Goodbye For Good is the thirteenth chapter of Last Dance. It was published on December 31.


Josh convinces Finn to take part in a new video-dance-contest for free tickets to a concert; An old dancer returns to The Next Step after an improper goodbye; Piper finds it hard to get over her crush.


Josh was in Studio 1, dancing to Meet Me Inside - Instrumental from the popular musical of "Hamilton". Things were going really well. Finn walked over to hear the music and was wondering what was going on. So therefore, he decided to watch him.

Josh continued to dance, the idea for the dance was to be super upbeat and hip hop, there was a cube in the middle of the dance floor that served as a prop for the solo. Finn was amused at why the dance was to be an actual thing. This was... an interesting concept. 

Josh finished his dance. Finn chimed in. "What is that for?"

"There's this really cool contest that involves a solo, and I am doing one to Meet Me Inside, from Hamilton." Josh explained.

"You like musicals?" He asked, raising his eye. 

"Yeah, who does not?" Finn asked.

"Alright, well I am looking for someone else to maybe do some dancing with." Josh said. 

"Well what are the concert tickets for?"

"They are for a Shawn Mendes concert."

"Dude, you're really into him?" Finn asked.

"I will admit, his music has always been cool with me." The two were enjoying themselves with the talking, though, pretty soon they got back on track and began to dance. Getting some ideas out on the floor. Josh did a B-Twist and Finn smiled. 

"Dude, that was amazing. You have to admit." Finn said. He was feeling excited, knowing that with their amazing choreography, they may be able to win this competition. 

"Yeah, should we film it?" Josh asked. Finn only responding in a nod.

Finn grabbed the camera and put on the other one of the cubes, feeling excited for what was to come, the music turned on and they danced the hardest they had ever done. They were determined to receive the concert tickets.

Meanwhile, a few hours later, Piper and Amy were talking to each other about random stuff, the whether, despite how cliche that topic was.

"Okay, how are you doing with Josh?" Amy asked.

"Don't even get me started on him, I can't stand him. I can't control my feelings." Piper answered Amy's question, showing complete distaste for Josh.

"Well that is really obvious." Amy muttered.

"Yeah, and if Giselle wants me to do a duet section with Josh, I am sorry, but I don't care if I am the reason Josh get's kicked off the team for this, but I won't dance with him. Ever." Piper said.

"Not even if the world was wiped out one thousand years in the future and the only way to save humanity is for two dead souls to reunite and dance together to a song that meant something to them, like I dunno... Let's say... Do it like this? And then God resurrects you from the dead and you two have to dance."

"Not even from... That." Piper said, confused for what to call it. "Anyways, I have to go to studio 1, I have a solo for an upcoming solo competition." Piper said, excitedly. She felt as if this was her one way of showing her loyalty to the team, the solo.

She walked into studio 1, to see that her crush and her crushes friend were situated there. Who were celebrating their win of the contest. "Uh.." Piper said, unnerved. She walked off confused and in shock. Every time she talked to Josh or even just saw him, she'd fall back again and every time they were apart for a few days, she'd almost get over him before being pulled back in, sucked back in. Maybe she just needed a two week break. She then stormed into the studio 1 office.

"I need a break." Piper cried out, tears streaming down her cheek like a fountain. 

"What's wrong?"

"If I am going to work with Josh, which I assume we will, I need to be over him, and the only way I can get over him is if I have a two week break. So please, let me take some time off?" Piper asked.

Emily sighed, nodding, although she disagreed wth the idea, if it was Piper needed, she'd know. For Piper was in control of her own body and no one else. She knew herself better then anyone else and therefore no one could judge her on her concepts or ideas, her theories as to what was going on. How long it would take for her to get over someone, etc.

"Very well then, come back though, when Richelle and Jacquie come back. That is how long you're getting, though, you still have to come back for the solo competition and that does not require seeing Josh." Emily said.

Piper nods and walked off, a sigh placing herself out of the door, knowing that this place meant so much to her, and to everyone else, she almost felt bad for leaving everyone at a dyer time such as that time, they were needed the most to stay all connected, but if she wanted to have a better performance - she had to take the break.


In studio 1, Heather walked in. Feeling a rush of nostalgia that climbed into her, she never really had sent a proper goodbye to the area and knew that she had to do so, she never gave dramatic dialogue, never gave... Anything really. She was always just.. There, for no real reason for one in her case. She was just herself, not willing to make a dramatic scene for attention.

She turned on "The Louvre" (Mainly just the end of the chorus with the instrumental and the one line being repeated). She tried her hardest to evoke her inner self and translate what she had into dance. So much had changed since she had left, or well, got cut from, the team.  She knew that if she was to return, she'd never be the same person as she once was then, and therefore would not be able to return, unfortunately, she never actually had a proper goodbye, and therefore, was coming for one.

She danced, and by the time she finished, Josh and Finn were there, giving her welcome back hugs.

"How are you?" Josh asked.

"Good, you?" Heather asked.

"Good." Josh responded.

Piper then walked in, and saw those she had despised, and one she cared for. She gritted her teeth and stormed off, knowing that she'd never get the time to talk to Heather, ever again.

Goodbye for good.

Authors Notes

  • I was kind of lazy on this one, because I have two more chapters which I hope to make long, and I have to finish them by seven PM. because my friends are coming over. I have ten hours, wish me luck;-;.
  • The chapter was shorter because I have so much writing to do.

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