Guilty is the twenty-fifth chapter of Last Dance and was published on February 18.


Richelle's paranoia hits her hard from a bad nightmare, and when faced with reality, is caught. Meanwhile, Ozzy gets interrogated by Ally.


Richelle yelled, allowing her lungs to be gasping for air. She had no clue where she was. Who she was with, she just knew that something was not normal. Something was fishy and she knew that it was off. She could feel the tensity of the person nearby her linger through her fingertips like static energy. She looked up above her to be met with gray, or moldy green clouds. Her expressions turned to a weird and confused combination. One which no one could decipher at the odd hours of 30: 00 AM.

The scenery faded, and the next thing she knew, she saw a man, or something, attacking her. She did not know what it was, she just knew that her life was in danger. She was running from it on a sandy beach. She could hear the dust and sand kick up from behind her, she could feel her heart beating out of her chest. She could feel the scolding heat of the send beneath her. And yet, she did not dare to look down, her life was at steak and she needed to preserve her life, for she wanted it to be a lengthy one. She wanted to live until the ripe old age of 82. That was her goal, at least.

Her demons satirized her lyrics of morality. She felt her pit in her stomach gut her even more. She felt sick to her stomach, as if she was getting a cramp, or feeling horrific. Horrid, sick. As if she was reviving the bubonic plague by the rats known as her demons. The angry people lurking in the back of her brain. Those of whom she'd never wished to unleash ever in her life, but those who somehow managed to make it through to where her thoughts were.

She always had them in her, but they were kept hidden, far away from where she could distinguish them, so that she would never have to endure drama. Never have to go anywhere. These demons of hers, were or morals. What was to keep most sane, meant death and destruction for her. Her thoughts were unleashed, and her mind spreaded into a caring simulation. She felt angry about what she had done, she wanted to fix it. What was weird was that she had never experienced these thoughts of sanity, these thoughts of morality, these thoughts of actually feeling empathetic or sympathetic towards someone. The thoughts that she was human. The thoughts that she was not a robot, she had emotions and flaws. The thoughts about how she was not perfect.

She shoved those thoughts out when her parents had split, because she was becoming very insecure then. She knew that actually caring about others would be horrible, it would bring her dancing down, and dancing was the one thing that she had going for her at the time. That's why she always felt closed, distant. Cut off from the rest of society. As if she was the North Korea of The Next Step.

The next minute, the scene switched again. To Richelle, dancing in studio A to 'Can't Get Enough' by Basenji while the cameras view looked vintage and from the 60s with the static around the square edges of the cameras view. However, the key was off and she could feel it. It made her shiver inside. The off-key beats and how it felt a semi tone or fifty lower then it actually was supposed to be, sent chills down her spine. As it was also slightly slower then normal. It carried on for the entire end of the song.

The final scene that caused her to wake up, was a police officer, bringing her into a jail cell. She did not know it was her at the time as she could not see the fugitives face, however after hearing her scream come from the criminals mouth, she froze in her sleep. She woke up and screamed out of fear.

Her mother rushed over to her. "Sh. It's okay, sweetie. What's wrong?" Her mother, who looked more like a stereotypical Japanese person then Richelle did, and had striking brown hair that resembled one of someone from America who was interested in leather jackets, smiled. Hoping to reassure safety in the precious home. Wanting her daughter to be safe.

"I had a nightmare." Richelle cried out loud whilst she recalled the events in her scared mind. She did not want to turn herself in, but she basically had already done so by all the incriminating evidence of which she put in there. She was going to jail for sure now. And one thing for sure, was that she was not going to enjoy her time incarcerated.

"Would you like to talk about it?" Her mother asked.

Richelle paused. Her mother could tell something had been up since the very start of the week. She sighed. "I did something bad mom..." She frowned. She was going to continue, but saw a tear drip down her mothers cheek. Wanting to give her hope, she kept her mouth shut for 3 minutes, before the mother carried the conversation along.

"What exactly did you do?" Her mother asked with curiosity flowing through her as she was scared for the answer, and at the same time also ecstatic for the answer in an odd way. She did not want her daughter to be a fugitive of course, although she knew that this would be a fun rollercoaster and could not blame Richelle after the damage her family had put her through due to the divorce.

"I extorted my boyfriend's brother for cash and forgery." Richelle admitted her sins to her mother. And all time stood still in that fateful moment. Her mom did not want to believe that this was true and wanted to go back to living as if everything was always perfect in their household but knew that it was far from the case and knew that their sins would catch up to them in the near future. Therefore, it would be inescapable.

"Was that your idea?" She asked.

"No." Richelle exclaimed. "It was my boyfriend's. I needed cash because I know you've been having trouble with the money and I need to dance. It is the one thing that keeps me sane in my world. I can't not be dancing for any time. I need it in my life. I need competitive dancing. So I needed the money and a forgery because I knew that you'd never allow me to give me your signature as you'd ask about the money portion of the form and then I knew that my dad would never allow me to even go to dance because he does not think it is an actual sport. He does not think that it is worth my time, too. He thinks I am too obsessed with it." Richelle explained.

"Ah that explains it." Her mother said. "Well, it's 3: 00am. We should probably get back to sleep." Her mother said, tucking the blankets back in.

"Actually." Richelle sat up, ignoring where the blankets were situated. "I'm going down to the studio so I can be extra early. I'm bringing an entire pack of Pepsi along with me in my bike, just so I can stay awake. Besides, exercising at this time of day when I am super tired, might just make me more awake anyways.

"Alright." Her mom said.

Richelle walked into the small kitchen which conveniently was next to the sleeping room which had the two beds of which her mom and her slept on respectively, turned on the light, and grabbed herself a 12-pack of Pepsi, and then went outside to put it on her bicycle. She then went back and got her helmet on, and then she went and turned off all the lights again and went back into the outdoors and then closed the door that lead back into their small house that could barely function. She then got onto her bike and then road it down into studio A to take the sent. She then danced without any music, as she turned the lights on.

How did she even get there? She went through the back which was never left locked, and then went on the elevator, and then pressed the third floor, where The Next Step Dance Studio was, and neither Studio A, Studio 1, nor the locker room were ever closed or locked. The offices were, as they hosted the more important valuables.


Ally and Ozzy walked side-by-side as they walked Ozzy to dance. The two talked about typical things teenagers would converse over. Their presence merely lighting the others up in flames. Their friendship was amazing, and they were happy that they did stay friends. As they were amazing for each other, but not in a romantic way.

"Hey, I need to ask you something." Ally said.

"Sure, go ahead." Ozzy said nonchalantly. As if he did not care about the questions if which she'd inquire him about. Which was true, he did not care. As long as it had nothing to do with their romantics.

"I know this might be a little... Too early in the friendship to ask about this, but I wanted to know your thoughts." Ally said. Ozzy rolled his head, thinking that this was probably about the one thing that he did not want to talk about, but he was wrong. "Richelle extorted your brother..."

"Oh... Um... How do you know about that?" Ozzy asked, cursorily. The last time he checked he had no told anyone about it and Richelle did not want anyone to know as she did not want to go to jail. 

"Richelle, she told me." Ally said. "Anyway. I just wanted to know because I'm curious if you had any involvement in it. But don't worry, I'm not one for snitching."

"Yeah I did." Ozzy admitted. "I was actually the one who suggested it to her. I know, it's very out of characteristics for me to do such a thing, but I knew that she needed to dance. She is one of our best dancers, after all. I hope you understand." Ozzy explained.

"Yeah. I get it." Ally said, as then they'd stopped at the studio. "Well, here is the studio. Have a great day." Ally said, and then hugged Ozzy. Ozzy hugged back.

"Thanks you too." They released fro their hug before parting on their separate pathways and Ozzy walked into studio A and was starting to talk to Richelle who looked drunk from staying up since 3: 00am.

Chloe walked in, along with Eldon, Thalia, and Giselle. "Everyone, clean out your cubbies." Giselle said. "Nationals is this week. We have to empty our cubbies out." She said. 

Everyone rushed to do so. Richelle saw the note of her sins in the cubby and grabbed it, and stared it down. Did she want to turn it in like her initial plan? Would she just keep it a secret? Before she could make up her mind, it was too late. Zara looked over her shoulder. "What's that?" She asked.

Zara read what it said. About how she was guilty of extortion. Zara gasped. "Hey, can I see that for a second?" Zara asked Richelle.

Richelle did not want anyone to think she was hiding something, and thus, agreed to such terms. She handed the sticky note to Zara and she gasped. She rushed over to Eldon. "Eldon! Look at this! Richelle is admitting that she extorted her boyfriend's brother! For the money that she gave for nationals, and forging her mother's signature!" Zara exposed her teammates.

"Richelle! What is the meaning of this?" Thalia yelled.

"I can explain! I could not get my dads approval and my mother is currently struggling to pay the bills, and so I knew that I'd be unable to pay for it, so I had to. It was Ozzy's idea though. Trust me on that." Richelle yelled, trying to defend your actions.

"If you keep this up, we're gonna get disqualified. We'll try to cover it up. But right now, you need to stay on the down low. No one tell anyone about this." Chloe yelled at all the dancers. They could not afford two dancers to get disqualified from their team. Surely one was fine, as then they'd have 10 dancers still, and 10 dancers was the proper amount. Two were just alternates. But Richelle was their greatest asset, and loosing her would coast them everything, and Ozzy being the instigator would surely get him disqualified too. Which meant that they had 9 dancers. They were doomed.

Authors Notes

  • If you want to know, I did mean to put 30: 00am, and 3: 00am in their places. As I wanted to capture the feel that in nightmares, there is never really a sense of time or place, just emotion. Which is why I made it a time that does not exist.

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