Be The One is the fourth chapter in Last Dance and was published on December 24.


Piper, Josh, and Amy perform at the trio competition that only leads to chaos; Amy, Piper and Josh are confronted and are forced to live with the consequences as their time on A-Troupe is in jeopardy and in the eyes of the beholder. Piper makes a shocking revelation about Amy's life, while, Josh and Piper grow one step closer to reconciliation, though, alas, it fails to be permanent.


Josh, Piper and Amy pondered in studio A. Each of them had agreed to do the duet even if it was to their dismay. Their immunity to the drama weakened and suddenly they were in the center of it. Why? Why did this have to happen? None of them wanted to be there at 6 AM, but they had to, for the bus left at 6: 30, and they'd arrive at 8 and the competition would start at 9.

Piper strayed away from them and stood in her own little corner, sighing and practicing her turns, even though they were already amusing, willing to catch someone's keen eye. "Piper, stop practicing your turns, they're already perfect." Amy yelled, "maybe you should work on your Acro?"

Piper shut her eyes tight, trying to escape the demons that had spawned from Amy, why? She did so much for Amy. So much and yet now Amy threw that away? And for what? She also got mad at Amy's words because it reminded her of how terrible she was at Acro, despite having taken a lesson or five from her former friend.

Emily, Michelle, Thalia, Eldon, Giselle and Chloe walked out of their office and greeted the dancers with smiles. "Alright, you guys can head downstairs. Buy something from Shakes & Ladders if you feel you might need to eat or drink." Emily announced, "and then we head on the bus!"

Amy got some chips and a bottle of water, Josh bought some Pepsi and a slice of Pizza as well as a chocolate chip cookie. Piper decided to get nothing, as all she'd be doing on that bus was contemplating literally, everything.

The ride went smoothly, no one got injured, no one even decided to talk to each other. All in all, the road felt lacking of grace, yet nothing happened. It was stale, fragile and demeaning to the dancers. No one even looked at each other. The tension in the room was too clear, and that was when it hit Emily - they were not going to win with this trio, but they'd already submitted the names and were on the bus to the competition, there was no going back. They'd just successfully ruined their redemption, without any chaos even being committed.

They unloaded off the bus and then got their number of which dance they'd be going at; they were the seventh dance. The first dance went up, there was a girl with long black hair, a stubby nose, and glasses, she wore a floral dance outfit for the occasion. There was also a girl with yellow-ish hair. Not blonde. Yellow. She appeared to have an Annabelle-like persona. All in all, was that really a bad thing? Then, there was a girl with striking purple hair. She looked to be about sixteen, though in factuality, it was a girl who was fifteen.  Their dance was an Acro/contemporary dance to Faded by Allen Walker.

After that, the second trio went up. The first girl on the stage had a bold persona by her looks. She had brown hair, looked like a country girl, though was nothing like it at all. There was the blonde male, who's green eyes flooded the room in awe, and another girl who looked almost similar to the first. Though had a different hair style. Her hair was way more exciting while the first girl's hair was more toned down. They danced a ballet routine to the song Inside Out.

The third group went up, and then the fourth, and the fifth. The Next Step's trio and factuality awaited the start of their dancing. It was a truly scary sight for them to witness, they needed this win on their belt, though they knew that due to the rising tensions between the dancers, it would never happen.

They went up and the music, New Rules (Piano Live) from Dua Lipa''s new EP "Live Acoustic EP" and they began to dance. It looked horrible, by the time that they'd reach the final part where the phrase of "don't let him in, don't be his friend" could be heard bouncing in the background, Amy decided that she could not handle it anymore and ran off the stage and back into the wings, causing Josh to do that as well. Leaving Piper stranded, staring at the dancers in the wings.

The next day, their twelve dancer team began preparing for their victories, preparing for what was to come next; a lot of drama and civil-war style heroics. Chloe stepped out in studio 1 where the dancers were. "Alright, guys, we got in 10th place at the trio competition which was last place, I need us to be better when we come back to the National's stage. Piper, Josh, Amy. Our office." Chloe instructed and then walked straight to her office.

The dancers mentioned dragged their feet in a fashion that was anything but lulling.

The three all took seats and sighed - knowing that this would be nothing that they'd want to hear.

"Look. National's is right around the corner guys. We have so much riding on this competition so you guys better not mess this up. If you guys don't like the people you're working with, too bad. You're going to have to suck it up and act. Acting is something everyone is to use at this studio and people do it all the time. Lexi and Rocco from Life Of Dance hated each other. This means you guys better put your best foot forward for the sake of the team. You guys can do that, you would not be on the team if we did not believe you guys could." Chloe said. "Now, we need to know if everyone in the trio is okay to dance with each other."

Piper was the first to respond. "I understand your frustration, but we're still teens trying to figure out who we are-"

"Yeah, well guess what?" Amy rose up. "You are you for holding grudges against people. Alfie, Riley. Even people in a position of power. You can't expect to get everything you want. Like me!"

"Oh and yet you behave irrationally and don't apologize whenever you don't get something you want?" Piper yelled back hastily.

"Well that's because I've never been used to it!"

"You literally got mad at me because of how I wanted the solo!" Piper yelled.

"Yeah, well my parents are divorcing! I need this!" Amy admitted.

The long pause broke the room down as the feeling of nervousness began to pear into their skin. The two former friends held each other tight, never wishing upon such bad luck to one another as they felt bad for the trials that Amy had to face.

"I'm sorry." Piper quickly apologized.

"No, I'm sorry. I never should have done that." Amy apologized back.

"Enough!" Giselle yelled. "You three must audition for your spots one last time." Giselle announced, their faces dropped. What chances did they have of making it another time if they'd barely made it the first time of auditioning? Piper's spot on the team had been put in jeopardy several times before, so what could make Giselle and Emily pull the plug on her, and cut her off the team? Would they eventually give up on her? Would she be exiled from the face of the team? She was scared for what was to happen.

She just hoped for the best, though, for once, it felt like everything was okay in her life since joining A-Troupe back almost a year and 18 weeks prior. There was still one thing in her life that she would never dare to look at; one problem that she had yet to mend and had no intent on mending anytime soon; Josh. Her relationship with Josh as a friend was still sinking, drowning at this point. Was their really any hope or luck in saving it?


The three dancers stood anxiously in studio A. Each of the trio were scared of the losing of their spots. They had worked hard for them and now, they could all just be taken away from them at the blink of an eye, how? Why would they let some of their best dancers leave? All because of some silly rule.

Though, they understood it mutually. If The Next Step hoped to become a team, they'd have to channel their energy and the focus into the dance. Not stupid drama. If they were to ever hate each other, on stage they could not show it. Not now, not ever. Their game faces always have to be on at all times, and that does not exclude the rehearsal; every day was an audition.

Michelle admitted, she wished she was the studio owner and the only studio owner, though that would be impossible because there was no way that she could run a studio on her own, and she knew it in herself as well. Unfortunately, those Kate picked, were not the nicest, even if she understood their reasoning. She found their ideals ridiculous. No one could live up to their expectations, not Noah, not Zara, hell, not even Richelle. Their best dancers in the studio. This was it. 

Emily and Giselle, the two co-heads, walked in and smiled to the trio who'd placed last at their epilogue competition thus-far into their lives. They had no clue where they stood with the team either. "Alright, you guys must face your fears and dance." Giselle said.

Stand Up played, and Amy gulped. She took her fear and channeled it into her audition piece, it was a beautiful Acro/hip hop combination. She was scared of losing her spot, so therefore, she'd put everything that she had into making it.

Josh sighed, knowing that if anyone was to be cut, it were to be him. Technically, they all had a very good reason to be cut; Piper holding grudges; Amy running off the stage for being unable to handle the drama. But Josh feared his to be the worst of all; being the only would who had not made up with Piper yet.

Piper had been in the wrong the whole time. Of course, it was not his fault Piper could not dance with him and he was scared that it would affect his position on the team. The only male auditioning knew it must have some sort of part against his chance to dance. Even if it was not his fault. Piper had made up with someone, therefore no one could punish her. Despite having yet to forgive her.

Piper went up, a sigh escaping from her soul as well. She did a beautiful contemporary/lyrical/ballet routine that the staff fell in love with at first sight.

After Giselle gleamed over to Emily, they both knew the answer. "I am sorry Josh. You can't come back. Piper. Amy. You two are good to stay."

Josh's face frowned, he was leaving, just like he had predicted. Why though? He was going to fight for his position and his right to stay on the team. He stormed into the office, "look, it's not my fault that Piper did not forgive me. So why am I being punished?" Josh asked.

"Listen, it is just that you don't meet the qualifications of what we need. We need a technical dancer, Piper and Amy have that, but you're gonna make Piper leave."

Piper then looked on, she knew that she felt bad because she lead Josh to this breaking point where he toppled over. Angry and having had enough. She rushed in, knowing she had to save him. "Look, Giselle. I know you may not need him, but he is an astounding dancer. He does not deserve to be kicked off the team!"

Giselle shut her eyes tight, unbelieving of what her ears witnessed. Maybe, if Piper was able to talk to Josh, and stand up for him, due to this attorney-like behaviour, then perhaps, maybe she could dance with him again? "Deal, as long as you step it up." Giselle said. 

"I will." Josh said and the two walked out, Giselle felt a sprinkle of hope that had been closeted away, finally reach its full potential. "Look, it was nice of you to do that for me. But, I have a feeling you're doing this just to make me love you, and I have to say, it's not gonna work." Josh said, and then walked off. Leaving Piper speechless.

Authors Notes

  • I based off the dancers of the competing teams off of people I know IRL--the first team being of my friends in High School, and the second being my sister, my sister's friend and her boyfriend.
  • This episode was initially planned to be one of two chapters to be apart of my Christmas updates, though, depsite being updated on Christmas Eve, is NOT apart of it. As on Christmas, because I had nothing better to do, decided to write the next chapter. You're welcome.
  • I also have plans to update twice on New Years, the day after, so January first, not December 31rst.

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