Make It Up To You is the twenty-first chapter of Last Dance. It was published on February 16.


Ally vows to make Richelle like her in order to clear the air with Ozzy and takes an opportunity that Gemini gives her to make that happen; Meanwhile, Ozzy and Richelle struggle to recompose their chemistry. Whilst Jacquie and Noah struggle once given the duet, and Noah wants to know how to make it up to Jacquie and clear the air.


Jacquie and Noah were working on the duet together in studio A, the awkwardness since their unofficial breakup had settled and now radiating the air as the regular, non-poisoned air was now sparse. Leaving few inhalations would be clean, and rid of unfaithfulness and lies. The product of destruction. The product of sin. The duo came together for a lift. The struggles people perceived as cries.

"ugh." Jacquie called out.

"Can't you just trust me?" Noah asked, raising a brow while Jacquie was up in the air.

"Trust the person who has lied to my face? Yeah, I can trust you." Jacquie said sarcastically while up in the air. Noah lifted her down.

"Okay, so clearly this is not working..." Noah uttered the words softly, hoping to not have another sarcastic truth be thrown at him in a decidedly manner. 

"You think? You lied to my face! You said that I'd get the duet with you automatically but you got us an audition Noah, an audition! The one reason I wanted to have it before was so that my confidence could be restored, but guess what? You got me an audition!"

"But we made it through the auditions. We got the duet." Noah defended himself. "And remember, not all of the drama was centered around me being a total idiot. Remember, you wanted me to be fully focused on you. That's basically been all of what's been going on, we were perfectly fine. How about we call it even?"

"No." Jacquie said plainly. Without a sense of time or energy, or mass. It felt as if her whole world was crumbling beneath her, and the weight of the world was being plotted on her shoulders. She could not handle it. "No, we can't. There's a difference. You lied! People who love each other should not lie. Oh, and now you're only making me feel more worse by telling me that I'm the problem in this relationship. So just leave before you paint yourself as the villain in my fantasy world."

"Right, in your fantasy. So this is all fake. This relationship; fake. We've been trying to force something that just is not gonna happen." Noah said. A grumble in his monotone voice. Despite the emotionless demeanor, it was filled with emotion in between the lines - heartbreak, sadness, anger. So much. Could he go on like this?

"Yeah, I'm going. Tell Emily that I want a different partner. One I can actually trust." Jacquie grumbled and ran off. The same emotions on her face as when she'd first heard of the misconception of words. Noah never meant to hurt Jacquie. He did it all in her benefit. All at her expense. And somehow, it came back to him with horrible consequences. He knew that he had to clear the air.


Ally walked into the sinister-looking studio, her voice crumpled up in a ball as she walked in to see Cierra, Skylar, and the rest of the company; Madison, Michaela, and the rest. Georgie even. Oh was that a blast from the past for Skylar when Georgie was told to have looked alike to Prince Alfie. However, Ally was uncanny to the mention of their name, for she was not on A-Troupe during the time of three-part qualifiers, internationals winners, and no East or West from their past.

"Hey," Ally said. A smile on her face. "I am here. You guys said that you needed an extra member? So what am I? An alternate? A star? A-"

"Spy." The teacher said.

Ally's face frowned. "Wait... What?" She squinted her eyes with so curiosity to the subject matter.

"You heard me. You're a good old friend of The Next Step. We need someone to go into their territory and film all of their dances. Say you're doing it for a project and need exclusive dances from The Next Step." The teacher explained. And Ally shut her eyes. If she did this, she could hold onto the tapes for as long as she wanted. Blackmail them, or something. Make sure that they never got the tapes. If n0t, they might actually destroy her favorite team. Could she really do this, to her teammates? Heck yeah!

"Deal." Ally said, choking on her words a little bit, hoping for people to buy her answer and she walked off to go talk to them. Her progress, her hiding whatever it was, the dances, had to be all for something. Or else her efforts would be done for. Her ideas. Her information. This had to stay secret. She'd profusely burn the tapes in fire which represented her dark side. No one would be getting these tapes and they'd be over. She could expose them - Gemini would be no more.


Richelle and Ozzy walked into the Shakes & Ladders, smiles on their faces which repressed the ignorant chemistry bounded by their love for one another - they had no chemistry, though. And both of them could feel it immensely. Was it their fault that they refused to share feelings for one another which they once hosted? Was it wrong of them to be feeling this way after months of struggling?

They sat down. "That was a funny joke."


Their voices both showed hesitance to the concept of a relationship - as if they both regretted getting into it. Richelle looked down, frowning at how once they got all the drama out of the way, it was not like they'd hoped. It had been magical before, amazing, but now, she thought that maybe due to the struggle, she gave up on the heavy tense sensual emotions of which contained her thoughts for Ozzy.

"What's wrong?" Ozzy asked.

"Nothing." Richelle lied, and then gave a fake smile, which flashed across along with her as-false, eager personality. "I have to use the washroom." She said and then walked off, but Ozzy knew that something was wrong. Desperately. Everything displayed the emotions, the signs. Something was off, and he had to find out now so that he could change anything. This relationship had to work, it could not be for nothing. No. He could simply not let that happen, especially after all the drama they went through. It all had to be for something.


Ally walked into the studio. Studio 1. Her eyes glimmering and a smile on her face as she saw Richelle dancing to Let's Go in a copacetic order. Her eyes popping, her viens showing. It was as if she was given access to everything and nothing at that very moment. She needed to get in and find out information. Could not be that hard? Not at all.

"Hey Ally." Richelle smiled.

"Hey." Ally said whilst Richelle grabbed her water bottle. 

"What do you need?" She asked, her brow raised.

"Look. I just want to say sorry about fighting over the same guy as you." Ally said.

"Honestly, same." Richelle smiled. "If there's anything that you need, please, come talk to me." Richelle said happily. "I'd be happy to, especially since you're friends with Ozzy." Richelle said. 

"Same here. Do you need anything?" Ally asked.

"Actually, I do." Richelle said. "Me and Ozzy... Since getting back together with Ozzy, we have not connected well and I feel as if breaking up with him a few days ago kinda lost our spark. We are not as okay with each other as we used to be. We don't have the same chemistry, the same transcendency in your personalities like you two." Richelle said. "Any way you could help?"

"Yeah. It'll take some time. But just know that the chemistry will come back. After a while of hating someone, it can really seep into your bones. But it's still there. It's always still there." Ally said.

"Thank you so much." Richelle hugged her. When released, she smiled happily once more. "Anything specific I need to do to make the chemistry and emotions and feelings come alive again?" Richelle asked.

"Well.. From your experience, I've seen that if you two do a dance together, things go back to normal. So I'd recommend that, but that's just based off of your experiences." Ally said.

"Thank you. I shall try that." Richelle said and then headed off to go talk to Ozzy again.


Ozzy walked into the studio. Studio A to be exact and saw a big grin on Richelle's face. His eyes widened to see the girl sitting on a bench. Perfectly okay, when he'd received a text about how she'd been injured a third time. Surely, that was all the upmost unlikely, but he thought about it and it could have been. He had rushed there.

"What's going on?" Ozzy asked.

"Well, I knew you were busy today so you would not have a chance to come, so I had to scare you into coming." Richelle said.

"That's clever. Anyways, what did you want me for?" Ozzy asked, raising his brows,

"To dance." Richelle said.

The Music Made Me Dance began to play and they tried their hardest, getting back into the groove. As if time had never passed. As if they were the same from before the alternates were chosen. Their love had stopped and immediately began. They had high hopes for each other in the relationship, but knew that now nothing could stop them. This made them happy. No more tears. No more drama. Just dancing and love for them, and that was the way they'd like it to be kept.


Jacquie was waiting in studio A for Noah after an hour of waiting. When he finally showed up, she gave a judgmental look. "Look who decided to finally show up." Jacquie muttered in silent agony that she pressed along to others. Transferring her sorrows and problems to others.

"Look, I just did not want to be around you." Noah explained.

"So? I don't want to hang around you, the least you could do is be on time for rehearsal!" Jacquie argued, a sigh rolling out of her breath.

"We can't keep doing this..."

"Yeah. We can keep doing this!" Jacquie said. "Just wait until internationals and I will convince Em to kick you out." Jacquie said.

"Umm excuse me?" Noah asked. "I'm the dance captain."

"Do I look like I care? You're going down, and I don't care what you say." Jacquie rolled her eyes. No one understood her side of the story, would they ever try to? How could they ever go on if they continued this.

"Fine. If you won't listen, I'll have to make you listen." Noah said.

"Well good luck trying." Jacquie said. "What is there for me to listen about?"

"I tried." Noah blurted out. "I tried to get us the duet, I really did. I never meant for the lie to hurt you. I did it in your benefit. Emily had her foot down and was dead-set on auditioning, and not just handing it right off the bat. I did it only so that you'd come because I knew that you would not come if it was auditions."

"I would have been find with auditions had you told me." Jacquie said.

"Well, I did not know. This duet needs to be perfect. Is there anything I could do to help you out?" Noah asked. "Make us even?" Noah asked.

"No." Jacquie said, a brief pause hung between their lips. the pause was situated there, sitting, stationary for an entire minute. "Having you is enough." She whispered and then they hugged each other proudly being better. Noah learned from his mistakes and was ready to take on the world with his girl who was now more then just friend, and with hopefully no more drama, everything would be just fine.

"Let's dance?" Jacquie asked, whispering.

"Let's dance." Noah whispered along.

Noah and Jacquie smiled and their mouths connected on a line as the music began. They started to dance and their energy and soul was put into the routine. This had to be it, there was no holding back, and they did the best dance that they had ever done - no more lies. They were going to stick it out till the end.

At the end of the routine, they were face to face, and their fates intertwined. Their mouths connected onto each other as they kissed for the final constitution of their lives - their relationship. This was what they were waiting for, and now they could officially take over the world. The dance world, that is.

But oh, there was more drama to come, and not just from them.

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