Josh is a member of a Junior Professional Hockey Team and a former member of A-Troupe and TNS West.

Josh missed the A-Troupe auditions to go to his award ceremony for hockey.

On the second set of auditions, Josh takes part and makes it onto TNS West.

When there are auditions for a trio competition, Josh auditions with Heather and Ozzy, but loses.


Season 5

Josh attends his hockey award ceremony and wins the title of "Most Determined Player". He confesses he is a Junior Professional Hockey Player. His hockey ceremony clashed with the A-Troupe auditions, and he did not make it to the A-Troupe auditions.

Josh attended the second set of auditions, and is chosen by Michelle for TNS West.

When Josh finds out about a trio competition, he gets into a trio with Ozzy and Heather, unfortunately they are not the chosen trio.

Josh gets cut from the merged A-Troupe, but is elated when Piper says she likes him. Josh eventually tells Piper that he loves her and the two become a couple.


Season 5

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