LaTroy is a member of A-Troupe and a former member of TNS West.

LaTroy auditions for A-Troupe, but gets cut by Emily.

After Sloane and him land on rival teams, LaTroy brakes up with Sloane. Although, when Sloane understands why LaTroy broke up with her, they resume their status as best friends.


Season 5

LaTroy returned this dance season to audition for A-Troupe, but unfortunately does not make it, and is cut along with Piper.

When Michelle returns, he gets offered to re-audition, with Piper, for TNS East or TNS West. LaTroy makes it onto TNS West, but Sloane makes it onto TNS East.

LaTroy vibes that him and Sloane being on rival teams will end badly. LaTroy brakes up with Sloane, this causes her to dislike LaTroy.

LaTroy is happy when his trio with Piper and Kingston win the audition, and get to compete against TNS East.

LaTroy and his trio compete against TNS East's final trio, and when Michelle, Riley, James and West vote for TNS West, LaTroy's trio won, pleasing him.

LaTroy is chosen by Kate to perform his trio with Lola instead of Piper.

LaTroy performs at "Ready for Regionals?" with Kingston and Lola and is elated when the studio wins.

LaTroy partakes in the merge between TNS East and TNS West.

When he or Sloane are not chosen to dance in the Dance Captain poll, LaTroy tries to comfort Sloane, but all he gets is anger back from her. When LaTroy re-explains why he broke up with her, Sloane finally understands and they become best friends again.


Season 5

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