It All Comes Down To This, or “The Lead Up” as it is named in Brittian, is a two part special being transformed into a movie. It is the final two episodes of The Next Step season 6, “Our Last Resort: Part 1” which aired on Aguest 14th, and “What You Came For: Part 2” which aired on Augest 17th. With the pre-order being availible on Augest 24th. It came to DVD and aired on September 7th.



With it feeling like a timebomb looming over their heads, The Next Step struggles to piece together their team and find the one thousand dancers needed in order to convince the Absolute Dance Board not to cancel Regionals. Jacquie’s must make a choice; Amy must tell Piper her biggest secret and no one must have secrets, this is game time. They need to let everything out on the dance floor or else their goal of achieving regionals —which is already harder then they thought it would be— is done for. They must pull through and show that they have the skill and what it takes. Friendships will be formed and enemies will be made. Hearts will be broken andThis is what it all comes down to, this is the lead up. {1}


Jacquie looks on towards Noah. Noah dances in studio A. Katy does a backflip and a ponche. Noah and Piper do a lift. Amy is staring at Piper. Piper and Amy hug in studio A. Noah does a solo alone in studio A. Michelle asks Emily if she’s ready to give up. Piper and Amy do a part of their dance and then a huge group of people are dancing on a stage. Noah walks off and then Henry says that he is no longer Noah’s friend. Noah says that he’s sorry and then the big group poses.