That's The Game: Part 2 is the eleventh chapter of Last Dance and was published on December 27.


Ozzy and Richelle are forced to work together which leads to catastrophic problems, as Richelle and Jacquie's days are numbered at the studio, they both try to make things right with their exes; Alexa leaves B-Troupe As the ongoing struggle for the team continues.


Alexa stood forlorn in the incoming office, she waited the return of the previously-hated studio heads. The sister of the amazing dancer had some news to share as she had recently joined B-Troupe, but with Jacquie's plans having been put into fruition, they were done with it. She had no need to be there. Therefore would be exempt from the B-Troupe rehearsals and everything, her need was done, and so was her time.

Ms. Kate walked in to see Alexa there, sitting on the chair already. "Alright - what do you wanna talk to me about?" She asked.

"Well, I just want you to know that I have thought about it and have made my decision to leave B-Troupe because I am no longer needed."

To Kate, the idea of her leaving brought such shock value to her, for the girl was the best they'd ever had. "This is about Jacquie, isn't it? If it's about Jacquie, I can kick her off the team." Kate said, they desperately needed an extra spot on A-Troupe for Alexa to take, though, that was to never happen, as Alexa had made up her mind and was adamant on leaving, and therefore, would not be ever in the position to make a mark and legacy of her own on A-Troupe, and the spots were all taken by that point.

Kate sighed and came to terms with the fact that they would never have the best dancer to have ever graced the floors of TNS onto their National's team, "will we see you for Internationals? Because I have to say your dancing is flawless." Kate stated.

"No, I've made my mind. I am sorry Kate, but can't come back onto the team. The only reason I came here was to make Ozzy and Richelle's lives miserable upon the request of my sister. I did what I had to do, and now I'm out." Alexa said and then stood up and exited the building.

In studio A, where, in the nearby office that was linked to it, a dancer had just left, Jacquie was dancing her hardest to Supercut by Lorde, struggling to piece together what had gone by with her and Noah. All she had of him were memories and knew the rehearsals were to be more tense then ever with all the fighting. Surely things were not at an all-time high, but things were horrible. Between the trespassing of emotions in Richelle's heart, and how Jacquie had crushed Richelle in all the ways she wanted, while she left room for her to improve on her strength, made her life easier. But she knew things would never be the same; her and Noah were to never get back together.

How could Noah say something about her like that? How could they disagree on something and allow their relationship to be set aflame, the arson committed by them both yet they both held totally different flame torches - it created the same, big, catastrophic fire that would burn the heart of the studio and allow the blood of them boil, rising to the waters what would have been.

Noah walked in and sighed as he noticed the presence that graced before him. A sigh lingering from him invisibly, one of dread mixed with concern from the pure heart of gold. Noah was being such a toxic person and as the dance captain was watching his ex, they almost connected.

Jacquie wanted to get back together with Noah, she really did, but due to the drama between them, she knew there was no way that the two could be together. She tried to find good memories but now, knew that they only had bad ones. The worst thing, was that Jacquie was being so wrong at the moment, she was the one who was trying to control Noah, and yet somehow, she blamed Noah for all this.

"So you want me to basically have this as a job? You want me to skip school for you? You want me to die for you? Are we really this toxic of a relationship?" Noah asked, and then huffed. "Well fine then, we're over." Noah said, walking off

Jacquie finished her routine and stopped to face her ex. "What do you want? To break my heart again?

"You do realize you're being very unprofessional right? You were the one who wanted me to act like you're royalty and I'm-"

"Shut up, I never said anything like that." Jacquie yelled.

"No, you literally said that you had to be your number one priority. I am sorry, but until you stop being less toxic, we can't be together."

"What are you talking about?" Jacquie asked. "You're the one being unfair!"

"Oh really then explain how you wanted to be the queen of the world to me." Noah yelled back, the fighting could only grow louder.

"Fine, then I will talk to Giselle and Emily about impeaching your spot as dance captain." Jacquie said and then walked off, Noah had no clue what to do, if things went through, all hope would be lost for Noah and Jacquie's relationship to make a full recovery.

Jacquie walked into the office. "Good, you're here. Let's start talking about how you brought your own sister to break the hearts of Richelle and Ozzy, meddling in their relationship life. Why is that?" Emily asked, sitting on her desk. Jacquie huffed for she felt trapped. She had to admit it.

"Fine, I needed to make Richelle pay. That was my solo that I could have had but no! I was not even allowed to audition! Emily, look at me, stare at my eyes and tell me I am good enough! And, how could she even go after my ex-boyfriend, who I don't even care about anymore? This is ridiculous!" Jacquie yelled.

Emily was appalled. "Jacquie, I think you and Richelle both need to take time off." She turned to Richelle, who stood lonesome in the back corner of the wooden office. "From what it sounds like, you two are both suffering from mental problems, so I suggest you be brought to a mental hospital to get help. I will phone both of your mothers over the idea and consult with them before going through with the process and the papers."

Richelle's eyes widened. 

"Oh, Richelle, because I don't want you to miss out on anything, can you create a duet with Ozzy?" She asked.

Richelle grinned - Ozzy; the one person that Richelle did not want to look at. They had broken up yet things still felt at peace somehow. She sighed, "yes." She then walked off to studio 1, where the ex was.

"What do you want?" Ozzy asked.

"Well, before I am sent to a mental hospital, Emily wants us to choreograph a routine together." Richelle said. "Not my preferred idea, but it's whatever. Her word goes."


Noah stood in Shakes And Ladders, the thoughts that pulled his head in one direction were to only corrupt him and make him worse. He felt.. almost guilty? Yet, why? It was not his fault. Jacquie was just naturally like that and he had seen many times before.

Jacquie walked by and sighed. "In three hours, I am going to a mental hospital, I admit fault. I am sorry for... Whatever I did. I can be your last priority." Jacquie said and allowed a cackle to seep through their skulls, "-for all you care about. Just know that, I want you to be happy." Jacque said.

Noah frowned, "no. I can't do this right now, Jacquie. Talk to me once you are out of the mental hospital, but right now, not at all. I can't." The man was scared of if Jacquie was telling the truth or not with the account of her poetic "apology". As maybe, she could think of getting away with saying such words because they would not be able to see each other for a month, or two, or three. Noah then walked off.

Jacquie sighed, she really had wished for them to get everything resolved before leaving, but the car that came to pick her up was being driven by her mom and her mom was to arrive in three hours tops. Now, she'd probably never get out, for the nerves in her bones would be plagued with guilt, regret and anxiety over the fault, that was her wrongdoing. That lead to the downfall of what was the new James and Riley.


The duet was being done to Slow Motion, one in which Ozzy had plotted out entirely in his head time-and-time again. One he'd practically memorized doing in his dreams and could copy it all down. The two did the duet and it was looking pretty awesome.

By the time they posed, Richelle ran up to Ozzy and high-five'd him. "Come on! That was amazing! I want to do it again."

Ally then looked through the doorway, unamused over what she was seeing. To her, it looked as if Ozzy and Richelle had gotten back together, but was that really what was in the picture she'd seen?

"Fine." Ozzy caved and then turned the music on again, and they did it once more.

"Ozzy, I'm gonna miss this. I really missed this. You're the only one to bring this side out of me and I love it, Ozzy. Can we go back how things used to be when I arrive out of the hospital? Stable, sober. All of those things, because we'd be pretty great. We could just make it a second chance?" Richelle asked.

"Wait, you're going to a mental hospital?" Ozzy asked.

"That's why Emily asked for us to do the duet. But are you up for dating again?" 

Ozzy was unsure; on one hand, there was Ally, who'd be heartbroken if they did that. She'd be at the worst state she'd had ever been in since joining the dance crew, but on the other hand, Ozzy realized that he'd never actually loved Ally, and it had been Richelle all the time. There was Ozzy's feelings to factor in too, who'd wanna date someone they never actually loved?

"Y-" Ozzy paused. "Y-yes." Ozzy stuttered.

"Perfect." Richelle said and then kissed Ozzy before walking out the door, knowing she'd almost permanently broken her foot, this was bad. Really bad.

Meanwhile, in the office, Ally was talking to Giselle and Chloe. "I am sorry, but I don't think I can continue on with this, whenever I think of dance now, I think of the pain it's caused. I have to leave."

This hurt them very much, that one would just leave, though they'd allowed her to leave. "Take as much time as you need-"

At least Richelle and Jacquie were expected to be better by National's.


The whole six people in the TNS faculty had been waiting for the next day's rehearsal to tell them the bad news and then, as the dancers filed in, a sort of unsettling feeling crept in, the weird vibe was no longer there and the friendliness had evaporated once more. They lined up, together, almost in perfect unison as they clutched on tight to what they'd known as the team, while a deep pit sunk into their stomachs as they'd known that they were down by three. Giselle desperately would do anything not to tell them the heartbreaking news, though it came as a part of her job and therefore was not needed to have a scapegoat.

"Everyone, I am sure you're aware of the three dancers missing.." Giselle started, gulping as she prepared herself for the words of despair. "Don't worry they are not dead, now some of you may know this and some of you may not, but both Jacquie and Richelle have been sent, on request of me, to a mental hospital."

Noah was in total shock, he had no clue that this was going on, and knew that he was probably the leading factor, the only way for him to get her back was if he'd fight for her.

Giselle then shut her eyes tight for a split second as she'd braced herself for what was to come, the next sentence engraved in her head, though felt as if a stranger was speaking,though she had no clue, as if she was flooded with a sudden sense of amnesia. Due to the tear almost about to roll down her cheek, and she knew that it would happen, she'd rehearsed the line several times, though she still had not prepared herself enough.

"Ally left our team."

Authors Notes

  • The dance that Ozzy and Richelle do is from the Off Season episode Crushing on Richelle.
  • The reason Emily gave Richelle the idea of doing a duet with Ozzy was mostly because she wanted things betwen them to be okay again and she wanted Richelle to have one last dance as she might never dance again. so yes, it was intential.
  • You probably won't receive chapters for a while as I am having a writers block for the next three episodes, so forgive me on that.
  • This is the second part of the two-parter "That's The Game".


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