Alfie (best friend)

James loves Alfie to dearley and after forgiving him he supports him and comfort him.. James becomes Alfie best friend and he will get out of the way to do anything to protect Alfie! When Riley Alfie at risk by telling a troup he is a prince he is hated by a troup but James always protect him. James sacrifice him self when Alfie Butler came and ask to kidnapped him and use him for salvey James mad sure alfie didn't by paying the price for Alfie with a fine of 1000 dollars, James made sure the Alfie secert was covered by telling everyone it is a lie. Alfie felt awful for Everything James had to sacrifice but James told him to was out of love.

riley (ex girlfriend/rival)

James ex girlfriend and he hates her especially after she therten ALFIE! Ja!es confessed he really can't stand her and he peger Emily

Alfie Butler (neutarl)

James seems to like Alfie butler but he gets angry when he tells him there going to slave Alfie.


james is Lola friend. Lola had been there for Lola. Also she can be annoiying at times but he still loves her