Am I Injured? is the first episode in Ozzy's Episodes and the 11th episode in Let's Get This Started Fanfiction.


Am I injured? is about Ozzy coming to terms with the fact that he is injured, again. He has been battling injury after injury, will this time be different or will it be like every time.


It has been a long dance season. A-Troupe was nearly torn apart. 2 teams were made. We had 2 dance captains. We nearly lost our chance at Regionals. We came back together as one bug team. Richelle got a hip injury. She went to the hospital. Michelle and Emily were fired. Miss Anglea was hired. We had 3 weeks off. We had the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship auditions. Piper got kicked off of the team. I got a ankle injury. Richelle came back to the team. Lily and Angela left The Next Step.

So, I have injured my ankle. I have been to the doctor with Finn and they said that I should take it easy with the dancing and only do the things that I want to do. But I cannot. Emily and Michelle are going to be watching us like hawks because it is Piper's and the two's first day back. I am thinking that I pretend to fall over and maybe allow Piper to see my ankle support so that she tell Noah. She is always making sure that we tell people about our problems within the studio.

Soo as I walk into the studio, I feel a instant wave of regret. At The Next Step it is a rule that you must notify the studio head about the injury and then they will asses what should happen what to do next. I walk into the studio and into the office to sign myself in. Emily is in there, just doing some paperwork, she sees me and looks directly down to my ankle, It is a lot more swollen today because I have not been careful enough recently.

Does Emily know? How could she? Unless Finn told her. I have to talk to him.

"Piper's first day back today. Stay in Studio 1 as much as possible please." Nope. Same old Emily. Never ends.

I walk into Studio 1's locker room and see Piper just wondering around looking really stressed already.

"You ok, Piper?" As I put my things into my locker.

"Yep. I am just a bit worried."

"Do not worry, Angela has definitely gone and if you are still worried at the end of dance season, then you can always come to Davies Dance. That is parents studio."

"Thanks." She seems calmer know." excuse me a second" She walks over to the doorway to the toilet.

Great, I have a chance to put on the flexible dance brace on. I cannot let anyone know about my injury.

When I had got it all done, I get up and see Piper and trip over. On purpose obviously, I make sure she can see the brace, she comes over immediately, making sure that I am fine. I assure that I am and that I will see her in rehearsal.

I walk to Shakes and Ladders and see Heather, we are really good friends and that she can keep this secret.

"Hey Heather! I feel that I have not seen you in ages." I say when walking over.

"Hi Ozzy. What can I do for you today?"

"So, umm, I am injured" Her face drops. "But do not worry, I have had injuries like this before. So Piper knows and she is most likely going to tell Noah and they are going to come to look for me in. Can you tell them that you are worried about me and that I have no moved that much lately."

"Ok. But I think you should go back to the doctors, or at least tell Emily and Michelle."

"I will, eventually."

I go over to one of the comfy sofas and get settled, this could take a while.

I do not even have to wait that long before I hear the two's voices coming down the corridor.

"I think he is in here."

I make sure that I look like I am hiding the pain I am in.

The two come over to me and I just stare out my foot. Piper slowly unties the laces and Noah says

"Ozzy, what... um... why. Just why."

"Please go to the doctors Ozzy." Says Piper.

I take a pad of paper and write:

I have already been to the doctors and they said to take it easy, buy they do not know that amount of times I have an ankle injury. It is really painful, even more the usual. Also I am not able to afford the brace that I really need but got the one that it good, but does not do the job.

"Ok, Ozzy. we really need to talk about that, but I think that we should do it else were. Piper, do you want to go to Ozzy's locker and get the numbing cream for Ozzy so that he can get there please." Piper left and I kind of knew that Noah wanted her to leave so that we could have a private chat.

When Piper left, Noah became really serious.

"Ozzy, that was the most dumbest thing I have ever heard in my entire life. Do you have any idea what this could do to the studio, if we have to get a new member on the team then it could ruin the dynamic so much. You have to promise me that you go back to the doctor and tell me what happens as soo as possible."

"Noah, I cannot go back to the doctor, they will just tell me that I should stop dancing entirely until a hospital appointment rules out anything really serious. I have never and will never do that. Dance is soo competitive, one day you are the best at dance in the studio and then someone comes to the studio and beats that. I was one of the best at in all of the troupes I was a part of at Davies Dance and I want to continue that at The Next Step."

"How could you be even thinking about Davies Dance at the moment, they do not even compete anymore and are even in a different region. I will tell you an important story, last year when preparing for Regionals, I had a back injury that could have ended my dance career. I had to take several week off just to learn to the most basic things again and I only just got back to the studio for Regionals. I do not want that to happen to you, we need you on the team as much as anyone else on the team. Go to the doctors, listen to what they say and act on it. Do not make the same mistake that I did."

Noah got up and left for rehearsals.

Maybe he is right. He has been in the same sort of position that I have been in.

So I take out my phone and call the doctor.

"Hey, can I make a appointment for Mr Oswald Davies please. Thanks..."


  • This is the first episode of Ozzy's Episodes.
  • Ozzy is injured
  • He went to the doctors with Finn outside of the storyline.
  • At The Next Step, it is a rule that if a dancer is injured then the studio must be notified and any ruling made about the injury is final.
  • This is the first episode that The Davies Dance Company was referenced.
  • The phone call at the end of the episode was a reference to the next episode " The Doctors "