part but excelling at the technical part, Katy then switches over to lyrical. Richelle says in talking heads that she feels pleased to see Katy dance this hard. Emily and Michelle then walk in and then Emily runs over to the radio and stops it and then asks what’s going on. Jacquie says that she can explain. Jacquie says that she wanted a rematch of the solo. And so Richelle took it upon herself to host the battle. Emily says that this is borderline ridiculous. She and Michelle are the co-heads! They make the decisions. Did they come to her asking if she could judge? Oh heck no, because Emily knew that Katy could do it, Katy is the soloist and that's that. Richelle says that she was hoping this could get her dance captain if she could decide, Emily says good on her because now, Richelle won’t even be in the running, when or if they hold dance captain auditions, she will be exempt from auditioning. And then tells everyone to have a nice day and then the two co-heads walk off and Richelle is crying. Jacquie and Katy exit sadly and in talking heads, Richelle says that this is game over..


  • Noah now knows of Piper’s crush
  • Katy is still the soloist