Feel My Heartbeat is the first chapter of "Last Dance" and was written on December 19th,2017.


When A-Troupe wins Regional's, Piper must come to face the facts that she might ruin her's and a former friend's positions on the team if she does not clean her act up. The dancers celebrate their win but not for long as they must say goodbye unfortuntatey.


A twelve dancer team that consisted of Noah, Jacquie, Richelle, Kingston, Henry, Ally, Kenzie, Finn, Heathcliff, Lily, Amy, and Piper ran onto the stage after their hard work had come to an end,  after the results, they'd most likely all be going their separate ways yet holding the memories so close to each other that they could feel the movements, the laughing and crying and hurt that it took them to get to where they were so far.

Piper, Kenzie, Amy, Noah, Richelle, Jacquie, Ally, Finn and Ozzy were the only ones on the paramount team that were staying out of the thirteen. Surely, that was still nine. But they knew their road would be a rocky one, if one at all.

While they waited, the tension built up inside of them as they remembered all that had been done. Henry knew that he loved Jacquie. Kenzie's feud with Richelle. How Lily had came to shake everything up for their already nerve-stricken team. They just hoped that what they had given the judges were good enough, best out of all. They'd made it all the way to the finals, so who knew? Maybe they were back on the path of winning again? Reaching more than their prime. Winning Internationals twice and dominating the dance world, taking it hostage.

"And the winner of Absolute Dance Regional's is..." The judge said, anxiety burning their fears, they were getting a urgency of adrenaline that bottled up inside as if a pack of Mento's had been quickly shoved into a bottle of Coca-Cola or Pepsi and the bottle's cap was quickly sealed on. Regardless, they had their hopes up.

Emily turned to Michelle, "even though we are not the studio heads anymore. With me just as an assistant head, and you as an assistant choreographer, I want you to know that we do make a pretty good team, and I'm sorry I turned a blind eye to Richelle and her injury, or else we would not even be in this mess."

Michelle only remembered what Kate had said

    Michelle and Emily raced into Kate's office. "I have made my decision. Chloe will be a co-choreographer along with Eldon, and Thalia, with Michelle being assistant choreographer." Kate stated. "With Giselle as the studio head and Emily as the assistant head."

Ever since then, all Emily and Michelle did was bicker once more like they did back in their studio's prime. The argumentative nature blossoming like a tree and killing people to know the truth like how the earth lost three hundred years of history and the origins of Halloween, nonetheless, the answers were never solved.


All thirteen dancers on the team rejoiced in excite as they were to finally make it passed the next stage once more, feeling a wave of accomplishment, this made their day way better, knowing that they were gonna take Nationals by storm was making the dancers squirm with joyous holiday feelings. They arrived back in the studio the following day, knowing history was to be made.

Home turned on, Ozzy starting the typical celebration dance as the  others around him clapped, agreeing with him. Winning meant everything to him so he knew that he had to bring his A-Game on, and therefore, needed help with everything he had. This was going to be one tough ride to get to the top, and he knew it. Therefore, he only hoped people would come with him and experience who he was.

Amy and Piper then did an acro-contemporary duo including their best moves they could broadcast; the movements were stellar. Piper did have to admit, Amy had taught her so much acro, due to that being one of Giselle's points.

"Piper, I am just going to say this.." Giselle began, "if you want to stay on the team, you need to learn acro."

So, due to the ultimatum that would claim her narrow spot on the now soon-to-be highly-thought-of team, the two best friends taught each other their styles and best moves, now Amy could turn like her friend and Piper could do acro, it was a win-win. Amy was not such a fan, because she loved it when A-Troupe was about uniqueness and being yourself, something that with everyone doing the same, would not be ethical. It just made no sense to her. She also did not want anyone doing her moves, due to how she wanted to be allowed to stand out in front of everyone like a sore thumb.

After that, Kingston went up. During the road to Regional's, he had lost everything. The person he began to grow infatuated with left, and how he was forced to pick sides when Henry asked Jacquie out a few weeks prior to the competition, which made him grow almost insane, so he left the friendships of either side due to them not willing to talk to him, and how he thought that their behaviour was childish.

"Are you kidding me? You two used to be the best of friends, what happened? Now you guys are fighting. Henry, I see where you're coming from with forcing me to chose a side, but if I had to chose one, I'd chose neither because friends don't tell other friends who to be friends with. You see how stupid you're being? Stop, because you're losing me now, stop before you lose everyone." Kingston warned and stormed out of the hallway in agony.

Richelle then went up feeling ecstatic. She knew that with her injury being fully healed she could vie for the spot of female soloist. This meant everything to her, and she knew better then to just let it slip right out of her hands. She was going to fight until she got that spot, no one was taking this away from her. Especially since she needed this the most right now, needing a redeeming factor, a redeeming quality to make up for her lack of dancing at Regional's. Even if she did dance, it was fairly lacking any technical or skill. She needed this, she was dying to dance.

After that, Kenzie went up. Not much had went on for her and so she felt overwhelmed and happy that she survived, after having heard the endless drama that went down at the studio.

After Kenzie, it was Lily who went up and danced, doing some jazz. She admitted that she was a little, if not, very, harsh on the dancers and sort of regrets it now, though, this year, no one would hold her back.

Henry then danced and as he reminded himself by being in the studio, about what happened with Jacquie, he knew it was his turn to leave.

They then came all together as one big thirteen dancer team as the fate of where they all stood was the big elephant in the wooden room. Fore they were to dance in studio A. After that, Ally went, doing a contemporary and jazz combination. She knew she was there to stay, though, the concept of her feelings to Ozzy made her worry for the worst.

Noah then went and did an amazing contemporary-acro-hip-hop combo and then Finn went. Proceeding Finn was Jacquie, who chose to do a third arabesque. She then chene-turned off. Continuing on after the girlfriend to the dance captain was Heathcliff, and then to finish it off was Amy who did the spider. Everyone then did a little bit of free styling as they all came together to form a line and posed. Making what would look like the end of a theme-song for a show's opening. It was fun while it lasted, but then they soon quickly dispersed into their own groups. Knowing the worst was yet to come. While for some, that would be easy to believe, and for others it came too hard to acknowledge, this was National's. A completely different ball-game. Therefore, the drama was worse then ever.

How much drama could they handle? Especially after an already hard-as-is season that had just commenced.

Ozzy walked over to Heathcliff, "so what do you plan on doing exactly?"

"Well, I need to head back to boarding school and start practicing with the dance company close by." Heathcliff stated.

Ozzy knew exactly the team that his newfound friend was talking about. "Ah, right. Acro Queens. You're one of... 5... guys on their twenty dancer company, now?" He asked.

He had gotten the position as a company dancer whilst preparing for the competition that they had just owned the day before. He was forced to chose and luckily managed to make negotiations on finishing the first task, Regional's, before moving onto the next, The company.

As much as the team were to miss him, this was for the best. He was becoming a paid dancer. This was all he could ever want, right?

All they knew anymore, was that A-Troupe would never be the same.


Everyone but Piper were stretching in studio A. The excite as they had a new announcement to flush through their eardrums, Michelle, Emily, Chloe, Eldon, Giselle and Thalia walked out of their office that was held together by studio A's appearance and Giselle looked at the eight dancers she still had left. "Alright, I have an announcement to make."

The heavy words of the girl whose name oddly resembled something almost of a wild animal broke the remerging cacophony which plagued the room's noise pollution as they turned to hear the long-awaited news. What was it? "Good, now that you're all listening, I've decided to ask an old Next Step dancer who was a part of TNS East before, but left after complications arose to the surface and they could not handle it anymore. Please, welcome Josh everyone!"

A chorus of clapping came through as the former TNS dancer piped through and gave a large smile, expressing how excited he was to finally be back in the dance studio.  He left due to the awkwardness between him and Piper after he rejected Piper.

"Listen, this isn't gonna work, so choose. Me or Josh." Piper yelled at Giselle and Emily in the studio 1 office.

So, therefore Piper had to stay, she was the better dancer. All Josh was, was some country boy who barely did any dancing. But now times had changed and they were desperate for at least a ten-dancer team, so therefore, no matter what problems were risen when making dances, no matter how angered the two were that they'd have to work together, it'd be their fault if they did not make it work because they were training to be professional. If they could not handle it, they'd be the ones with the fault, not Giselle or Emily anymore. All the problems rested on their shoulders to solve.

"Where's Piper?" Josh asked.

"She's just stretching in studio 1." Jacquie leaked, though Josh knew Piper would not like it, if they'd be together on the same team, she'd have to know. It was in the best interest of the team.


In order to cope with the rising tensions of the team, Piper was stretching alone in studio 1, dancing her heart out to Fight On. She needed time to just be away from her team to figure out who she was. She sighed as she dived into the splits.

Josh walked in.

Piper groaned."What do you want?" She asked.

"I just want to say that I want to be friends, we were silly to put our problems before dance. We needed to be professional." Josh stated.

"Yeah, and look where that got us?" Piper asked, still bitter, and the bitter-radar increasing as the moments she saw Josh crescendo'd.

"I just want to say that I am on the team." Josh said, "and like it or not, Giselle and Emily said that we are reliable for the chemistry we put into the dance. We have to stay focused and connected. No more fighting; if we can't put what we have, aside, we won't be on the team any longer."

"It's not my fault I love you Josh. It's not my fault that I can't stand to look at you."

"It kind of is-" Josh said but was immediately cut off after he spoke the words.

"No, that's my heart. And if you don't understand that-"

"You're the one being a whiny, selfish person right now. Whatever you do, I'm not gonna let it affect the chances of me being on the team. Bye." Josh said.

Piper sighed, "whatever." And then stormed off, knowing that whatever was going on was not good for them, they needed to get things through. Solve what was going on, or else they'd have a hard time connecting. They needed to get their feelings sorted out.

"Wait." Josh said.

"what?" Piper asked.

"Just dance with me, for once. Once more." Piper was urgent to say no, decline the offering, though she could not help it. Before she knew it, "Do It Like This" blared through the speakers as the two danced their hardest while they reprised their dance that they did when Piper's feelings were only just growing like a flower. When she was needing help to figure out herself.

When it ended, she found herself laying right next to Josh. The swarm of feelings surging through her body. She gasped for air, knowing that what was about to take event was a reoccurrence. Not willing to allow herself to be brought into the circle of feelings for Josh, she catapulted up, and rushed to her pink dance bag.

"Doing this was a mistake. I regret it all, never talk to me ever again!" Piper yelled, and at that very moment, was when Josh knew that he'd have to fight for his spot, all because Piper could not put whatever she had aside for the betterment of the team. What was to be set up was very unfair. He was in shock that this was even happening to him.

He saw the storm coming from a thousand miles away - but yet, so helpless, he couldn't do anything to prevent it.

It was all his fault.


  • When writing this, I, due to season 6 nor the trailer being out yet, chose to predict what went down in season six, So whatever I thought of was purely what I thought.
  • The character Ally is a new OC I made just for this book! I just sort of liked the name. So, be excited for that.
  • Italics are flashbacks, so know that.
  • I don't exactly know how long it will be until the next chapter, because this chapter took forever, like, an hour and a half, almost two hours, to write. So my goal is to post once and (maybe) twice a month due to the length of the chapters.
  • For this story, I never mention the infatuation of Kingston's unknown lover, though, the love interest is Lola. Despite this, I don't actually ship them, I just thought it'd be interesting to see. Mostly because Lola would not be in the sixth season because of her role in "Find Me In Paris". And I highly doubt that if there were to be a season 7, that she'd be in it because season 2 of "Find Me In Paris" has been greenlit.
  • The idea for Henry liking Jacquie was taken from a fan fiction on Wattpad I co-wrote with someone. Though I won't say who because the book is sorta... Discontinued? I have not spoken with the co-creator who was not me, so the other one in it, so we'll see:).
  • Comment down your predictions, I'd love to see them. If you want to see my more professional works, go to my Wattpad @-WriteOrDie. Recently, my book "Hiding" got 735th in General Fiction. Though, most of my stories there are fairly mature. So I would not recommend it as a good read for people under the age of 14.
  • Thanks for reading, see you later. Owen!

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