Where You Stand is the twelfth chapter of Last Dance and was posted on December 30.


In order to make life at The Next Step easier for them, Noah and Ozzy got on a hunt in search of their exes so that they can maintain the chemistry they still have buried from within and put arrest the past burdens in which they carry from their exes.


The silent studio almost was heavily barking at everyone and the lights in the room that dangled over their now scared heads were now fully dimmed. In a metaphoric sense, at least. For their studio had lost someone, and Ozzy was nearly convinced that it was his fault. It all added up to the leave being his wrongdoing, the main motive was to not see her crush, and who was her crush? Ozzy.

Though, the thing, was that Ozzy and her had technically never "broken up". Ozzy had just been seen with another girl who looked as if they were having a good time together, and not even Ozzy knew about it. Maybe it was just the idea of how hard she had to fight for him, that made her leave? Perhaps it was for something else that she had not told Ozzy yet, but, if it was that, she needed to fess.

Ozzy walked over to Giselle and Emily. "Hey, so I am kind of struggling and I need to talk to someone. I want to wrap my head over why Ally left and the only way for me to find out, is if I talk to her. So, can I get the day off?" Ozzy asked politely to those who were in a higher-up position of power.

"Yeah, in fact - everyone is getting the day off so we, the faculty can make some ideas on what's next for A-Troupe." Giselle announced, and Noah knew exactly what he had to do, he was not messing around. He had to see Jacquie in the mental hospital, they had to set their relationship straight, figure out where they stood, who they were. They had gotten so wrapped up in the drama that it almost pained them to be around each other now, and yet, they used to love each other so much. Things did not add up, Jacquie needed to have a talk with the one person she probably did not want to talk to, and vice versa. Did Jacquie want the talk to be so serious, musty and grim? No, but this conversation was just something that had to happen for the betterment of the team. For the betterment of the team. 

They'd been saying that a lot recently, and it made sense, that was basically all of what TNS had been doing. People doing stuff just for the team, repairing friendships, and relationships only for the sake of the team and not for themselves. It was basically forced upon them at this point with the punishment being to lose your spot on A-Troupe, exiled and ostracized by those who they'd once called their friends. Needless to say, it would hurt really badly if that happened, as everyone was now all so busy with dance, they barely ever had any tine for anything else, due to the rising tensions of National's.

It was basically natural at that point. It was their mantra, their saying, their slogan. It was what defined them now, although, being the captive of those words, the words wrapping you up, was anything before glorious and excite-full. The energy would dissipate, it felt boring and lacklustre and made everything weigh on their heart 1 thousand times heavier.

Noah walked out, prepared to talk to the mentally-ill girlfriend of his. Despite their relationship being at a crossroads, he'd still call her his girlfriend, for yes, they'd broken up, but Noah was seizing the hope and the hype of their return, and forcing it through as his motivation and will to live.

He went through the dark and grim place as he eyed a waiting room, the centre looked really weird for how it was advertised, nothing seemed to fit right, as if he'd been transported to the Matrix. After waiting twenty-three minutes, he was finally allowed to see Jacquie. Although, the meet-up almost felt like a prison. With them on either side of a table and the glass breaking them apart.

"Ugh, you again." Jacquie rolled her eyes.

"Look, we need to talk." Noah began. "How are you feeling?"

"I am feeling way better, and I mean, I am sorry for what I said. I should have never put you in a toxic position, although, I am still feeling scared about how I am not good enough, the doctors estimate I should be out in three weeks time, so we should be back in time for Regional's.."

"How is Richelle?" Noah asked after gathering up the courage to even adorn those words.

"Horrible." Jacquie began by ripping the bandaid right off. "She's been crying every night, and it's driving me insane. There are guards here, so she can't dance. She actually gets in trouble if she dances. It is pretty insane."

"Though, is she holding up?" Noah asked.

"Eh, I would not say exactly... Her road to recovery in its early stages has been... a rough one." Jacquie said.

Noah chuckled, "Yeah, I bet. But hey, take it from someone who's been there, comparing himself to the best, you are the best."

Jacquie blushed, and tried to reach for Noah's hand, though, in spite of the glass there, the two could not. "It means so much, you have no clue. So, how are you?" Jacquie asked.

"I am doing fine, thank you. I plan on stepping down as dance captain." Noah said.

"Wait what? Why?" Jacquie asked, concern being raised into her eyes. Noah was doing an excellent job as dance captain. Why would he ever want to give it up?

"I mean, I could barely keep my girlfriend in line, so she had to be sent to a mental hospital, with that, what chances do I stand of running a team?"

"You've done it before, with Regional's, you can do it again." Jacquie said, hoping for Noah to reprise his role if he'd decide to give it up. Things just made no sense.

"Yeah, but things were becoming too hard to manage, twelve dancers, I can't do much. Okay?"

"Why not?"

"I just can't right now, the studio is too tense, though I think I know someone who'd love it if they were dance captain or dance captai."

"Captai?" Jacquie asked, really confused by the plural use.

"Yeah, captai. The plural use of the word captain."

"So basically a dance captain? That would have been the more easy way to get your point across." Jacquie said.

"Yeah. I know." Noah said,

"Okay, just saying." Jacquie stated.

It felt so good for the two to be on each other's good sides once more, though the conversing of the two once-enemies had to be forfeited by the rules of the facility, Noah had to leave as the time was up, and therefore, he abided, and traversed out. Although, he could not bare the thought of being without Jacquie once more, even if Jacquie was the human equivalent of a snake in the grass at this point, to some.


Ally was walking around the hallways of her high school lonesome. Classes had faded out of her schedule for the day so she had nothing to do, as her parents probably were not to be home. So therefore, she just roamed the school. The school was open to seniors who wanted to get their laps in after school, so therefore, would she be exempt from such practice? Especially when alone with nothing else better to do? Never would such ideals come to the forefront of the school's mind for they tried to keep things fair and inclusive, although, allowing the one hallway that was allowed for the students and only the students, just for them to... do random things... Often lead to chaos and suspensions.

Ally sighed as she went to retrieve her bags of heavy books and scripts of text, and plopped it into her one big blue bag that engulfed the rest into an eternity of numb blackness. She sighed, the usual routine was about to be embarked upon, nothing new. Just the same boring things.

She liked the boring thing, though. It gave her time to concentrate and relax, due to all the stresses of the studio. She turned on Empty Gold by Halsey and began to make her laps.

Whilst gaining up on her fifth lap, she heard a faint, undefinable noise that made squint her eyes. What in the world was that? She turned around to see no one new. She looked down and sighed, telling herself that it was probably someone trying to mess with her. Her old friends, Jessica and Tambry? Or her current new friends Raphael and Gloria? She just concurred to her brain on picking up speed, knowing that would be the best.

As she felt her plan nuzzling up against her, she booked it. Running, hoping it would help any. Though, it did not, the voice kept lingering back in her nervous-system. The noise echo'd in her stream of blood, pressing against her finger tips and filling her up with a weird taste of knowledge, as if she'd known who it was all along. The voice sounded familiar, but not too tangible just yet. It was as if she was in between the lost and found at that very moment, floating under water, about to reach the finish line of the swimming race and yet, nothing was to happen.

She felt her heart racing, her heart rate skyrocketing, the boom, the pounding in her chest being prevalent. It was her. Suddenly, all noises faded to just a bunch of ambient voices, low as if they were using special effects in garage band and she was a song, her vision blurred and then she snapped back.

"ALLY!" Ozzy yelled, running beside his ex, taking the headphones off of her. "I've been trying to talk to you."

The girl quickly obtained her headphones back, but continued to withhold the grudge she had maintained to keep in the endeavour. "Yeah? Well I don't want to talk to you right now."

"What did I do wrong? We need to sort this out." Ozzy said.

"I found you with Richelle." Ally yelled, revealing what her eyesight witnessed. "It seemed as if though you loved her, and I was second choice." Ozzy stuttered nervously, gulping down the fear before cut off. "Look, I don't want to be anyone's second choice, so if that's what I am to you, than I don't wanna hear it. Get away from me." Ally said, Ozzy continued to try to mutter some words but was cut off by Ally, "oh, and don't even think about talking to me ever again."

Ally was down one flight of stairs before cut off by Ozzy. "I never meant for it to look anything like that."

A tear shed from Ally's eye. "Yeah? Well it sure did. It looked like you two were about to kiss, and get back together."

"Look, I don't love you. But we need you on the team, if we don't have you on our team, we're gonna lose because we have a feeling that things will get a lot worse then that. So please, come back."

"No. I am sorry, but I can't control my feelings and emotions, so no matter what I'd get kicked off in a heartbeat for refusing to work with you. Looks like you're down one dancer." Ally stated, and stormed off. Which left Ozzy all alone. Left to wander the hallways of the school he did not even attend. He sighed as he walked out. A feeling of dread mixed with agony and sorrow plagued his heart.

Where was he to go now? They needed one dancer, there was no way they could go into National's with eleven dancers; it was either ten, or twelve. Or else they'd make a fool out of themselves. He knew that time was running out because in just a few weeks Emily and Giselle be subjected to sending the names in. Things were not looking good for them... Especially with all the drama that was about to come.

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