Dreamer is the twenty-ninth chapter of Last Dance and was published on February 24.


The Next Step competes in the semi-finals round, and the awards ceremony happens. Meanwhile, Ally is stuck in a place where she does not want to be, and turns to Richelle for help. They devise a plan.


The Next Step stood in the wings as they waited for them to partake in the semi-finals aspect of the prestigious competition. They wore a costume to unite their team when they all felt as if their world was crumbling down as if an earthquake had stepped afoot on their territory.

By now, only four teams remained - Canadian Dance Company, Life Of Dance, Gemini and The Next Step. First up was Gemini against Life Of Dance. Life Of Dance was The Next Step's greatest competitor during their second ever time at Nationals, however now they had to go up against Gemini in the finals, and they were, for the third time, their biggest competitor. If they could out them from the competition, then they could rock the crowds at Internationals. They knew they had it in them, but they were unsure of if it was even possible. 

Everyone, especially Ally, thought about that. Considering how Ally knew of their illegal ways of gaining spots at upcoming competitions, she utterly disgusted at a lack of moral sense communicating through their brainwaves. She knew that she needed to do something, stand up for them, yet had no clue of how to do such ideas and of how to destroy the studio responsible. She, due to her contract, had no one to turn to, yet she knew that she had to, or else she would start to grow insane, feeling guilty for being the entire reason that The Next Step had lost.

Life Of Dance travelled to the stage once their name was called, and they danced to Full Of Grace, trying to capture every movement perfectly. They had a feeling that this would be one of their final moments on stage, and Ally stared at them, scared that their elimination would be permanent. What if Gemini kept giving them money? Secondly, where was all the money even coming from? There were way too many questioning probing in her brain. She needed to sit down, and just stop and smell the swarma. She needed to calm down, from all this thinking about the concept of the team she was spying for actually cheating their way through bribery, she was starting to feel sick. She was so sick of everyone doing horrible things, just for the sake of winning. 

After which, the crowd clapped as they walked off for what Ally knew could be their last time. If Gemini continued, they'd never get to go to Internationals again. Gemini came to the floor and Ally looked at them bitterly. Richelle looked over at Ally and grew confused, as why would she be bitter over her team, if she had chosen to be there? Sure, she was only there to make sure not much information came out to them, but why? She chose them. Was there something of which Ally was hiding under lock-and-key about the sacred studio?

They went up and preformed to Empire. The Next Step grumbled as they realized that the choreography of which their rival team was doing oddly enough was repairing some of their older dances from the era of them before the new influx of dancers had arrived. This made them fairly more irate then the team already was, which was not a good sign.

Their music concluded and they walked off the stage. Both two teams headed back onto the stage, and the judges waited without any ease, and severe discomfort, and the reveal was announced. "The team moving onto the finals is... Gemini Dance Studio." This, without shock, came to Ally, and it dawned on her that she had to be the one to change the system. But, how? How? She was under a contract, she couldn't just destroy it, could she?

Afterwards, Canadian Dance Company walked onto the stage, and took it, and held in in their hands. Eldon, while running The Next Step, ended up also purchasing the rights to Canadian Dance Company, and saw a future. So, no matter what, Eldon would be winning this round. Unfortunately, they probably would not be so lucky in the next round.

The music they danced to was Broke Free, and they ended their dance. The Next Step walked on, strutting confidently. Their 10 dancers glowing in the moonlight. Kenzie had left, and so now, they had 11 dancers. Noah was not allowed in the group dance as, due to his dance captain status, The Next Step had declared him an alternate. Yelling it loud and proud, as they had demoted their best dancer to a fill-in. Something that half of the team was not proud of. Jacquie felt sorry for Noah, but knew that she'd have to get over it if she wanted their team to win, even if they did not have a chance at winning the finals.

After that dance, the two teams joined the stage together to wait for the reactions and who was to move onto the finals against the cheating nation of whom was Gemini. "And the team moving onto the finals against Gemini Dance Studio is.... The Next Step!"

The team screamed, however, Ally, knowing the consequences, was not as thrilled to hear this as the others. She went back, and stared her fears in the eye. In the hotel room for which she laid her grounds in, there was a fireplace. What could this mean? She felt the burning fire inside her grow, and yet, at the same time, a cold, briskly feeling mounted against her chest like a bullet from thy gun. She gelt her heart collapsing. But, it was only her imagination. It symbolized to her that she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, and now she knew that it was her, Ally, who was destined to make the change in the dance world.

Meanwhile, after two hours, all the teams who had been informed of being in the top three in the awards ceremony, all smiled as they headed in the wings to wait.

"For Mister Nationals Soloist, we have Rocco from Life Of Dance, Georgie from Gemini Dance Studio, and Finn from The Next Step." The announcer said. Their hearts were breathing heavily as the three male soloists walked up, waiting for who had gotten third. "In third place... Finn from The Next Step." Finn sighed, but got the trophy anyway. Besides, he knew it would not be anything like Noah and Eldon. "In second place.... Rocco from Life Of Dance!" Rocco got his award. "And in first place, Georgie from Gemini." He said. It was a no-brainer, though. Meanwhile, Ally sat there, disgusted.

The small groups went up; the three teams which had the top dances, were Joanne Chapmans School Of Dance, Gemini Dance Studio, and The Next Step. Their teams came up, and, Amy, Piper, Jacquie and Richelle, The Next Step's small group, were all feeling pretty excited. As if they could take on the world at that very moment. They knew that they worked hard enough and deserved the awards, and if they did not get it, they'd be crushed, devastated, defeated. Without a soul purpose on even being there anymore.

"Third place in small groups... Joanne Chapmans School Of Dance!" They went up to get their awards, feeling a sense of proudness and clarity. As if they needed some closure to the complicated competition. "Second place in the small group category.... The Next Step Dance Studio!" Amy looked crushed. They had so much drama, just for second place? No. She could not do such, she could not take such a heavy loss! These results had to faked, while it dawned on Gemini, that they had won again. They got their trophy and celebrated their victory, meanwhile Ally came in once more to see their second victory, and just rolled her eyes unapologetically.

Next up was the duets, Noah and Jacquie were needing a first place. Of course, they needed a win to make themselves feel more competent and more alive with their lives. The other teams that were going up were Life Of Dance and, no surprise here, Gemini. "Third place in the duets are.... Life Of Dance!" Life of Dance looked as if they were drowning in debt for their studio after they had beaten them almost two years prior, and now they had just spent the rest of what they could have spent on a competition that meant nothing to them because they barely even won anything? Not even gotten any first place? 

"Second place is... The Next Step." Noah and Jacquie looked saddened by their almost-win, however, they took it gracefully, grabbing their second-place award and heading off the stage as Gemini gratefully got their first place. Meanwhile, Richelle knew that something was going on, there was no way that Gemini could have won them all, right? This seemed outrageous, and she knew it. She could smell something fishy in the air, and was onto the cheating studio.

The female soloists came up; there was Michelle, and Amanda, and Gemini's solos up in the running. "Third place in female solos.... Michelle from The Next Step!" Michelle was shocked, her solo in third? Was this even possible right now? She was two-timing Ms. Nationals Soloist, and now all of a sudden she was demoted? This could not have happened, was their team slipping or something? 

"Second place in female soloist, Amanda from The Touring Company!" As Amanda got her trophy for second place, Gemini walked proudly to their first place trophy. 

Gemini's captain, Skylar, lead her team over to their captain's old team. She rolled her eyes and scoffed profusely. "Well, look what the cat dragged out." She said. 

Michelle, who was tearing up a little due to her loss, just grumbled in resentment. Skylar chimed in once again, "well, you guys should probably just forfeit now, because you'll stand no chance against us. We won all, and you won none. So, I don't think you're gonna win this Nationals." Skylar said bitterly, still mad about how she was cut off of A-Troupe before.

The dancers all returned to their dressing room as they were getting ready. They had a chorus of angry dancers now, all vying to prove that their team was better then the snakes who went by a zodiac sign. "I can't believe I did not win!" Michelle yelled in frustration.

"Yeah! You were the best dancer there!" Noah yelled. "What about my duet? We had the best chemistry!"

"How could they have not felt your chemistry it was.... transcendent!" Michelle yelled back.

"I know! What if Skylar was right, we really should forfeit because we stand no chance against them?" Richelle yelled, but then a chorus of anger continued, while Ally walked in.

"Richelle, can I talk to you?" Ally asked.

Richelle nodded, "sure." As the blonde was taken outside into the hallway. 

"Alright, so I was snooping through the desks, and I found... This." Ally pulled her phone out, and went into her camera, and she showed the photo of the letter first, addressing their plan to buy their way through the competitions, and then she showed the checks. 

"Omg. We have to do something about this!" Richelle yelled.

"There's one problem, I can't!" Ally yelled back. "I have a contract and they could take me to court if I rip it up, as I signed it. And it said in the contract to not rip it up!" Ally yelled.

"Yeah, but there won't be a reason to if she is locked up. Is there any other information that The Next Step should be aware of?"

"Oh yeah, they're calling the cops on what you did. They got a hold of your misdeeds, and they plan on making you and Ozzy disqualified, and you arrested."

"What?!" Richelle yelled. "We need to stop them! Here, I have to go confront them, but first I need to tell everyone. How about, you go over to rip up the contract, and then you meet me on the stage?" Richelle asked.

"Deal!" Ally said, before rushing to the hotel in the cold night of day. She found the contract sitting on her desk side. She glared at the wooden makeshift fireplace, and growled. She threw the 7-paper legal document into the fire and watched it sink to its death, as she now had full access to do what she wanted. 

She walked into the auditorium, her heart racing as now they could finally destroy Gemini once and for all. She kept a tight clutch onto her phone, not wanting it to drift away as it was their evidence. It kept their evidence intact. She saw the results on the table, and smirked. She saw no one on the judges table, and concluded from within her brain that it would be a great time to see the real results.

The truth was shocking; The Next Step had actually won in all but one category during the awards ceremony; the male solo round. For which in that, Finn was not even in the top five soloists....

She took the pages away, ready to expose them for their corrupted souls for which laid beneath the foundation of their roots. The clouds were gloomy, but they saw hope, they saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The question was whether or not they'd reach the end of the tunnel, not if there was a light at the end of the tunnel in the first place.....

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