The Cure is the twentieth chapter of Last Dance and was published on February 14.


Noah convinces Jacquie to come back on the prerequisite that they get the duet, which is proven to be a tricky task; meanwhile, Richelle finds the courage to apologize to Ozzy... Barely. But will he take it? Will he accept her?


Noah walked into the same park outside of the The Next Step corridors. Jacquie adorning her TNS East jacket in which she'd worn when given the opportunity to dance with Gemini, a somber expressing leaking out of the male's face as he perambulated over to his girlfriend, but yet, at the same time, his enemy. Now that they were on rival teams - one a team member, another considered as an "outsider" to the general public of the studio. It would almost be impossible for each other to happen.

The weird thing? They'd been through that phase before - they had been in the position of being forced to keep their relationship on the down-low before, when Henry did not approve. Noah's friend, Noah's life. The one who he cared for most in opinions on his relationships. 

Noah saw Jacquie sitting on a set of swings, and Noah sat besides her, the swing being a swinging bench. Noah gave a benevolent smile as he had to admit, things were tough for the studio. Could they go on like this? Could they keep their relationship on the down-low again? Would that even be possible with how much he'd be hanging around A-Troupe especially with the home stretch to Nationals?

"So... The first few days of being hidden again?" Noah asked, raising a brow as his voice was concerning.

"It sucks.. We can't keep hiding our relationship like this for the people we care about. If they really cared about us, they'd understand." Jacquie protested.

"I know, but we have no other choice. If they find out we're dating my position on the team could be threatened, and I can't let that happen."

"I mean, I wish I could audition but they already replaced me..."

"I know, I am so upset about that, but Ally left already."

"Yeah, but considering how little time they had, they already had replaced me? I would not have been surprised if they already replaced her too." Jacquie said.

"Don't worry babe. It'll be alright." Noah said and went to hug her, but Jacquie pushed him away from her chest, making Noah adorn a look of concern, and Jacquie, a look of disdain. As if Noah was not worth his time.  Fore Jacquie had enough of his little games, and wanted to set things straight.

Jacquie sighed, "If you have to hide me from everyone else, I am sorry Noah, but I can't be with you. It's all or nothing. No hiding anymore. If you want me, you want all of me. Not me in hiding. Pick. Choose. I can't be your personal seesaw, your little playground. So until you make up your mind... I'm out of here."

Jacquie then began to walk off, leaving a torn heart placed in the wake of the original. The heart which once gave love to Jacquie was no more, and he was changed fully: finally seeing the full picture. Understanding the severity of what he was doing. He was so clueless, but not anymore. He knew that he needed to make things better - and he knew exactly how to do so.


It was the next day, and Noah was in there at 1 pm, and was ready. They had no rehearsal but the studio was open regardless. He'd booked the studio for in case Jacquie decided to show up. He had been waiting for half of an hour. He'd texted her five times, to see if she'd actually cared enough to see. But to no avail. So, he had no clue if she'd even show up.

Jacquie did thirty minutes later. "Finally, you showed up." Noah said. A sigh running through his chest.

"Quit the chit-chat." Jacquie rolled her eyes. "I needed closure, that's the only reason why I am here." Jacquie said, and then dropped her phone and her bag on the desk, a sigh melting her finite eardrums and she walked closure. "Let's just get this over with." She said, showing discontent still to his ways. "What do you want?"

"Look, I want to show that you're not worthless. I know you're going through a tough time, but I know I can save you. A-Troupe is your family and don't you ever forget that. Which is why I am here to make you remember the words." Noah said, and then turned on Tied To You and then Jacquie began to dance a duet with Noah, allowing the music to control her every step and just have fun.

After that, Noah twirled Jacquie around once more for the finale. "That was so great! Let's do it again!" Jacquie said. 

"Yeah, you sure you want to give up just yet? You have potential. You're an amazing dancer, and just because a few people don't think it, does not mean you should give up. You're unique, you're... Amazing." Noah reassured Jacquie. Making her heart feel whole once more.

"Yeah...." Jacquie said. "I have decided I am coming back onto A-Troupe. Under one condition."

"What condition?" Noah asked.

"We get the duet without an audition." Jacquie said, and Noah's face dipped, unsure if that was within his powers. Jacquie noticed and looked at him. "You can't do that can you?"

"No, I can. I can. I just need to convince Emily. Don't worry, we'll get the duet." Noah said and then walked off, allowing the noise pollution which was Jacquie's goodbye just go in one ear and out the other and headed off to the office... Wishing for the best.


In the hallway, Richelle was there. A sigh flowing through her viens, as she had no clue what to do. She noticed that she had screwed up very bad and wanted to redeem herself. Her strive to be the best got in the way, especially with the recovery. All she wanted to do was show that she was worth it, and she left everything get in the way of the amazingly blossomed relationship that was her and Ozzy's. She regretted it so much, and sulked, leaning by the wall, distraught feelings poisoning her.

Lily walked over. The two were not exactly in the best positon at the moment, but she knew that she needed help. She closed her eyes and turned to the ex-girlfriend of the former dance captain. "Hey. I know we are not on the best of terms, but you look troubled. Need any help?" She asked.

"Yeah," Richelle admitted. "I don't even know why I am telling you this but when Ozzy lost... I got mad because we had this idea to make me the co-captain which would have fulfilled my fantasy of being the team leader. Surely, I'd be the co-captain but I would make all the shots, and I wanted it so badly that it got in the way of our relationship and when he failed, I yelled at him and left him... I mean, I did it before. Before the whole change-up of the studio ended up happening, A-Troupe was split up into TNS East and West, and I had become the dance captain, but after Michelle thought we had to be eliminated after a battle to determine which would be making it to Regionals, TNS East won, by he way, because this dude named Elliot or William was a supposed broadway dancer which technically is not even allowed on Competition teams at Absolute Dance competitions, they had a sit-in to protest our win and Kate shut down Regionals for all of us but our two teams merged to form A-Troupe again and uh... we had to battle, our dance captains from either side were campaigning for the votes, and I did not won, my best friend, or well, old friend, Noah, got first... And so I freaked out at my best friend Lola and it ended that friendship."

"Look, you did wrong. I get it, but perhaps, maybe all you have to do is just go up to him and apologize..." Lilly said. "See? He's in the locker room. Go to talk to him. I am sure he'll understand."

"Thanks Lilly." Richelle said, and then began to walk off.


"Can we talk?" Noah asked, raising a brow at Eldon and Thalia, and Chloe and Emily.

"Yeah, sure. Go ahead Noah. Anything."

"Well, Jacquie is wishing to be a part of the team again. However, she does have one request for if she's going to become a member of the team again." Noah said, walking slowly towards the bodies that inhabited the skins of those who ran the studio.

"Yeah, and that is??" Emily asked in a very sarcastically annoyed primadonna-esque tone of voice. 

"She wants me and her to do the duet together. And please do so. If not, my spot on the team might be endangered because of the rule about not hanging out with outsiders, also known as people outside of the studio... so please? I'm begging you?" Noah plead, wanting this to work out in the end. It had to, it needed to. His relationship or his spot on the team could go down the drain, and either one would be bad for his life. Take a toll on his outlook on life. He needed this to work out, for his sanity and his sanity alone.

"No." Emily denied it heavily, adamantly from the very start. "No way, I will not hand the spot of the duet to an unfaithful member of the team. She's proven that she is not committed and I can't let that happen especially without auditioning."

"Alright. Well then... How about we do audition then?" Noah asked. "We can do it in an hour in studio A?" Noah asked.

"Fine then." Emily said and then Noah walked off, hoping for his plan to work. He knew it would be hard for him and Jacquie both, but Jacquie needed to stay on the team, so he could. So they could stay together, so this was ride or die. He had to go through with this no matter what.

He called her. "Hey, babe." Noah said.

Jacquie immediately wanted an answer. "So, did we get the duet?" She asked with such powerful nonsensical haste.

Noah knew that he needed to lie; if they did not get it on the first question, she'd freak out, and he knew it. "Yeah, we did." He lied, a smile keeping him able to hide the falsehoods behind the mask of which he'd portrayed. "We did. Emily just wants to see it. Let's do this!" He said with hope.


Richelle walked in slow motion towards the locker room. Confessing her sins to herself whilst she looked at Ozzy's worn down face. She turned over to the bench so that their backs were to each other. She shut her eyes tight, admitting that she had done wrong to herself despite putting herself on a high pedestal. She was not perfect, she was poorly wired, but no human was perfect.

"Look, I am sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I do that when people get in the way of my dreams sometimes, and I regret it all the time. I'm working on it, and I hope you can understand that it'll take some time. The emotions, they're complicated. This entire dance season has been hard. I've had another injury, but I am better now. I still have to go easy at the competition, of course, which is Nationals. I may never get a another chance to dance. Plus, my boyfriend has been stuck between two girls. These four months have been hard, and I hope you can understand that, and help me. I promise to be better, if you let me back into your life."

Ozzy let out a sigh and then got up and walked over to sit next to Richelle. "I understand babe. I've made up my mind. You're the one I want. No one else, not Ally; not Kenzie. No one else. Just you, and all of you. I promise you, I will be cautious and understanding. And if it means so much to you. I won't get into your dance politics stuff, just so that we can establish that we can't go into each other's territory, because when we do... We get hurt." Ozzy said.

"Thanks for understanding." Richelle said, and then hugged Ozzy. The two shared a kiss and finally felt free again. She felt finally free; finally happy. She finally knew how her signifient other felt, and knew that this was exciting for them. This meant everything to her. She could finally start focusing on A-troupe, and being a team member, instead of being an every-man-for-themselves kind of girl when on a team. Those two combinations never mixed. Before heading off, they shared a kiss. Signaling that they were ready for anything.


The struggling couple who kept their relationships under their tell-tale hearts walked into the studio. Their orbs shimmering in the light of which had the viewing fan that had been broken on more then one occasion. This was the final showdown; if all else was to fail, they'd have nothing left. Not even each other to hold each other  tight to keep the warmth circulating through their veins on those briskly and graceless nights.

"Alright." Emily said. "Let's go." She said, clapping her hands together. The two got into positon, and Tied To You began and they began to dance their heart out. Doing the duet which had gotten Jacquie to be convinced of even having the duet part in the first place. It hosted some sentimental thoughts to them, and they both knew that playing the song would be perfect. For one star couple, it was what ruined them - for another, it only built them taller, as if the two were skyscrapers looking down upon everyone else.

They ended the dance, and Emily smiled. "Alright, I will let you two know if you guys have the duet or not. Glad to see you back and committed Jacquie."

Noah face palmed. Did Emily just really give away his deceitful intent? Was this really happening right now? He saw Jacquie's distraught face when confronted with the truth. She frowned.  Noah raced to save her. "I'm sorry. I was unsure if you would even show up if you-"

"Save it. This is the last time I ever listen to you." Jacquie said in cold blood, as she grabbed her dance bag and stormed off. This was truly the end, and Noah knew that he'd never be able to make up for all the problems he'd caused. But he could not really leave. This studio was what he'd dreamed of.

It was game over for Noah and Jacquie. Rest In Peace; they had a good run. But all good things must come to an end. Jacquie thought that Noah was the cure to her mental problems. However, he was only making things worse.

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