In My Dreams is the 17th episode of season 6 of The Next Step and is the 171th episode in total. It aired on July 17th, 2018.


Richelle asks for a second chance. Ppier struggles to figure out Amy’s secret.


Richelle walks into the studio with her crutches and then says in talking heads that throughout this whole entire year so far, she's lost basically everything. Her friends, her dance captaincy, her spot on the team and now her literal ability to dance. This is the lowest she's been at she really feels as if though she hit rock bottom. She heads into Emily's office and Emily asks what's happening. Richelle says that she really needs to be on a competing team. Emily laughs and says that the team is not even competing, this is just an army of dancers dancing for one purpose; for their love to get regionals back. Richelle says that she knows but as long as she even just has a place on the team, even as an alternate, she'll take it. Emily says that when they gave her the chance to, she backed out. She yelled at them and scrutinized her team for even doing this. So she is going to have to try really hard. Richelle huffs off and in talking heads asks to try hard? She's going to do everything in her power to ensure she is at least an alternate, at least an alternate.

Piper says that she got a text from Michelle to meet up with her in studio A but it has been 20 minutes and Michelle is not here, but Amy is and the last person she wants to speak with right now, is Amy. Piper grunts and says that she is going to leave, because this is pointless. Amy agrees and picks up her green bag and then Michelle walks through and apologizes for being late and says that she has a task for these two to do. The two perk up and then Michelle announces that they want to take a duet to a local duet competition. Her and Emily chose these two. Amy and Piper stare at each other sickening for three seconds and turn back. Piper says that she's sorry but there is no way she is dancing with this girl. Amy agrees but uses the word "controlling and manipulative freak" to describe Piper. Michelle says that if they don't do this, they'd be letting her and Emily down. Piper and Amy sigh and put their bags down and agree to do this, although it won't be good. Michelle claps her hands together and then states that they will show what they have by the end of the day and then walks off. Piper in talking heads says that they need to start working fast because this is going to be a mess and she knows it. Michelle says in talking heads, says that there is no duet competition. This is only to get them to quit whining and just work together and become friends again, and this needs to work.

Emily is watching in studio 1 from a distance and sees Josh, and Jacquie and Noah dancing with Richelle clapping along and then Richelle walks in with her crutches again and then says that before Emily makes an official decision, she just wants to remind Emily of all the good things she has done for the studio, she helped TNS East beat TNS West in the battle, she helped A-troupe stay on track in rehearsal and convinces Josh's mother to allow him to stay and then Emily is shocked that she never heard about that last thing. Richelle then walks off and then in talking heads says that if that does not get Emily to at least make her an alternate, if not, dance captain, then she has no other option. She needs this to work or else she simply won't be on a team. Emily then sees Richelle cheering the dancers on and then Emily in talking heads, says that she knows what to do now.

Amy and Piper are practicing and it has been three hours but Piper then compliments on Amy dancing stiff. And then Amy says that Piper does not know any better because that is all she does, her dancing is so stiff because all she does is turns, which is already something stiff in-of-itself. Piper growls and says that they at least need to act like nice people, they need to act like everything is ok and then Amy says that she can't act like everything is ok because nothing is ok. And then she walks off. Piper's face dims and then she runs after Amy, realizing she might've done something wrong.

Amy is sitting down in Neutral Grounds and then Piper slips in and apologizes, she says that she's sorry for attacking Amy. Amy returns the apology and says that she feels bad for saying what she did. Piper says that even if Amy did have bad friends, she would never judge. Amy nods and then Piper asks if anything is bothering, she'd come to her. Amy agrees and they hug their problems out. Piper smiles and Amy lets out a weak smile back but in talking heads Amy says that that's the problem, she wouldn't understand. She just doesn't understand her situation. Emily is then ordering some juice and Richelle walks up and asks if Emily has made the verdict and in talking heads says here goes nothing. Emily then says that she has officially made the cut as an alternate. Richelle jumps for joy and says that the cast should be off in 3 weeks or so. And then Richelle hugs Emily. Emily says that now, if Richelle wants to keep her spot, Richelle needs to act nicer and needs to be a team player and Richelle promises that she won't fail Emily and then walks off, jittering Of happiness.

Amy and Piper then preform their duet to Home and they do their hardest and then they hug each other at the end and in talking heads, Amy thanks Michelle and says that this duet has helped them push through their boundaries and now the two are perfect again. Piper then thanks Michelle, panting loudly, and thanks Micellle for giving them the opportunity. Michelle says that she feels happy and says that the truth is, is that there is no competition, this duet thing was all in the effort of getting Amy and Piper to become friends again, and it looks like it worked, however, she will be looking out for duet competitions which she could send it to and then Michelle walks off and they laugh and Piper says in talking heads that it feels so good to have Amy as a friend back. And then Amy says in talking heads that Piper can’t know what she’s doing... Not a single chance.


  • Piper and Amy are on good terms again.
  • Richelle is now an alternate.
  • Richelle is on Regionals Wildfire.