Genesis is the twenty-eight chapter of Last Dance. It was published on February 20.


The Next Step competes in the male solo round, small group round, duet round and female solo round.


And so, nothing had been spoken for the final few hours before the competition began. Finn was standing in the wings feeling very nervous for the upcoming performance. Could he outperform Noah? Would there even be an option of such an accomplishment? He was scared. Noah was the best dancer and first pick for the male solo, he had some pretty big shoes to fill, and he was not enjoying the nerves that came along with attempting to fill the shoes. 

Luckily, they were up against Broadway Dance Express. Their male soloist was not the best, he was lacking technique and failing in all aspects. At least they had a chance? That was a good thing, however he was still scared. He might be just as bad. At least he had a chance of playing by his strengths, he was a great hip-hop dancer, and so hopefully the music Noah had chosen for his solo would be the same. Regardless, he had not prepared enough for the solo that he was given two weeks prior. He should have, he knew that he should have, but he was busy with his own drama. One would think that he used the three days he spent to avoid Josh doing his solo, but they were completely blinded by the fact that he had to avoid Josh, not centre himself in one area.

When Broadway Dance Express came off the stage, and The Next Step was called up, they flashed a fake smile as they walked over to the stage. He went into the middle and Slow Motion began to play. He used it to his advantaged and began to dance a hip-hop/contemporary combo. It was a fun dance, that he hoped everyone could feel something to. By the time he walked off, he knew that he had the win in the bag and felt surpassingly confident in his dancing.

In the male round, Dimensions Of Dance ended up loosing to Dance Inc. Confidance had ironically been beaten out of the first round, against the touring company. Ironic, because their name was about confidence while dancing, and yet they should not have that much confidence if their team truly did suck as bad at they did when competing in the first round of Nationals this year, it was horrendous!

For the second round, it was the trio. Or well, now quartet. Jacquie, Zara, Piper and Amy were rehearsing together in the dressing room to Kamikaze, as they had to somehow fit Zara in. Luckily, she functioned just like the rest of them so she fitted in perfectly, and all it was, was the spacing that needed to be changed. It was such a fun thing to do and dance to. Thy was enjoying their time rehearsing, as they were to go up against Rhythm Plus. Luckily, like the last team they versed, they had a reputation for never really winning competitions, and so they were still all feeling confident in themselves.

They went to the wings and watched their competitors dancing to Shampain, wow. Their competitors were not even good. They could spot so many errors and Richelle walked over with them and took one look and thought with ease that they may as well just take the Nationals trophy this year now. It was a no-brainer. "We may as well just go home now because for some reason all these teams suck. Did they even try?" Richelle asked.

"I don't know, but no matter what we need to be on the edge, we must do the best performance of our lives, doing horrible just because we think we're better is not enough. We need to be better then them on every level." Piper instructed.

"No one was talking to you." Richelle sassed.

"May The Next Step come to the stage with their trio?" The announcer asked and meanwhile, the crowd cheered for them, happy to finally see them back on the stage.

Piper looked over, "Actually, the stage is calling my name." Piper retorted and then walked onto the stage, their feelings were rushed as the music began and they began to dance. Using every little bit of energy of which they had obtained to raise the roof and make everything one hundred times better. There was no competition, The Next Step had crushed Rhythm Plus.

They posed and the crowd roared of happiness. Noticing that it took them a long time to dance. They needed to win and everything that had done was to be there. Things needed to change, and they needed to win. They were finally feeling confient enough in themselves for the big amount of assertion. Everyone on their team was confident now. 

The opponents team, Rhythm Plus's small group walked into the floor of the stage once more, and stood side-to-side with The Next Step's small group. Each dancer on that flooring wanting to win as bad as the next, but only four of them deserving the true goal. "The team moving onto the duet round is.... The Next Step!"

They rejoiced, and the other team walked off sadly and defeated. Meanwhile The Next Step was celebrating their second win in a row at the competition, and they all felt as if they could crush the competition. 

Jacquie was so excited, and Noah tapped on her shoulder. A smile on both of their faces. "Can we talk?" He asked.

"Is it serious? Because we're very good right now and I can't risk loosing you again." Jacquie said, bringing him in for a kiss.

"It's nothing really." Noah relieved her nerves and pulled her over to the side so that we can talk. "I want to know if you're ready for this."

"Ready for what?" Jacquie asked.

"Our duet? It's really good, and it's amazing. I want to know if you're ready to take them on by storm." Noah sand and kissed her.

"Thanks." Jacquie said, "I have to head back. Thank you so much." Admittedly, Jacquie was feeling nervous. But she was not anymore after receiving the little chat with Noah. She was so worried over everything, if their chemistry would be off, if she was going to be okay, if Noah was going to be okay. If all her worrying would just ruin everything between them or ruin the dance, causing The Next Step to loose the competition, and then making everything else, everything else that they had worked hard on to be all for nothing. But Noah really helped calm her nerves down, and it meant so much to her. Now, she was ready to preform and was ready to own the floor.


The dancers with the Gemini zodiac sign were dancing together in their dressing room as their duet were practicing together. Cierra and Skylar, the two sisters whom of which were not born on the same day were not twins. They were practicing to the song "Are You Satisfied" by Marina & The Diamonds. They were feeling pretty stocked to be going up against Dance Inc.

During the duration of which they were dancing, Ally looked sick, as if she was about to vomit. How could they support a dance teacher who cheats, never allowing any room for another team to have creativity, and actually win. She thought that the deceitful and sinful ways of winning were horrible. They did not even deserve to be a team if they dare did such tactics.

They then went to the stage and their team was called up, Cierra and Skylar roared onto the stage as they then did a dance to the very song of which they rehearsed to. Ally looked on, horrified at how these teenagers who had once been at The Next Step turned into horrible slurs of people. People of whom she did not want to associate with but nonetheless was bounded by the utterance of her contract of which she was forced to write out. She did not like this one bit, and knew that she needed to save the creative process the only way of which she could.

When finished, their opponents walked on, and Ally had already predicted the win, Gemini is probably gonna win this one, she thought with rolling her eyes for an extra exaggerative nature. and she was correct. "The winner of the round, moving onto the female soloist round... Is Gemini!"

They all let out a fake streak of happiness, as if they were genuinely shocked. As to not cause a stigma that they thought they'd win like they actually did. Ally just rolled their eyes as to how fake their team was showing off. Acting as if they were the new The Next Step, whom cared about friendship and teamwork, when really they were the next Elite, no, not even. At least Elite only used loopholes, not actual cheating.

After their win, Noah and Jacquie walked onto the floor and began to dance to Make It Up To You, their smiles and friendship being shown clearly. Their new found trust being put to use in the dance as they went beyond what anyone could ever do, adding several lifts, even the helicopter lift. Everyone was feeling pretty proud, especially. The crowd. Knowing that this was what they were waiting for, they were not to have any trouble. This was fun, and fun it would stay. 

They waited off stage, in the wings, for when their opponents, Joanne Chapmans, were to finish their dance routine to Ghost by Fefe Dobson. When finished, the couple walked up and waited for the official verdict.

"And the team moving onto the female solo round is... The Next Step!" Everyone on both parties were happy except for the opposing team; Michelle was happy that she would get to preform her solo, and dancers and faculty of The Next Step were all happy that they knew they had the round in the bag, and that they were to win easily. It was a no-brainer. Michelle had danced the solo and gotten first twice before, and both times had succeeded in obtaining that amazing first. Now, who was to say that she could not do it a third time, more-so after a years break, when she had so much time to think about it? Everyone had high hope that Michelle was going to kill it, and kill it she was so doing.


Michelle waited in the wings, her opponent, Amanda, her former friend who had hated her, smirked as she was dancing to Guilty by Marina & The Diamonds. Trying her hardest to fake Michelle out. Surely, Amanda did have an amazing storyline of her character being a fugitive, but Michelle was the all-around better dancer. Was she not?

When the music finished, she went up, and tried to succeed in making the dance amazing. Her team was cheering her on and being super supportive, and her solo to Mountains crushed the stage, and topped Amanda. Amanda was just using the same old moves, hoping for it to be enough to move onto the next round, it was just a replay of the same moves. But if Amanda was really think that it would work as it's own dance. One whole dance that would only grow stale over time? Yeah, sure, she'd give it that. But she still knew that she would be amazing and way better then Amanda ever would.

When finished, the two opposing sides went to the stage as anxiety bursted through like a pipe valve of a sink. It bursted open as sweat went down their foreheads like a fountain of youth. It aged their skin, and they continued to wait as every second felt like a millennium or an eon. Probably the ladder, as they had no sense of time as everything was slowed down, the voices, the clapping. Nothing. Their vision was skewed like Riley's when she came into office and power of the studio, making a name for herself as the worst studio owner in the history of the studio. But of course, that could be more further from the truth, as behind closed doors, allowing 6 different people had lead two to leaving, and many more problems which they had failed to address.

"And the team moving onto the semi finals round is....."

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