Leap Of Faith is the sixth episode of The Next Step season 6 and the 160th episode in total. it aired on November 21rst, 2017.


Michelle and Emily, in an effort to help improve the dancers, take a big risk


The episode starts off with Jacquie dancing to World Famous, Richelle in talking heads, explains that they are right now rehearsing the routine which Richelle has choreographed. Jacquie is dancing her hardest and then Jacquie in talking heads, admits that right now she feels on top of the world and knows for a fact that she is going to do pretty good. Richelle says in talking heads that she hopes for the team to be good when it comes time for the competition.

Michelle, Emily and Riley are speaking in Neutral Grounds. Riley asks how it has been not being co-heads. Michelle says that surely, it has been rough but she can’t wait to be back in the game again. Riley says it was a big shocker and then Emily parrots her, adding the word definitely to the sentence. Piper then storms in and asks if they’ve made their decision. Michelle says that they have and then Michelle says that they plan on going behind Lucian’s back and stealing his team right under his nose. Piper smiles and energetically says yes and then they all hug. Emily says no problem.

Piper walks in to see A-Troupe stretching. Piper glances around quickly before going to see if Lucian is there. She asks to see Amy in the hallway. Amy nods, and then walks over to her. Amy asks what’s going on and then Piper says that she wants to form a new team to compete at Regionals with. Amy says that there is no regionals. Piper says that she understands that, however, the two, along with whoever else wants to join, will get them back to Regionals and will get regionals back. Amy says that she is sold. They hug and then Piper knows exactly who to tell.

Piper meets up in Neutral Grounds with Noah and then Noah asks what this is about, and then Piper whispers about how they are plotting against Lucian to make a studio, in studio 1 and kick him out. Noah says that he is on this thing and then Noah says in talking heads about how proud he is but questions Jacquie’s commitment to Lucian’s team and wants her on it.

Then, in studio 1, everyone is stretching and then Riley, Michelle and Emily walk in. Michelle says alright, let’s do this and then everyone that they have so far, just the trio of Piper, Amy and Noah, form into a straight line. Michelle admits aloud that this won’t be easy, however, with hard dedication and teamwork, as well as the string of other dancers coming in, they will make Regional’s be back. Their team is no longer A-Troupe. This is operation Regionals Wildfire. Everyone claps. Emily in talking heads, says that the reason it is called “Regionals Wildfire” is because they won’t their cause, their fight, to become a spreading disease, they want the members of the, what used to be, board to notice and make them come back under a competition name. Regionals will happen.


  • Michelle and Emily have formed their own tram consisting with the soul porpose of bringing Regionals back.
  • Amy and Piper are going behind Lucian’s back to parttake in this rebellion against his troupe.
  • Noah is on this new team.