Exposé is the twenty-second chapter of Last Dance and was published on February 17.


Ally's first task brings about one party, and so much drama for A-Troupe. Secrets revealed, lies told and spots given away, who'll survive the day where anything, and everything, is tested?


Ally walked into the once again, sinister looking studio and smiled, wearing the Lola-esque outfit once more. As she trotted in, she noticed the whole entire team discussing something. "Oh... what did I miss?" She asked.

"Nothing." The studio owner smiled softly. "We're currently deciding what your first task should be as our new spy. Are you up for it?"

"Sure, anything." Ally said, however those were all falsehoods. Could she really keep this dark facade of a game running for so long? Allow it to control her when they were already in the home stretch? Seriously, there was like, two weeks until nationals and she had to start doing this now? She was super scared, but had to maintain her nervousness; if she did not do it, the role would be given to someone else, a more evil person, someone who could actually pull this off. Allowing them more access to everything. She needed to do this in order to protect The Next Step from collapse.

"We want you to go in, and film their dances. We don't care under what excuse, you are going to film each of their nationals routines, and bring them back to me. Understood?" The leader asked.

Ally swallowed her concern and loosely nodded as she walked off, scared of how she'd come off towards her old teammates.


A-troupe was rehearsing in studio 1, their fake finals routine was off the charts, and knew that it would be a killer if they added it as their internationals routine despite them having yet to even win Nationals. They were mixing their styles so well and it almost reminded the few left of the old A-Troupe. So, basically only Michelle. After the practice, they smiled, and then walked off their separate ways. 

Zara walked over to Michelle. "Hey, I need your help with my three-way lift with Piper and Richelle. I'm starting to feel a little anxious over it, because I've never done a lift before."

"I can help you, just meet me tonight at the studio if you want help." Michelle said, and then they began to split off more into separate pathways.

Ally walked in. "Hey guys, can I talk to you all for a moment?" The team was surprised to see her there. What good would come out of her being there? The last time, she joined their team and ditched. She was heavily un-loyal to them and that feared them. It was, to A-Troupe, as if to Ally that it was a revolving door when in fact, it was quite the opposite.

"You've been un-loyal, Ally. So why do you think that we'd allow you back on the team again?" Emily asked.

Richelle got defensive though, surprisingly. With her and Ozzy stepping up. "You know, not everything she does is because she wants to be back on A-Troupe. I mean I get it, we're a pretty amazing squad of dancers, so who honestly wouldn't want to be us? But no, she has her reasons as to why she is here that differ then to most. I've talked with her in advance, so I know her reasonings." Richelle said with a strong, and assertive tone in her voice. As if she was a leader, and that her voice, goes,

"Well then, what exactly does this outsider want from us?" Eldon asked, raising his brow unsophisticated, and un-supportively. Clearing showing how he was not one to mess around. Maybe back in the days of girl trouble but not anymore. He'd grown serious, tough, and almost as cold as Daniel was. 

"I want to film all your videos." Ally said.

"Our... What?" Emily asked.

"Y'know. Videos. I thought your team would want some videos of each of your dances, so that way, you can look back over on them and reflect, see what you did good and what you need to improve." Ally said. "You do want to improve, right?"

"Are you saying that we want to lack the proper necessities for dancing?" Giselle asked.

"No, just that you guys want to be stuck in a world of being criticized. If you guys want to get better, you need to know your strengths an weaknesses, and the mirror is not helping any as it has not been cleaned since that trio competition since your last nationals." Ally said.

"True..." Emily pondered. "Alright. Let's do this." Emily agreed wholeheartedly to the concept of filming videos. Despite not knowing the true contents of its purpose. That they were merely just there to make sure that her actual studio for which she'd plagued her allegiance towards which went by the name of a zodiac sign to use it against them; to build them up and know what they were going up against.

"Alright, we will begin with the male soloist. Which is... We don't have one yet." Giselle's face dawned on her thoughts when she realized that they had not thought about the male solo. With two weeks to practice it still, they needed to pick one. "Noah, you're our alternate, but you can handle being the soloist and in the duet, right?" She asked.

"Yeah." Noah nodded. Secretly, he was scared about doing it. However, he had his hopes up. He went up, and danced his hardest, a freestyle, so it would be completely different then the actual dance.  He tried his hardest, but then he looked over at Finn, wondering if Finn would be a better choice.

After the dance, he walked off and looked at Finn. "We need to talk, outside." He whispered, and Finn nodded as they then headed outside.

"What is this about?" He asked.

"I just want to let you know that I can't do the solo, I just realized it now. So I was wondering if you'd like to have the solo?" He suggested, a long smile curling up against Finn's face. How could he say no?

"Of course, thanks." Finn said, and the two headed out of the hallway and back into the studio, where the small group was at the end of their dance to Kamikaze.

"What was that about?" Josh asked, noticing the bright grin on his crushes face.

"Well, I got the male solo, actually. Noah gave it to me." Finn said.

"Oh.." Josh said, his brow raising with happiness for Finn, yet jealousy at the same time. He knew that his work was not the best, but was he really that bad, to the point of only being in the group dances? Maybe, this was a blessing in disguise? As he would be unable to handle so many moves. So many dances, in just two weeks, along with preparing for the duet part of the finals routine. 

"Yeah. I hope you don't mind." Finn said.

"Oh, I don't mind." Josh said and then the trio being classified as a small group finished their dance. They all clapped, and Ally admitted that maybe it was for the best that she'd left. She was no where near as good as them, and needed to stay back and allow the better dances to be on the team, those who could actually do the team good, rather then harm the teams chances, like her.

After that, Noah and Jacquie danced to Make It Up To You by Julia Michaels, really trying to put in the effort that they did. The dance was about them, and their journey as a couple. It was fun to do and really made them connect more. Everyone saw their chemistry, and they knew that this was exciting for them.

Jacquie turned to Noah when they finished with the ending of the lift. Everyone clapped happily, and they were feeling really excited, they knew that they had a future together, and could not have it any other way. This was happening, for sure. 

"Are we even a couple?" Noah  asked. A long pause came to Jacquie as the silence broke her. Everyone stopped clapping, awaiting the new Oh My Dance moment.

"Yes." Jacquie said with such hope and excite for her. None with disdain or agony, this was where she was meant to be, this was her time. She knew that she needed to take this opportunity and seize it. This was all she'd ever wanted, all she'd ever been hoping for. She dove in for a kiss, that lasted 20 seconds.

Everyone roared for the happy couple, and that gave Michelle enough energy. "You know what? Let's do this thing!" Michelle yelled, and then danced to Mountains. The same dance she had done when Riley was studio head. Riley walked in to see her, and her sister. Just to see how A-Troupe was, mostly.

Emily walked over to her sister. "Michelle has grown so much, hasn't she?" She asked.

"Omg, yeah. I know, it's insane. I remember this solo, when we were about to ask her if she wanted the dance captaincy." Riley's recalled her emotions.

"Yes, I remember it too. You were so horrible back then."

"Excuse me?" Riley asked. "Okay yeah I cheated on my boyfriend with a student. But I have news, we're getting married."

"Omg really?!" Emily asked in shock.

"Yeah." Riley confirmed.

"And how did I not know about this until now?" Emily asked.

"I don't know, you just never pay attention to my life." Riley said.

"I do!" Emily said, and Michelle's solo stoped when the music finished. "Everyone, gather around!" She yelled and everyone huddled around in a circle. "As most of you now probably might now, Riley was a horrible studio head, however, she was also my sister, so I will love her regardless. Anyways, she's getting married right after Nationals, so her  wedding reception and party is going to be here, after Nationals, and I invite you all to come!" Emily said, and they all cheered. "Now let's do our semi-finals routine and finals routine in support for Riley, let's all cheer her name, shall we?" She asked. And everyone began to cheer her name - Riley, Riley, Riley. The actual 'Riley' in this case was overwhelmed. "Thank you all. I am going to love my wedding, and you're all invited." Everyone cheered.

"Am I? I'm not exactly an A-Troupe member anymore. However, I hope there's still room?" Ally asked.

"Please, she's my best friend, and my girlfriends best friend!" Ozzy pleaded, "I will literally pay you to let her come along." And the crowd laughed. His desperate attitude was so funny most times.

"So how about we do our semi finals routine!" Emily yelled, and everyone got into positions. Coming Home began to play and they danced their hardest, doing every kick, every flip, every trick perfectly, while Ally, Riley and the studio runners stood there in awe at how far A-Troupe had become. 

Next up, was the finals routine. For this one, there were two versions; the real one, and the one which Emily was using. Giselle turned to look at them, signaling to do the real one. After all, it was the one they were going to use at the upcoming competition.

Stand Up turned on, and Josh and Finn began to do their duet, and Emily looked weirded out. Everyone stood on either side, and they began to dance, slowly moving up the studio floors, which would eventually be their stage at the finals.

"What was that? That was not our routine!" Emily yelled. "I am sorry I did not assign that choreography to you guys. What are you doing? This is B-Troupe equivalent!"

"I gave them my idea, and they all loved it. So you were outvoted. This is a democracy. So get it together."

"Democracy who? I am sorry, but this is an Emilyocracy. So I am sorry if things don't work out, but that's just how things are going to be."

"Uh, no." Giselle said, "we have 6 studio runners. I talked it over with everyone else, and they like my idea. So we're going with mine. If you don't like it, you can go."

"Fine." Emily said, stumbling over to a wall, about to cry. She did not like their decision, but fine, whatever. She did not need it. She recomposed herself, and realized that she had to apologize. But after that, could she really go anywhere? She was a horrible person, who needed to be redeemed. 

Stand Up turned on and they danced their hardest. By the time they finished, Ally smiled. "Congrats, everyone! I will have the separate videos made by tomorrow night, I will see you all tomorrow!" Ally said, and brought her camera and tripod along with her. Now, all she had to do was burn the videos into tapes. Which she got home and did, and made an extra copy for A-Troupe, and then headed over to Gemini.

She walked in. "You have the tapes?"

"Yes. I do." Ally said. "But I'm not gonna give them to you." Ally said. "I'll be the keeper of it, no one else can sneak in. I know karate. So I can easily chop whoever will try to pry it from my hands. I'm your best bet. And I have a safe at home." Ally said. The truth? To make sure that it never reaches their hands, for disastrous results would prove them as dangerous. Also, to potentially use as evidence when they'd need to confront the board.

"Very well then, you'll keep it. But, these challenges will only keep getting harder as you progress, stuff that you'll never be allowed to step your foot down and demand us to keep you to keep it. You're ready for what's about to ensue?" She asked.

"Yes," but the truth, was not as much as she'd hoped for.....

Authors Notes

  • The idea of Riley being studio head arose from Season 4. She was studio head and dated Alfred [named Alfie, in the show] which ended up being the main storyline of the season, counting how she cheated on her current boyfriend at the time and also current boyfriend now, James.

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