Which Way To Nowhere is the ninteenth chapter of Last Dance and was published Februrary 11.


Ally is torn between two studios; Ozzy can't put the past behind him.


Ally sighed, and looked down at the grass. "Can you give me some time to think about it?" Ally asked, and turned to the building besides her and finally recognized it to be her old studio - The Next Step. She smiled at the sight, and believed that the studio she stood before was her destiny. Even if it was not, she had to at least try it.

She walked in and looked over to view Emily by her desk. "Hey, I am sorry about what I did." Ally said, and a sigh ran down her visible cheeks. "I made a mistake, and I thought I heard a little birdie tell me something about someone leaving?"

"Actually, yeah. Jacquie yelled off that she was leaving, and we need a twelfth member." Emily said. She knew of Noah wanting tp get Jacquie back, but had high doubts on the matter, and they needed to get that sorted out as fast as they possibly good. This was their goal at the moment, and Ally smiled. Knowing that this was her home again - or so she thought.

"Guess who's back?" Ally asked, and Ozzy sighed and turned over to Josh to talk, while the rest headed off to hang out with the old new person. Admittedly, Ally was sad that Ozzy did not want to talk to her. She walked over. "Hey..." Ally said. "You wanna be friends again?"

"Sure... I'd love that. See you in the junction?" Ozzy asked, a small smile peeling on their faces.

"In ten?" Ally asked, and Ozzy nodded whilst everyone else walked out except for him and Josh. 

"I don't know why, but I just don't think I want her and me in the same studio, especially with us now being friends again. What am I supposed to do?" Ozzy asked.

"If you really don't want her there. Ask her about it." Josh said, and then Ozzy headed off to look around and hang with his newly regained friend. One he was overly ecstatic to hang out with again for the first time in two or so months. Overly hyped, and wanted to get there. He just hoped that their feeling would be out of the way.

Once there, Ozzy eyed down Ally and sat down in a seat perpendicular to that of his friend. "So, how has your day been?" Ozzy asked, awkwardness plaguing her words.

"Good. I don't know if I'm going to stay here. I got asked about going to Gemini, and I saw this place and I knew that I had to go here for some reason, and I guess it was to befriend you again." Ally said.

Ozzy laughed. "Yeah, I know the feeling. Something reeling you in. That's why I came in the first place." Ozzy replied. "You've still been dancing?"

"In my mothers basement, but that's really all. Is your favorite singer still Jenna Gogo?" Ally asked.

"No. Julia Michaels."

"Omg, yeah. Her music, especially issues, is so good. My favorite song by her is definitely Worst In Me, I can relate so much though!" Ally answers

"Okay. Yes. How come not? Her other song, Pink, I don't exactly like it but there's something about it almost like when I saw TNS again."

"Yesss!" Ozzy agreed, and then laughed. "Ah I just want a second album. So like, come on..." Ozzy said.

"Okay yeah, well I have to go. So I will see you later." Ally said. And then Ozzy said bye back and walked off.


The next day, the two friends felt excited as they walked over to the studio, feeling the wind brushing through their difficult hair with ease. Their emotions poured out into their personality as they were talking almost as if they were together -- as if time had not passed, although it made them feel so drunk, so intoxicated, as their real selves would have never done such things. As if nothing was going to stop them. But they were not drunk. This was their true selves, just without their guard. But what would happen when the guards came up again, and they went back to being the savage people whom they once were forced to be implemented into their persona? Would they retaliate and try to stick to being just friends when they knew that it would hurt them too much and put the past behind them and act as if none of the last two months had happened? Or would they go about their separate ways again? That was the whole reason that Ozzy did not want Ally even there. For the fear of them being a friend only once every few months for what was seemingly less then a day, could satisfaction with being friends be enough? Would it even be possible?

"I need to ask you something." Ozzy said as he trembled. "Or more like, ask you for something.." He said. He was walking on thin ice if they were friends all the time. 

Ally stopped. Allowing the outfit that looked similar to what Lola had once worn when she first came into the studio to slightly flow for a second. "Alright, lay it all on me." She said, closing her eyes with nervousness. She was scared of how she felt. What was this for?

"look... I love you. But, that's the problem. When we're in the same studio.... Drama happens, and I kind of like where we're at right now and I don't want anything to separate us, or for us to become anything more. So for the sake of our friendship. What we have.... Please.... Leave the studio..." Ozzy said and walked off, leaving a stunned Ally to not know what to do. She just carried on, walking alone. Luckily the walk was not that far, but what was she to do?


"Lilly. I need to talk to you. I have a problem and I don't think I can tell anyone but you." Ally said with such haste and importance as she sat in the office with the girl alone. No one else.

"Yeah?" Lilly asked. 

"Well, it's Ozzy. He said something about wanting me to not be at The Next Step because of some weird reason or something about how he can't let go of the past."

"I can honestly relate to him, though. It's hard to let go of a love interest when you're on the same team as said love interest, especially when you know that it would never work out because you'd tried it before. So I am sorry to say this, but... You may have to leave."

Ally sighed, and nodded and then walked over to the studio 1 office and headed to find Emily. "Emily, I have some news. I am leaving A-Troupe." Ally said, and Emily gave a look of concern, but not too much of concern. As they still had one alternate. It almost seemed... indifferent. As if though she could care less. And Ally walked out to the studio and turned to the majority of the dancers on the team, whom of which, were there.

"Guys. I am leaving." Ally said and smiled at Ozzy, everyone said goodbyes, and wished her good luck after she announced her arrival to Gemini's team, and at that moment, the moment that she walked out of The Next Step's corridor's for the last time, she realized that she only came for closure, not actually wanting to dance there and she was blessed for the experience. At least she kept the one close friend that she needed. Ozzy.

Authors Notes

  • I was actually listening to Julia Michaels song 'Worst In Me' while typing that scene. Julia is a real singer, although warning, she swears sometimes. However, she did write Hailee Steinfields 'Love Myself' and Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' And the opinions on her said in this are just my personal opinions.
  • Sorry, the reason it is shorter is because it was a filler chapter And so I was not looking forward to writing it so I just tried to get it as done as quickly as possible with keeping my same wriitng style.

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