Home is the fifteenth chapter of Last Dance. It was published on January 1.


With the upcoming competition in two months, Emily hosts auditions for the alternate spot, and no one is exempted from auditioning, even those with confirmed spots and the dance captain. Meanwhile, Michelle struggles without her second home being besides her, and makes an effort to return home to The Next Step, but this time, differently.


The shivering tension wavered across the back of their skulls, all scared for how the alternates could be decided upon. Agreed upon by all eight, and this meant everything to them. No one wanted to be... Nothing less then a backup. Never. It was painful because all those who wanted to dance, came to TNS. They wanted their chance, and if they were not given it, it meant just the waste of the year for them. Needless to say, someone, in the end, would not be happy with the decisions that were to be made, and it was to change the future of A-Troupe entirely.

Richelle, Jacquie and Piper could finally reuinaite with their teammates. Piper felt actually good enough to be around Josh and not be reeled in. Not be sucked in by the black whole, that was somehow attracted to her emotions and deep inner-thoughts. Held captive, as if there was some unspoken code or lien to be renewed. Restored to bring great prosperity to the nations that were the studios.

"So.." Jacquie said, turning to Richelle. "You are okay? You're ready for this?"

To be honest, Richelle was very insecure over herself and her dancing at that moment, because she knew they'd only treat her as a second Daniel, someone who hid her injury, and knew that she probably would be unable to dance by their TNS guidelines anyways. She stood no chance against anyone, but she was unable to say she was nervous, for fear of her spot on the team, as slim as they already were, to be treading on thin waters.

Chloe walked in. "Alright, I have a big announcement." She said, "how the auditions will run is everyone will do solos." The format was oddly reminiscent of how they did A-troupe auditions for the team of when they'd won Regional's after ten years of dreaded defeat. Before Michelle came, there was no hope.

"The auditions are in here, right?"

Emily gritted her teeth at the concept of the snake, she was still angered over what she did. Turning on the TNS Faculty like that? When she was one of them? This was way out of line, and now she was happy to finally have her out of the picture, and for good. How much things had changed, James no longer danced, Emily was now running A-Troupe with a plethora of other OG's. It felt almost surreal to think about how far their team had come. 

The dancers all lined up, one by one, ready to audition. Ozzy turned on Stand Up, and Ozzy did his first solo to begin the day. Everyone was in shock, if this was what it took, they needed to up their game. Things were about to get interesting....


Michelle was pacing around in the wings with an outfit which was adjacent to the one seen in the dance that she had fainted in, during the regional's the year prior to that of the one that got them into National's this year. She was scared because Amanda was also there.

"Amanda, what are you doing? This is my solo!" Michelle yelled, scared for what could happen. 

There was no way Amanda could do the female solo. This was her dance that she had practiced for three weeks, instead of being on tour. Amanda could not just come in and take the spot she worked hard for with only a day, or barely even, of rehearsal. This spot meant so much more then that of Amanda. Michelle had been Ms. National's soloist twice before, she knew how things worked, she could make an amazing routine, that pleased the judges that she knew how to please already due to the extensive knowledge, after all, she won twice in a row. 

She knew this, Amanda did not. Michelle's solo would guarantee them a spot in the semi finals, Amanda's barely gave them a chance in B-Troupe.

"Isn't it obvious? Doing the solo. Your five minutes of fame are up, this is my time." Amanda eyed the girl coldly and stormed onto the stage as her name was audio'd by the P.A speakers. Michelle felt so hurt, how could Amanda grow so cold?

Snakes were always snakes....

Amanda was once a snake, being at Elite and only at The Next Step to bring them down so they would not attend National's. She thought that the dark-haired girl had actually changed, but sure, nothing was ever as it seemed. How could she betray her trust? The two were best friends up until that point. What got to her?

What did exactly get to her? Amanda's insecurities. Throughout her time as a dancer, people made fun of how tall she was, and now, she was going exact her anger out onto her foes. Amanda knew what she was doing was wrong, and would take it back in a heartbeat, but, as she danced, she felt on top of the world.

Perhaps, Michelle could have oughted to use the lesson she gave Piper on the competition. 

Instead of blocking the negative, her mind was a metaphorical gateway for the floods of anguish. At this point, there was noting that Michelle could do; Amanda was dancing, and she could not stop the dance, stop the music to fight. Could she? No. She was so infuriated by Amanda and the teams actions, she could have gotten famous off of the tour. Though no, she did not. She just so happened to use that time that she could have used getting famous, to make the solo for National's, and for what? To be used by someone else ten years down the line? This was unacceptable.

Tiffany and Amanda stood next to each other when the dance moving on was to be announced, venom being fuelled by the distaste of decisions in the blonde who had been mentally hurt's mouth. "The team.. moving onto the next round, the semi finals is...The Absolute Touring Company!"

Michelle turned to Tiffany. "This is so messed up, how could you condone this?"

"We wanted to give someone else a try." Tiffany said. "You've done it multiple times."

"Yeah, so that was my legacy to uphold, to withstand, and now, I have nothing. Why did I even trust coming here in the first place? You'll regret this. I, am leaving." Michelle stormed off, and her mind was made. She could not be with the team that betrayed her.

The truth was, no one in the tour.... Actually liked her.


Noah went up, doing a reprise of his dance to Destructor. The Acro being the main part of it. Kenzie turned on Turn Me Around and did a solo to it. Addicted To You turned on,  Amy danced her heart out, meanwhile, the tension between her and Piper were brought to new heights. Neither of them were hoping for the spot of being an alternate, and if either was the not-so-normalized spot, then they'd blame the other. So it was either they were both alternates, or not alternates. That was just how it had to be, for A-Troupe's sake of the drama.

Piper then danced to Genesis by Dua Lipa - bringing everything that she had to be the forefront. She did a lot of graceful turns and Amy knew that if Piper made it as a featured dancer, then she stood no chance, as she looked around at the other amazing dancers, her fears starting to get the best of her. She gulped down her nervousness and fear of having not done well enough in her audition.

Finn turned on Up In The Clouds and walked to the center of the dance floor, and danced his hardest, knowing he had to do what was right for him. This meant everything, and he had to pour his blood, sweat and tears into this. 

After that, Zara turned on Lane Boy from TØP and did an incredible jazz funk dance. despite her already having a guaranteed spot, along with Noah, due to them having the male and female solos at the upcoming competition in two months, they were still obligated to audition, for some reason despite them already knowing their outcome. And Zara was still treating this like an audition, so she went all out. dancing to the best of her ability. Not holding anything back as if it were her last dance.

Lily turned on Wings and she did a solo for the first two versus, and then Jacquie came in to audition during the chorus of the song, and Richelle entered in sometime after the chorus. Everyone was feeling very pumped. Now, they had only one final person that was subjected to the auditions. Josh.

Josh sighed as he went up to dance, Top Of The World began to play and he danced amazingly, he felt proud of what he had gotten too, and yet he still felt some sort of storm approaching, though he tried to keep it calm.

But yes - a storm was approaching.

"Alright, thank you for the time and effort, the results will be posted tomorrow, and you may be free to socialize and chat for the rest of your day." Emily said as then the dancers walked out of studio 1 and its polished interior and exterior designs. 

Michelle blurred their path and she stormed into studio 1, nearly in scolding hot tears after the altercation with the company. "Look, I am sorry. I need a place to dance, and so I was wondering if you guys have an extra spot on A-Troupe? I need an extra spot because.. Well.. My team betrayed me."

Emily rolled her eyes. Classic Michelle, walking in and demanding everything to her way.  She was so selfish, did she just have to be that selfish though? Emily was about to snap but cooled herself before actually yelling at the other blonde before her.

"You can. But, you must audition."

Michelle nodded, and then headed to the centre of studio 1, readying to dance. Emily stood by the doorframe and turned on Can't Get Enough by Basenji. She tried to put everything into the contemporary/hip hop mashup. Despite it being a very popular dance sub-genre now,  she had hope that she was being original and yeah, she surely was. It was normally done with two dancers, the dance being a duet and yet this was a solo. Yet somehow, the former Ms. National's Soloist two times consecutively, was encompassing the elements; the rawness of hip hop and the technique of contemporary and somehow making the two styles blend perfectly, managing. It made her smile, that they finally had a new interesting style that had no name as of yet.

It just all worked somehow, and no one knew how.

Michelle stood there, panting, trying to catch a hold of her breath as Emily was in confusion and awe at the same time after watching the performance. She did not know what to make of the audition piece herself, but knew that the girl had what it took to be on A-Troupe, especially after dancing with her for eight months. They did not even need the audition piece, they mainly did due to protocol.

"I have good news. You made the team!"

Michelle was unnerved as soon as the announcement had been released through the mouth. The two shared a tight hug as Michelle was happy that she finally had a place to call home after being away for so long. It was as if this studio had an effect on people that made others addicted to being there. Regardless, the studio really did change lives for the better, despite the drama that went on. This was her second home, and despite who would be running A-Troupe, it would remain to be that to her, deep down in her heart.

Before even having made the deliberations, the faculty of the dance studio had probably already concurred on a decision for their alternate, but with an extra dancer added onto the team, who'd be their second alternate?

Authors Notes

  • Michelle teaching a lesson to Piper occurred in The Game Belongs to Me.
  • Noah's "Destructor" solo happens in Love Will Tear Us Apart.
  • As of right now, I don't have intent on updating this book for the next few months, mostly because I have to focus on exams coming up and instead of studying right now, I am writing. So yeah, I should really begin to revise for one exam I know I am going to fail cuz my crush is in that class. Anyway, so yeah, expect new chapters coming in March! As for how much of the book we have left, we have half of the book left to write.
  • This chapter would have came out earlier, though I... Kinda literally, I kid you not, fell asleep on the couch while writing this at 6 AM after pulling an all-nighter with my friends who I barely see.
  • UPDATE: I posted all the first fifteen chapters of the book so far on my main Wattpad account, and exams are appooaching, The next chapter should come by the start of Febuary, at least that's what I'm predicting to be honest. also, today has been the best day of my life since entering high school, (Yes, I am in grade nine, and no, this is not sorcery... Unless you think I am a horrible writer.)

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