This is the main page of Fanfiction:Let's Get This Started. The first chapter was released on 25th July 2018. This fanfiction will have around 3-5 chapters on each characters within the Next Step following the storylines of the different episodes, but continuing on the story lines were the episode left off.


The Next Step is changing and not everyone is pleased about it. Will everyone from last years A Troupe want to stay on or will they leave to do bigger and better things.


Main charaters


Coming back to dance (Richelle's Episodes)

Richelle is coming back to dance from the hip injury that she go before Christmas, is she going to be ok?

  1. Richelle Is In The Hospital.
  2. Ozzy's and Lola's Visit.
  3. What Is Happening With Michelle And Emily?
  4. Richelle's Return.
  5. Richelle's Plan.

Feeling comfortable at the studio again (Piper's Episodes)

Piper has been upset by Angela and she is finding it hard to feel comfortable at the studio, is she going to get back to the team before Regionals.

  1. Where's Piper?
  2. Piper at Home.
  3. Shakes and Ladders.
  4. Piper's Return.
  5. Why Should Finn Care?

Here we go again (Ozzy's Episodes)

Ozzy is injured again and this time is worse then ever, what is he going to do now?

  1. Am I Injured?
  2. The Doctors
  3. Covering It Up.
  4. What Should I Do?
  5. Changes.
  6. Time Out Part 1 and Part 2
  7. The Hospital
  8. Coming Back To Dance.
  9. What Happened At The Convention.
  10. Maybe It Is Time For A Change.

Sisters forever (Davis and Jacquie's Episodes)

  1. Davis: Dena, The New Nanny.
  2. Jacquie: Henry- Boyfriend.
  3. Davis: Dance Practice.
  4. Jacquie: Change Of Studios.
  5. Jacquie: Muscle Strains, Darn It!
  6. Jacquie: The Next Step In Her Career.
  7. Davis: Going Against The Norm.
  8. Davis:
  9. Jacquie:
  10. Davis:

Summer romance (Richelle and Elliot's Episodes).

  1. How Are You?
  2. When Do You Go Back To Dance?
  3. How About This One?

Please do not do this to me (Ozzy's Episodes)

  1. Dancing Makes It Better
  2. Auditions For Nationals
  3. Who Is The New Co-Studio Head?
  4. Date With Winnie.
  5. Dance Practice.
  6. Player Two.
  7. Is This The Time To Go?
  8. Second Operation.
  9. Does No One Like Me?
  10. Nationals.

The Past, The Present and the Future (Michelle's Episodes)

  1. My Home Studio
  2. My New Hone Studio
  3. My New Job

The Next Step In Competitions (TNS' episodes)

  1. Kate, Dance Captain.
  2. Michelle and Emily. Co-Dance Captain.
  3. Michelle. Dance Captain.
  4. Giselle. Dance Captain.
  5. Skylar. Dance Captain.

What is Going On With me? (Finn's Episodes)

  1. I Can't Breathe
  2. Mum, Why Is This Happening.
  3. Help Me Please Doctor!
  4. I Have What?
  5. This is Not Going To Affect My Dancing.

I have Never Been So Ill, Ever... (Piper's Episodes)]

  1. The Incident.
  2. Being Ill.
  3. Rehearsals
  4. Being Ill Part 2.
  5. The Doctor Said What?
  6. What I am going to do know?
  7. Telling Finn
  8. No, I Am Not Doing That.
  9. Recovery,
  10. Coming Home?


  • Richelle has two series based around her, Coming Back To Dance and Summer Romance
  • Piper has one series based around her, Feeling Comfortable At The Studio Again.
  • Ozzy will have 3 series based around him, Here We Go Again, Please Do Not Do This To Me and TNS vs. TDDC.
  • Elliot has one series based around him, Summer Romance.
  • This series is becoming more of an alternate reality then a series based on the show, but I think that is better because it provide me with more creative freedom.
  • Michelle's Episodes are the one set of episodes that have been put off more then any others, it was originally supposed to be after Piper's Episodes, but when Davis and Jacquie's Episodes are all released, I start to post the plots because of it taking soo long for me to do.