Give It To Me is the eighteenth chapter of Last Dance and was published on February 11.


Jacquie is chosen for the small group, and her insecurities get the best of her, as she tries to be the center of attention, that leads to her attempting to be replaced. Meanwhile, it is Michelle against Richelle in a brawl for the solo. Meanwhile, an enemy of The Next Step gets an amazing offer to destroy them


Emily and Giselle stepped out of their offices to face a troubling team. With National's on the way, they had to be one step up ahead if they wanted to actually do well at Nationals, instead of waiting around for the drama to settle down. "The two of us have decided that we will be hosting male and female soloist auditions, however, Noah can't be the male soloist." The dancers jaws dropped - Noah was the best dancer in the studio, so without him doing the solo, they were not going to win.

"Whoever wants to audition-" Ozzy stepped forward, he needed this, especially after loosing his the one person who made him smile, and the dance captaincy to Noah. "Okay... Anyone else?" Finn went up.

"Alright, you're audition will happen in a few days, as we're currently struggling and I want the small group to practice and we need to decide the female soloist." Giselle said. Richelle and Michelle both stepped up for the auditions, and they knew that this was a show worth watching. 

"Alright." Giselle said. "Also, we have the small group to be.... Amy, Piper and Jacquie." Giselle stated, and Jacquie was worried about how she'd be showcased. She knew that the two were best friends, would they really accept her? An outsider to their friendship group? "Alright, you guys can start rehearsing in studio A, and we can continue to dance in studio 1." Emily announced, "the rest can go leave or head over to the juice shop."

Emily was so out-of-loop with the juice shops name, as she never had a chance to know the name, and figure it out, and just when she would, the name would change. Though, the place was 'Shakes & Ladders' now, Emily could never keep up.

Jacquie, Piper and Amy were heading to studio A, and Piper and Amy instantly began to discuss the dance.

"So, which song should we do the trio to?" Piper asked.

"Well, I think it should be an Acro trio, with splashes of contemporary for you." Amy said, knowing that Jacquie was considered as an Acro dancer. "So which songs do you think would work well?"

"Well, Tied To You might just work, but that's more of a duet song. I feel like Oxygen might be our best bet." Piper reasoned.

"I mean, I guess you're right. What other songs might work well?" Amy asked. "I feel like maybe Bad At Love by Halsey? I know it's not a song that we'd normally have but I think it's amazing."

"What about Kamikaze by MØ? Or Lucky I Got What I Want by Jungle? Or Can't Get Enough by Basenji?" Piper suggested, all three songs were from her favorite movie, and she loved them and she felt like they would be perfect. Even if Can't Get Enough was more over something for a ballet routine.

"Omg yes, speaking of those songs. Are you coming over to my place to rewatch the movie tomorrow for the friend-iversary?" Amy asked. "My mom wants to know, just so she can warn my brother to sleep over at his friends so you can have a place to sleep."

"Oh, speaking of your brother, how is his girlfriend doing? And remember, that one time when I was hanging out with you for a sleepover on New Years and I was to sleep in your brothers room-" Piper began to laugh uncontrollably. "And he sent me that very passive agressive note with like 50 rules of sleeping in there. Like gosh, and he claimed that all 15 year old girls were snakes. Like, are you kidding me?" 

"Omg, yeah, that was so hilarious though, and your reaction? I was dying of laughter inside." 

Jacquie just stared off into the abyss as she watched her dance be taken away from her while the two best friends plotted the dance. Stealing her spot to shine. 

"Okay, so how about we start, and we pop down with our foot pointed and roll off of it and switch sides?" Amy asked.

Piper immediately agreed, "and then we could pop up, and do a ponche and then a ball-change and a kick?" Piper suggested.

"How about one of these?" Jacquie suggested to do five pirouettes and then kicked her foot inward and did a y-scale, and then a side jeté.

"I don't think we could do that. I can't and-" Amy said, but was cut off.

"You could learn it?" Jacquie suggested once more. But they were not having it.

"I can't, I actually need to go, but, we can practice tonight, Piper? Add some more stuff?" Amy asked.

"Perfect!" Piper said, and Amy was off. Making Jacquie feel sad. She thought that with the trio, it would be her chance at becoming a shining star, and she was illegible for dancing the female solo, however, hopefully there was a chance at the duet being open?


"Alright. You guys must show your worth. Be there, hang on for each other. I want to see passion and excite. You need to dance your hardest and no slacking." Emily said, and Let's Go turned on. Richelle started off with an amazing solo, and Michelle knew that she had to do better then Richelle, but that would be hard as Richelle was one of the best dancers in the whole studio, but so was Michelle. So, this was fair game.

Falling Behind played and Michelle began to dance, feeling very excited. She did an amazing dance, but was it good enough for Richelle to be beaten by it? -

Jacquie looked gloomy in a vacant studio A. Her eyes feeling nothing but no solace, as she felt so gloomy and dark. Was this the last straw? She thought that she was better, the hospital did, too. So, this meant that she was okay again, right? Maybe she was, and maybe all this was were feeling jealous. After all, she was a jealous person.

She got up and sighed. "Maybe I'm not good enough of a dancer, maybe I will forever be the worst, the alternate. Especially at Internationals," Jacquie admitted to herself whilst looking in the mirror. She looked down, and then turned on Disconnect and did an Acro-contemporary combo, feeling a slight hint of power again. But not yet of course enough to make her feel on top of the world again.

Jacquie went back to the bench and looked around as she heard footsteps come into the studio. "Hey?" Noah asked and then saw Jacquie looking sad. Noah became concerned instantaneously. Noah moved slower as he stared Jacquie down. Noah then slid next to Jacquie, "what's wrong?"

"It's nothing." Jacquie lied and shrugged.

"It's something, you're looking sad again." Noah stated, seeing right through Jacquie and playing hard to get with the answers.

"It's just that...." Jacquie paused, unsure if she could even trust Noah anymore. "In the trio, since Piper and Amy are always around each other, they've been excluding me out of a dance that I am in, and they've been controlling me to do stuff, and they never ever notice me and my amazing moves and that I can do stuff, they always disregard me as a horrible dancer, and never let me decide on dance moves. I want to shine but they're taking this chance away from me." Jacquie admitted.

Noah paused, unsure of what to say to this dilemma. "Well... You could go talk to them tomorrow? Meanwhile, I need to talk to Emily, I want to see if you could become a co-captain." Noah suggested.


"Yeah." Noah said, getting up and raising a hand to help Jacquie up. Jacquie laughed, and took the hand, and got up. The two walked out, feeling happier then ever. Knowing that they were probably in the best time that they could ever be in.

They walked in to see a horrible sight; Amy, Piper, and Richelle, in studio 1, dancing to Kamikaze. While doing Jacquie's moves.  How could they do this to her? Why did they lead her on like this? Was this really how they treated their teammates, with no heart or dignity at all? Could they actually be that cruel?

Jacquie growled, and then walked stiffly with a bowl of anger over to the CD player, and turned the music off. "Excuse me?!" Jacquie yelled in anger and rage.

"W...What?" Amy asked.

"You don't get to just  come in, ignore my ideas, make me feel like I am not good enough, replace me, and then use my moves which you said that you could not do. Why did you even replace me? Why did you use my moves? This is uncalled for." Jacquie yelled upset. Tears streaming down her face. "I'm so done with A-Troupe!" She yelled, rushing off. 

Noah, the dance captain, turned over to them. "Why did you do it?" Noah asked, his voice more calm and sustainable though. One immediately granted with an answer all the time.

"Well, we never heard her because me and Piper were just so excited and we had so many ideas and so we..." Amy began.

"But, you literally replied to one." Noah retorted back.

"That was because I did not want to be rude, and we still could not hear." Amy replied back, hesitance inching up around her.

"Stop making excuses. Tell me the truth." Noah said, tired of hearing these false accusations. He wanted the truth, and he was the dance captain. 

"Fine, the reason we did not want to do the moves is because she is not really an important member of A-Troupe. I mean, heck, she literally was this close to becoming an alternate, and so therefore anything she says would not be good, but then Richelle suggested it, and we thought that since she is an amazing dancer, that it would be great." Amy stated the truth, a sigh coming before the truth.

"Wow, so that's how you're gonna be? A-troupe is a team effort and out of all people you two should know that. It takes a whole team to make something great. And I can't believe that you guys lost sight of that. Friends are important, I agree. However, there's a point when the friendship gets in the way of teamwork and this is a perfect example of it." Noah said, "now, if you excuse me, I have to go to Emily's office to report Jacquie leaving the team." Noah said and then hurled off with haste in him. He needed to be there, he needed to tell about Jacquie's absence. After all, today was the day that they were to give the names in. If he could stall it for just a few minutes, a few days, if at all, he could hopefully make Jacquie better, somehow, some way.

Noah walked into the office, while Emily was about to go off and send the names in. "You can't send the names in just yet." He insisted.

"What? Why not? Is someone injured is everything okay?" Emily scrambled to find the words with nervousness filling her body like the water tank that Elisa Lamb was found dead in. 

"Yeah, but Jacquie has left the team. However, I do know for a fact that I have a way to get her back." Noah said with hope inside of him.

"Well, can you get her in within the next few days?" Emily asked. "The deadline for the names are due in three days. And it takes a day for it to get from here to the Absolute Dance Board." Emily stated the guidelines. 

"Deal, I can give you that." Noah said, and then walked off.


Meanwhile, on the grass outside somewhere in the same park which Michelle had her horrible art class in, she sat down. Allowing her long hair to flow beneath her and feel the grass, touch every inch of the perimeter. A smile on the girls face. This was not Michelle, for it was one of the studios enemies ever since that one former dance captain had ruined her life - The girls name was Ally.

In the venture to feel the grass, her phone buzzed, and she picked it up from her back pocket curiously. "Ally speaking." She said.

"Hello, I am the studio owner of Gemini, and I want to know, would you be interested in dancing with us?"

Authors Notes

  • The songs Can't Get Enough, Kamikaze, Hurricane (Arty Remix), and Lucky I Got What I Want, are all songs off of the 'Nerve' movie soundtrack. The movie is an amazing movie, although, it is very scary if I am being honest if you're a little kid and it swears a lot, so I'd recommend it only for people 13+.
  • The Michelle/Richelle plot was very short, because the audition was very short, there was not much. So after that, Amy and Piper went over to studio 1, where they knew that Jacquie would never look, and then replaced her with Richelle. And Richelle knew Jacquie's signature moves and did it just to annoy Jacquie.

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