Kayla was a contemporary dancer in A-Troupe. Tiffany starts her own troupe she joins it but then she ends it. She joins B-Troupe.


before show

She becomes Dance captain at hunters Studio after Michelle leaves.

Season 7

She arrives at the next step with Hunter trying to move on. then she sees Michelle and says how long it has been since they have seen each other. She becomes friends with Amy, Skylar and Cierra during the auditions. She auditions For A-Troupe but doesn't make it. Then Tiffany starts her own troupe in the next Step. Then tiffany ends TNS Tiff. She joins B-Troupe and is currently on it with Hunter. She feels like Michelle doesn't want her around anymore. She starts having romantic feelings for Hunter. She joins A-Troupe afte Kate let's her join.

she has left The next Step and is touring the world.


  1. Right here right now
  2. Dreams
  3. Home
  4. Zero stars
  5. Stars are coming
  6. Last Dance
  7. Everybody free to feel good
  8. Only way

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